Siouxsie & The Banshees – Hastings Pier 20th October 1978



poster 1 supplied by Mick Mepham & poster 2 supplied Mick O’Dowd

‘Human League’ didn’t play nor did Nico.

Pete Fairless….No, they did not. Support was from the Gang Of Four.

Mick Mepham….Gang of Four were excellent as were Siouxsie and the Banshees, can’t remember Spizz Oil. If I remember rightly, the singer wore a bin liner and by the end of their set he was plastered with gob …. yeeeuch.

Pete Fairless….I thought GOF were a bit boring, Spizz were fun, and Siouxie & The Banshees were fantastic

John Storer… The Human League did not play their first live gig until June 1978 (Sheffield Hallam University has a plaque commemorating the date and venue, which is now a computer room). They did tour with Souixsie that year, but not until December The Mark II line-up are still gigging for all they are worth, and never fail to surprise the crowd with how good they still are. First saw them in December 81 when “Don’t You Want Me” was No.1. Last saw them in 2012 and they were better … and doing stuff from both “Reproduction” and “Travelogue”

Alan Esdaile… Remember seeing The Human League in 2003 with John Foxx support and they were very good.


Deborah Anderson… I was at the Siouxsie gig…a young 17 year old & still love Siouxsie. Great memories of seeing many bands on the pier….the best being The Clash with Richard Hell supporting, The Damned, Madness, The Stranglers, The Specials, Sex Pistols with Glen Matlock…(they were shit) & many more. I moved to London 4 years later & still love those bands. In the 80′s I was living in W11 & Paul Simeonon (The Clash) was my neighbour…became friends with him & spent many a drunken time in his company & at The Earl of Lonsdale, Portobello Road. Have fond memories of those days of my youth spent seeing such great acts.

Mike O’Dowd… The Siouxie gig I was involved in as “assisted by 558” and was mainly involved with promotion/advertising etc. This gig was a logistical nightmare as can be seen from the differing line-ups on the poster and handbill. The final show was different again. The handbill I produced was when Human League were billed as third band but they pulled out as I believe things were staring to happen for them and didn’t think they deserved 3rd spot. Along comes Nico. What happened to her I don’t recall but the final line-up was The Gang of Four taking the final place. Spizz Oil seemed to change their name every week and were once Spizz Energy. The following night I had my own gig with Dead Dog’s Don’t Lie. Hectic weekend to say the least.

Mark Syrett… I was so drunk!

Matt Thomas… I live in hope for Human League to still appear on Hastings Pier lol well you never know after the great acts we’ve had so far on the new pier 😉An 80’s retro weekender would be good.

Ashton, Gardner and Dyke, Shaft and Tzar – Hastings Pier 19th Feb 1972




poster supplied by Andy Knight

Phil Gill… I was there.

Chris Giles… That’s one I went too. I do remember going to see AG&D

Nick Webb… Was i there ? let me know

Mick O’Dowd… Good band!. Remember seeing them on a young Channel 4 show called “Gas Tank” that was hosted by Rick Wakeman and was a live show rather than mimed but was very short lived. Does anyone else remember it?

Martin Round… They were class! I reckon in the 70s Andy Killick and I were at every gig and a few others we knew came along periodically.

Alan Esdaile… Don’t remember who Tzar were?

Chris Giles… I don’t either but usual frequented the bar before the top act

Andy Knight… Tony Barraclough? Not sure?

Sarah Fox… Resurrection Shuffle, One of my all time favourite tracks. 🎶 great to see them playing.

Eugene Hughes… What a great song. Another around at that time was Family In My Own Time.

Alan King… Tony Ashton was a good friend of mine, that man could drink for England (Scotland, Wales & Ireland all put together,,and more) it was he who gave the name to Derek & The Dominoes, he used to always refer to Clapton as Derek

Ray Bates… Tzar- Tony and Dave Barraclough, Brendan Bourne, Dick Wild and Trevor Cheney. Hastings Grammar School’s finest.

Jon Hiseman’s Tempest – Hastings Pier 12th October 1973

26234_385823933709_5298900_n 13330_369636498709_4181463_n img361

supplied by Mick Mepham and the 3rd one supplied by Roger Carey


img788 img787

photos from the pier gig by Roger Carey

Jon Hiseman soloing and Ollie Halsall taking a synthesizer solo. Ollie Halsall guitar & vocals and Mark Clarke bass & vocals.

and from 1974

Phil Gill…..Brilliant gig – Ollie Halsall, what a player. And they did a storming version of Paperback Writer too. How about you Pete Fisher?

Mick Knights….If I’m not mistaken Jon Hiesman introduced himself as Ginger Baker!

Glenn Piper… I  remember this one 🙂

Chris Meachen…. Brilliant gig;- I remember Hiseman juggling during his solo, sticks spinning in the air above his head while others bounced off drums.. Ollie Halsall also impressed by switching from left-handed guitar to right-handed bass for one number….

Pete Fisher… Remember having the album for sure…I have a list of concerts I remember going to, but don’t have the ticket, and this isn’t on it…but I must have been there…hazy days….

David Miller… Great to see the splendid Ollie Halsall in those pics on keys and especially guitar.

Pete Fisher… shared this to the Ollie Halsall and Patto Fan group Facebook page, and what a small world it is Roger Carey and Iain Cobby, as Tobias Van De Peer asked if the Roger I mentioned was you, and said he’s in Iain’s band!

Martyn Baker… I definitely went to this one. Cannot remember much about it though.


Georgie Fame and John Mayall’s Blues Breakers – Hastings Pier Allnighter 14th October 1966

Advert supplied by Andre Martin

photo: Georgie Fame and Rick Brown (bass) (Amsterdam, October 1966)

Gerry Fortsch… I wish I had been there

Joe Knight… George!!! Oh Yeah

Alan Esdaile… Anyone know who played with John Mayall on this gig? Eric Clapton would have been with Cream by this time but could have been Peter Green or Mick Taylor?

David Finn… Peter Green!

Pete Fisher… can’t believe I missed Peter Green in my hometown, but I was only 11, just started Grammar School…discovered Peter Green and John Mayall two years later…



Dr Feelgood – Hastings Pier 14th October 1978



ad supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… in 1978….Hastings Day celebrations (October 14th in case you didn’t know) with Dr.Feelgood, with Siouxsie and The Banshees and Dead Dogs Don’t Lie following soon after. Spizzoil…..anyone remember them?

Alan Esdaile… I remember ‘Where’s Captain Kirk’.

Redstar Richter… Phil Jupitus was wearing a Spizz badge (where`s captain kirk?” on telly last Friday 🙂 I`m friends with spizz on facebook – nrw single – city of eyes – out now! 🙂

Robert Wren… Where’s Captain Kirk….

John Storer… This was the Feelgoods after Wilko and, however good John “Gypie” Mayo was as a replacement, a bit like fish without chips! How many of us saw them in Eastbourne in October 1975 when they were in their pomp? Ably supported that night by GT Moore & The Reggae Guitars, Wilko tore the place apart with some of the best guitar playing I’d ever seen.

Mick O’Dowd… Quite a week. I was involved with Siouxie and Dead Dogs was one of my promotions.

Sheila Maile… My brother got tickets he told our mum”I am going to see Dr feel good”she said no way your not going there.he had to explain that this was a group not a drug dealer

Tim Moose Bruce… Went to this one. Support were Squeeze.

Dave Nattress… Delighted to say Wilko is still ripping that Telecaster into shreds.  Saw him a few weeks back at the De La Warr of all places.  Anyone else there?


Mary Baker and her Olde Tyme Orchestra – Hastings Pier 11th October 1969

Chris Baker… No relation! Suspect were brilliant though!

Alan Esdaile… I was going to ask you this Chris, as I thought your mum played in a band but may have got it wrong.

Chris Baker… When I was young, 7 to 10 ish, my Mum, Brenda Baker, would sing with Prince McBride at dances etc. I believe she gigged at Falaise Hall and what was the Cafe under Bottle Alley. I do know one of the songs she did was “Me and My Dog”, (Lost in a fog), as she used to swan around the flat in Cobourg shining it into a small saucepan so she could hear her voice reflected back at her. 😁 Happy Memories!

West Coast Consortium and The Millionaires – Hastings Pier, Soul Committee and Extreme Sound – The Cobweb. 12th October 1968.


west coast consortium


Ads supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… This day October 12th, 1968. A Choice of music at two venues in the town.

Alan Esdaile… I wonder if The Steamhammer is the same one that played the pier and did Juniors Wailing?

Barry Taylor… Yes Alan, I was there but don’t remember much!

Sutherland Brothers & Quiver – Hastings Pier 11th October 1975



poster supplied by Mick Mepham, advert supplied by Andre Palfrey-martin collection

and from 1977 -Somebody’s Fool


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….October 11th, 1975. Not sure why ‘Quiver’ was dropped from the advert. Most likely couldn’t fit it in the advert space. Always remember Tim Renwick breaking a string during one of their songs and cooly changing it during the song itself without it seemingly making any difference.

John Wilde….I was there and was also greatly impressed by the string change with little effect to the song. It was a great night.

Perri Anne Haste..Arms of Mary was my favourite song of theirs – Still love it now.

Jim Breeds…..Perhaps the two Sutherland Brothers occasionally still gigged without the Quiver boys? Interesting, ‘cos having got together with the Quiver band they recorded and toured together for several years until there was only one original Quiver guy left and the brothers went back to being a duo. One of the Sutherlands wrote Sailing, which was such a huge hit for Rod Stewart

Sarah Harvey……I am pretty sure I saw the band twice on the pier and one of them could have been during 1974, but this advert and the picture is definitely from October 1975

Henry Mann….Went to this and pretty well every other for the next few years.

Philip John….Back in the early 70’s Sutherland Brothers & Quiver supported Mott on their British tour and Colin Waters their roadie shared a house with me and other assorted crew menbers. I remember they were asked to play at Mick Jaggers birthday party at a hotel on the Thames. it was a really good gig and Tim Renwick ended up jamming on stage with Keith and Charlie. As rock stars don’t eat much we were able to take home enough party grub to feed us all for a week.

Andy Qunta…..Factory supported Sutherland Bros & Quiver somewhere in England around this time. They were great! I seem to remember we all had a jam at the end of the night, & Dave Gilmour got up & played too! Years later Tim Renwick played with the post-Waters Floyd, along with my friend Guy Pratt from Icehouse, so I saw him quite a bit around that time. Nice guy!

Nick Prince… I know the Quiver years were 1973-1978, So if this was 1975 they should most definitely be playing at this gig. Jim. I like your idea of the three/six digit numbers but not all of Hastings and St Leonards went over at the same time. The Baldslow exchange, numbers starting in 75 went six digit as early as the sixties but some areas around Silverhill were still using 3 digit numbers at late as 1979. You are quite right about SB and Quiver years being 1973-78.

Tony McEwen-Smith… Great band, got their LP

Gavin Martin… Couldn’t make it. Actually, I’m lying. In the arms of Mary.

Paul Morfey… I was at that gig, great band, great gig!!!

Steve Gibbons Band – Hastings Pier 1st October 1977


steve gibbons

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Rob Grain… I saw him at Folkestone the week before. 🙂

John Wilde… Went to this gig. It was really good. We invited Steve and his band to an after party. They all showed up and we rocked out all night. Steve Gibbons entertained us til dawn A memorable gig/night.

Mick O’Dowd… Ah Tulane!

Robert Paine… All they did was monkey around .lol.