Stallion – record deal & line up change cuttings 1975




all cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….Stallion find new member is definitely December 6th 1975 issue, which would probably date the earlier cutting about the change of line up to about Sept / Oct. 75

Phil Gill….The Jenni Inness cutting re John Wilde was April/May 1975. I think Tich left in April, and John was certainly gigging with us in June. I definitely remember playing Nottingham University’s May Ball and thinking “Why is it a May Ball if it’s in June?”. We played that one with a band called Slack Alice and all got horrendously drunk on the two crates of Newcastle Brown thoughtfully supplied to us by the Students Union. It was also memorable for John running after the van as we drove off campus after the gig, and falling flat on his face because he was trying to pull his trousers up as he ran. No idea why we drove off whilst he was outside the van or why his trousers were down – maybe he was changing – but that was just one of the times he made me scream with laughter. I remember a couple of the other times, but he wouldn’t thank me if I mentioned either of them here…

John Wilde….Hehehe they were the days my friend!

Alan Esdaile….I remember seeing Stallion at the Speakeasy Club in London. Morgan Fisher from Mott the Hoople was in the audience.

Chris Meachen…..Ah, the speakeasy gig;- I remember that one.. Spent much of the evening chatting with Overend Watts about customisable basses… Also present were Brian May & Roger Taylor, before they were famous.. (I’d know the hair anywhere, though…)

Andy Qunta….Speakeasy was always an interesting place! One time Factory played there, Keith Moon was there. We told him our drummer was a big fan, so he came backstage and talked to Lol. Lotsa fun!

Geoff Peckham….Andy. I stood next to Keith Moon at the urinal in the Speakeasy loo and told him our drummer was a big fan, could he come and say ‘hello’? He said something like ‘certainly, dear boy’ and I led the way. When we got to the dance floor in front of stage he handed me his bottle of brandy and did a 30 second ‘idiot dance’ which entertained all around. He then stopped, straightened his clothes, retrieved his bottle and came to meet Lol backstage

Ghoulz… Is it possible this band played The Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline in Fife once in 1971?

Phil Gill… Probably not. Steve D was still at the Muller and Effigy stage of his career then – and Phil T and I were only 15.


Confusion over Deep Purple.


Nigel Young Hastings Observer 18th April 2014….

Memories of Deep Purple

This week in 1968, Deep Purple were listed to appear twice at The Cobweb at Marine Court, on Thursday, April 11 and Thursday, April 18. I am looking to hear from anyone who saw these gigs with their memories – however vague. Most local newspapers at the time were quick to report details of any act that failed to make a gig. For the group to have cancelled a show (or both shows) seems highly unlikely. By coincidence, Episode Six (including future DP members Roger Glover and Ian Gillan) were also at The Cobweb that week, on the Saturday. These dates are previously undocumented in Purple’s history – 30 years ago, their UK debut was placed as having been in Warrington but that gig turned out to be much later, in August. These two gigs pre-date the band’s Danish tour which began on April 20 in Taastrup. I would imagine that The Cobweb shows were poorly attended (a new, unheralded band playing the first two of the venue’s Thursday nights) and the chances of now finding one of perhaps only a hundred or so now sexagenarians who were there – who is still around and still living in the area – are slim. Go ahead, prove me wrong, contact the newspaper or e-mail me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. NIGEL YOUNG (

Keith Tooke  Hastings Observer 25th April 2014


Mick O’Dowd…Hastings Observer 2nd May 2014 

I was Deep Purple’s manger

TO put your readers’ minds at rest about who Deep Purple (Hastings branch) were here is a picture of the band with Tich Turner as lead singer. I was their manager for a time and they were previously called The Likes Of Us. It shows that we had the name before the other lot as the local group were gigging while the nucleus of the others were in Episode Six and in fact played the Cobweb after Deep Purple. Hastings has always been a hotbed of topline groups and artists appearing at the Pier, Witchdoctor, Cobweb and Aquarius clubs, to name but a few, over the years. Bowie often played at The Witchdoctor and Cobweb and Ronnie Wood played with The Birds there. There is a vast history of great gigs and shows in the history of this town. Not only that we have always had a wealth of musical talent of our own. If anyone is interested more information can be found on the excellent website SMART at Take a look and see.   MICK O’DOWD Ore

Nigel Young…..I’d sent HO a revised letter the same day as I sent that one in, saying it probably was the local DP (saw the contemporary press cutting on the local DP mentioning the club’s change of name). HO said okay they would edit but ran with the original letter anyway. THE Purple were already up and running and played their debut gig on 20th April. The guys from E6 didn’t join the group until ’69. There was yet another DP in 1967 – so at least three groups inspired by that song, all in the space of a year

Top Sounds – Johnny Mason

I used to write a weekly record column for the Hastings & St Leonards Observer. Thanks to Andre Martin for finding this. As anyone who writes for newspapers will know, your column gets chopped and cut and bits missed out, especially if more ads come in. At times the reviews did not make sense, not always down to my inability to write but due to the paper cutting out huge chucks of the review. This is why I gave this up.


Andy Qunta  – Johnny M’s Top Sounds was always a must-read!

Martyn Baker.…”Johnny Mason” was definitely part of my Hastings youth. Mostly very happy times

Mick Mepham At The Carlisle


The Carlisle – Sunday 5th May 2013




One of the hardest working musicians around. When he’s not busy performing up and down the country with rock band ‘90% Proof’ or playing with the more traditional folk sounds of ‘Titus’, Mick takes to the stage for a solo outing. Mick and his guitar but don’t be fooled, nothing mellow about his performance.  The powers up, die hard fans are in place and the sweat is flowing. Rock classic after classic are played from  Bryan Adams ‘Summer of 69’, Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Oh Well’, ‘Prince ‘Sign O The Times’ and the stand out version of ‘Canned Heat’ ‘On the Road Again’ with a bit of ZZ Top thrown in for good measure!  As well as some new original songs which went down well. Catch him soon at one of his many gigs listed on his website

Reviewed by Johnny Mason

 Featured in Hastings Observer 10th May 2013

Expandis – Rise Of Psychomouse

31st March – The Carlisle Hastings

To celebrate the launch of their new e.p. ‘Rise’ Expandis are back after a 30 year break.


Now a two piece, the amazing ‘John Wilde’ aka ‘Psychomouse’ on vocals and multi talented ‘Phil Thornton’ on guitar, keyboards and any number of taped oddities. They take their influences from ‘Talking Heads’, ‘Kraftwerk’, ‘D.A.F.’ and ‘Yellow Magic Orchestra’. With a high energy mystic trippy throbbing sound that works its way into your brain and won’t go away, moving  you like nothing else. All eyes were transfixed on John, who was in full make up and Disney ears. Dancing around like a man possessed, with a nightmarish evil menacing grin and managing to contort his body in all manner of positions.  The stand out track for me is the more mellow ‘Prayer Mat’ from the new cd with John’s vocals at their very best. They also treated us to some covers ‘Prince’ ‘sign o the times’ , Pink Floyd’s ‘set the controls for the heart of the sun’ and Hawkwinds ‘master of the universe’.  Some old classics were played including the disturbing ‘everything stops for baby’  and ‘I don’t mind the noise’ which is always loved by the crowd. Expandis are back and stronger than ever. Don’t forget they will be playing  ‘The Big Green Cardigan Festival’ later in the year.

 Johnny Mason                                                                                     

Featured in Hastings Observer  19th April 2013