Wendy Wells autograph book – Amen Corner, Kippington Lodge, Episode Six, The Spectrum, Warren Davis Monday Band. Hastings Pier




all cuttings supplied by Wendy Wells

Alan Esdaile….Had they just changed their name from Episode Six to Episode, that’s why its crossed out?

Wendy Wells…..Yes that’s right.

Mick O’Dowd…..They were still a ravin’ little soul band though!

Barbara (then) Watling… Remember seeing Kippington Lodge (Tell Me A Story) on Hastings Pier – must have been 1966 or 67. Barry, who soon after joined Vanity Fayre, bought me a drink!

David Miller… Note Roger Glover and Ian Gillan (later of Deep Purple) at back left and right of the Episode (Six) pic.

Annette Arber… Was the organist Keith Burberry with The Warren Davis Monday Band? I’m his sister and trying to find out information on his earlier life. He died in 2010 .

Derek Paramor… Annette, Lovely to hear from you. Keith (Burberry) joined the Warren Davis Monday Band when we returned from a chaotic tour of Naples in August, 1967, and David foster, now a famous musician and Producer in Canada and the States and our guitarist decided to leave us. We also hired Paul Petts and Paul Brett from the Overlanders (“Michelle) We made a number of recordings at this time which never got past the demo stage, (I still have them) but there was a great Story in the Daily Sketch billing us as the new Monkees in a forthcoming tv series which never came forth. Keith and I were sharing a flat in Finsbury Park, N. London at the time and then in February/March 1968 we did a 5 week tour of Munich and Turin, at the end of which Keith and our baritone sax Player, Martin Grice, decided to join the Patrick Sansom Set in Turin and I never saw Keith again. i still have a couple of Georgie Fame l.p.s he left behind in London- I’ll never Forget the day his organ was repossessed just before a gig in _Witham, nr. Chelmsford in December, 1967. Oh , how we laughed!

Nick Warburton… Hi Del – do you still have the demos?

Del Paramor… confirm that I’ve got the WDMB demos

Katharine… I am Keith’s daughter I would love to be able to hear any of those demos ?!
In fact to be able to hear anything of your early years together ! Del are you still there ?