Frankie Miller’s Full House – Hastings Pier 9th April 1977



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John Storer… Frankie had played the Pier the year before (1976) as “The Frankie Miller Band” and that was when The Stranglers supported. That gig had been a couple of weeks after the Budgie / Sex Pistols gig.

Clifford Rose… The Stranglers supported Frankie Miller on the pier 31/07/76.

Ralph Town… And didn’t we have a lovely time, Clifford… me the Stella!

Clifford Rose… In those days it was tins of Newcastle Brown

Gerry Fortsch… Frankie Miller was brilliant on the pier that night.

Crass, Poison Girls, Annie Anxiety, Conflict – Hastings Pier 13th June 1981

shared from David McLean DJ Gremlin’s Rockin’ Stompers



Poster from Tony Ham                   ticket Dave Gates

poster from ?

Tony Ham….Conflict also played that night.  It was a brilliant night, I’ll never forget it.

Mark Richards… & yeah i bet it was!!

Tony Ham… I like that Conflict were obviously added after the tickets were made and someone has just written them in on this one, they weren’t mentioned on mine. Not a bad line up for £1. Thirty five years ago today, I feel old

Kev Towner… Can’t remember why I wasn’t in Hastings for this. Possibly at Uni. I’ll never live down missing this.

Martin Richter… I remember it well ;-

Lauren Gower… Still got my ticket

Alan Esdaile… Used to sell loads of Crass records. I think we got our stock from Rough Trade. We were part of The Chain With No Name and submitted sales figures for the indie chart. Mind you margins were poor for us, the records had pay no more than… printed on the sleeve. Some were around 76p retail if I remember and probably trade price was around 70p.

Tony Ham… To me mainly!  I’ve still got all my records, price and code stickers still on them too.

Martin Richter… we used to get ours from “rough trade” – buy the NME on a Thursday – look at their advert – send off a letter and cheque and they arrived on Saturday morning

Claire Venner… Yep, me and my mates were there.

Sheida Kamkar… Oh yes was there with Claire Venner

Tony Ham… I’ve got it on CD

Tim Kerrell…I was there luv the CRASS

Martin Richter…  I was lucky enough to see them twice 🙂 Xtra! was a great anarchist rag – the paper for the armchair anarchist and F@CK was good fun too – those were the days

Trapeze – Hastings Pier 2nd April 1977

1620970_421596924652437_1574351150_n  Trapeze0021 Trapeze001

ad supplied by Sarah Harvey. ticket and sleeve supplied by Eric Cawthraw.

Eric Cawthraw…..Anyone else there who stayed to see Trapeze on the pier when they finally turned up late?

Andy Qunta….Love Trapeze! Don’t think I saw them though. Don’t know why!

Eric Cawthraw….The gig was held on the Pier Pavilion as it was then called. The date: Saturday 2nd April 1977. I can’t remember who was the support on the evening, but I do remember being at the bar and a whisper going around that Trapeze couldn’t make it. I’m not 100% sure if it was formally announced that they had cancelled, but ultimately most of the large crowd drifted away. They were definitely the headline. The ticket says Trapeze plus support and Disco. A few of us hung on [probably to sink another ale or two] and we then got word that they were turning up after all. As you know, in those days the big trucks drove right on to the pier and their’s was pretty big as I remember – especially as they were only a 3-piece by then. They had done big tours in the US, so playing to so few must have seemed weird. The thing is, the band treated it as a bit of a party and the atmosphere was great – a real buzz. The set was mainly based on the ‘You Are the Music, We’re Just the Band’ album. I think their guitarist – Mel Galley died a year or two ago….yep, we’re all getting older! My old mate John Storer was there that night, he may want to add to this – or put me right if I have got part of this wrong. My memory is pretty good, but it was 37 years ago!

John Storer ….I have only the vaguest memory of this gig, Eric, but definitely remember that you persuaded me to go. This was 1977 and I was only listening to punk by this time LOL. Do remember thinking the band were great and I do now have three Trapeze albums (two of which are both called, confusingly, “Trapeze”). Must dig them out to have another listen. This post does suggest to me another thread …. bands that never turned up at the Pier … Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers and Thin Lizzy immediately spring to mind.

Clive Richardson… Also no support band turned up but Trapeze where fantastic. Are you still in contact with Simon Pont, Eric?

Steve Kinch…. Glenn Hughes, most definitely the greatest voice in rock. And Trapeze, one of the most underrated funk/rock bands. MMEB were on the same bill as GH a few years ago – even though he was suffering from a throat infection – he sounded tremendous. Never got to see Trapeze though.

Mick Mepham…..Missed them….. I now have most of their albums and am thoroughly hacked off that I never saw them. Black Country Communion are/were excellent with Glenn Hughes on vocals and Joe Bonamassa on guitar, but I would love to have seen Trapeze. Hey ho ….

Eric Cawthraw…. (see above) the first is the concert ticket for Trapeze – with part of the LP cover, as this shows the set that they played; the second is just the ticket on its own. I see that there is now a promotional poster on your website as well. Clive says the support didn’t turn up either that night – that rings a bell, probably why I don’t remember one!

Chris Meachen….. must have been there, but remember little or nothing of this gig.. Think I must have been in the bar too long before they arrived….

Tony Court-holmes… rings a bell

Alan Green And His Boys – Hastings Pier 1938

Supplied by Kay Lobb via Jim Breeds HAPP Facebook page.

Jim Breeds… Here’s a great photo from Kay Lobb, who writes “Found this old postcard at my mother’s flat today. It shows Alan Green and His Boys on Hastings Pier in 1938. My mother still remembers nights spent on the pier, dancing to them.”

Nicki Dann… That’s my grandad !

Alan Esdaile… They are sitting on the staircase that went up to the upper small function room(before you got to the toilets and the long bar area). Looks like the same lino on the stairs in the 60’s/70’s !

Pete Fairless… Yes, twin staircases to the Palm Court.

Andre Martin… Spot on guys

Brian Dove… I think that top row right hand as you look at it is William Cook – Violin, Sax, Clar.

Pete Fairless… Did they ever record anything?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Pete, this one

Clifford Exton… The man sitting on the bottom step right side of Alan Green is my father Ken Exton he was a trumpet player in this photo he is 26 years old

Clare Watts… Wow … Alan Green is my great grandad . It’s great to see a picture of him and the band . .

Ena Nicholls… I would like to know who is sitting on the left of Alan Green, my father was in the band later. I have a photo of  this man with my dad Billy Nicholls. Thank you.


Wally plus Quick Licks – Hastings Pier 29th March 1973 & Druid chat.


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…..Wally were a prog rock group from Yorkshire and they entered the MM Rock Contest in 1973 and got to the final but didn’t win (Druid won), but one of the judges whispering Bob Harris asked them to record a session for his Monday night show. he then set them up with a recording contract with Atlantic.

Alan Esdaile….really love this band

Mick Mepham….Good band too.

Mick O’Dowd….Wally were quite an underated band and never got the success they desrved, but this was not through want of trying. They appeared several times on the Pier. Highly underated!

Yvonne Cleland….They were. Saw them twice on the pier, and once at Brighton Dome.

Clive Richardson….The support band were also good but it should read ‘Quick Licks’ . 3 piece from London and all their songs were made up of licks.

Here in 1974 on the Old Grey Whistle Test with ‘The Martyr’

Dave Nattress… “Wally”…the first album, really wonderful, still play it a lot. The second, “Valley Gardens” was named after the public pleasure gardens in their home town of Harrogate and personally I feel it is not quite so good. These are 2 of my most treasured vinyls and after looking out for the CD versions for many years, I got the first in 2008 and then Valley Gardens in 2010. In fact I then got an absolutely mint, (I’m sure it was unplayed) vinyl of “Valley Gardens” from the record shop in Little Common for about £5.00. I also saw them at the pier. Druid – reminded me and some of my friends of the time – Iain Cobby for one, very much of Yes. Definitely the sound comparison came from the Rickenbacker bass and the Jon Anderson like vocals. Iain, I remember well you changing the Precision for the Rick!! I’ve got the 2 Druid albums on vinyl and CD. I’m sure Druid played the pier.

Iain Cobby… Yes Dave, I remember Druid from Whistle Test then seeing them on the pier. I too have both the CD’s . They were a good prog band in the wake of Yes. Like most prog of that time, they were overwhelmed by the oncoming rebellion . The drummer played with Gary Newman as Tubeway Army. and yes I still have a Ricky, not the 4001 but a 4004 …….. its the clang that’s the thang!

Janine Anne Scott… I sang for the Easter Fashion Parade that year .

The Hustlers, The Strangers & Tony & The Defiants – Hastings Pier – Easter Sat 28th March 1964


1969165_10202463575888716_1160653584_n 10150569_10202463572768638_51535249_n

all cuttings…. Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin….Welcome to the next episode of the story of the Happy Ballroom at the Hastings Pier, it’s the Easter Weekend 1964, and there are a lot of good things planned. The line up for tonight’s Carnival Dance is The Hustlers, supported by The Strangers and Tony and The Defiants. Several of the best of the groups from the south coast.
The Hustlers are from the Brighton area and have been professional for the last 3 years working the clubs and ballrooms in the area. In support we have The Strangers, a group that hail from the Brighton area, that have made many appearances at the Happy Ballroom over the past months and lastly, but not least from Eastbourne Tony and The Defiants.

Alan Esdaile… Did people use the expression ‘it’s Gear’ I can’t remember but perhaps I was too young.

Geoff Peckham… Yep. And fab gear……. so my dad tells me!

Alan Esdaile… I remember using the word Fab and being told to speak properly! When I think of the word gear, I think – got some gear, lugging some gear and impressionists with Gottle o gear!

Andre Martin… Interesting – as we now have another band called the Hustlers who were from Brighton Area ! — this needs to be investigated !! This one advertised and the Photo printed, were the Hustlers who recorded for Phillips back in the 1960……more to come about this, the band in the back of the Transit.

Pete Fairless… It ain’t a Transit, though, Andre!

Ralph Town… That looks like a Bedford.

Pete Millington… t’s a COMMER Van

Andre Martin… Thank you gentlemen – I know that the Ford Mk 1 was introduced in October 1965 which started to replace the Thames 400 series Vans. Your correct Pete – this is a Commer Van.

Pete Fairless… Ah, that would be why it has ‘Commer’ written on it!

Maureen Fuller… Any photos of 1964 Carnival Queen

Alan Esdaile… Don’t think so Maureen. If I find anything, will let you know.

Mick O’Dowd… Yes they did you that expression along with “fab gear”, “groovy” “far out” “beat raves”, any more suggestions?

Alan Pepper… When  we went to Liverpool in the mid sixties to see relatives they said everything was gear !


Procol Harum – Hastings Pier 26th March 1976



894929_412735725538557_158480195_o copy


poster & ticket supplied by Mick Mepham,  ads supplied by Sarah Harvey


Graham Burfield… I remember that gig.

Jo Turner… I so loved those Procol Harum gigs

Peter Fairless… I think I might have remembered if I’d skipped a light fandango!

Fleur Cornes… I was there…:)

Mick Knights… Is the pier gig the one where a fisherman stole their outside broadcast mike they had put over the side of the pier to enhance A Salty Dog?

Dennis Torrance… I was there

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