Lord Morris Group and The Triffik Organisation – Hastings Pier 16th November 1968

Mick O’Dowd… Oh Lord! Another one I know nothing about.

Jim Breeds…  I see what you did there Mick.

Dave Nattress… And….as I know I’ve said before, I thought weird band names started in the punk/post-punk era!! I was wrong.

David Edwards… Did ‘Arry Rednapp ever appear with Triffik?


Martin Casson Agency – Hastings Pier Gigs Nov/Dec 1974



leaflet supplied by Michael Mepham

Kevin Sherwood… Went to all of them.

Phil Meston… Went to the first three!

Yvonne Cleland… Went to all but Leo Sayer.

Tony Court-holmes… only Curved Air for me

Bob Lloyd… Interestingly Steve Maxted ran a Wednesday night disco at Woodville Halls in Gravesend in the early 1970s

Dave Weeks… I think I went to all of them apart from Leo sayer. Happy days.

Julie Morris… I saw Leo Sayer and Sparks – and always there for Steve Maxted!Happy days indeed Dave!

The Talismen & Cliff Bennett – Big Beat Reunion 14th November 1987 video by Peter Millington

Peter Millington…..video features The Talismen, another group local to Hastings and who were very popular. They played a mixture of pop and rock in the 1960s and also reformed for his very special event.

Peter Millington…..The Big Beat Reunion party on Hastings Pier on 14th November 1987. features Cliff Bennett and Friends, Ray Fenwick, Pete Shaw, Pete Head and co-organiser of the event, Chris Sayer.

Alan Esdaile….WOW, we are spoilt today.

Stuart Moir….Ray Fenwick on Gibson Les paul lead guitar, and Pete Shaw on drums and of course Peter Head on bass. We were support band for Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers around that time playing at Chislehurst Caves.

Peter Millington….I think you’ll find that Ray was playing a Yamaha and not a Gibson Stu!

Pete Shaw…..I remember it well! We all met, on the pier late that afternoon and ran through some numbers that Cliff had outlined…a couple were really versions of Johnny Mars set pieces as Ray and I were still gigging with Johnny…Cliif B was great  and after the gig he asked if we could work with him at other gigs he had…Ray and I did some more for him but Pete H and Chris S could not! Great fun and hey, that kit wasn’t even mine but even with only a couple of cymbals it sounded period authentic although some of my staggered breaks were a bit modern! Ray’s guitar was one of two Yamaha specials he had picked up from Yamaha themselves?? His accomplished and searing sound accompanied me and my kit for years!! I’m very thankful for his friendship at that time…Chris Sayer and Pete Head all time Hastings musical heroes! Thanks Pete for posting this…I’ve never seen it before!!

Caz Simpson…. I can’t believe I missed the Big Beat Reunion on Hastings Pier in 1987! Cliff Bennet played, where was I??

Sixties Sounds with 6Ts, Soul Express, Ace Of Clubs and Project X. Hastings Pier 14th November 1992.


supplied by Barry French & Sarah Harvey

Kev Towner… “Bizarro’s”?

Terry Corder… What a waste of time that was and still waiting to get paid for it!

Harry Randall… Shame it’s gone though some great memories of bygone years!

The Adverts 22nd Oct & The Clash 12th Nov 1977 – Hastings Pier


supplied by  Peter Fairless Bands on Hastings Pier https://www.facebook.com/groups/196962362327/

The Adverts replaced Jim Capaldi who was originally booked…

Ken Copsey .…Remember the Voidoids walked off stage after their ‘bald’ lead guitarist was hit on the head by what looked like a full can of beer. Thank god that kind of age discrimination doesn’t  go on nowadays or none of us would dare set foot on stage again!

John Storer…..The Clash in 77 was one of the best gigs I ever saw at the Pier, even though I had to stand at the back because it was the first gig I’d taken the future Mrs Storer to (She was a Genesis / Yes / Pink Floyd fan). We’d only been going out a couple of weeks so I had to be on best behaviour. Knew it was going to be a great gig as soon as they launched into “London’s Burning. “Their debut still stands the test of time and is one of the few albums from that era I still listen to occasionally. But only in the car … Mrs S still hates punk!

Andrew Clifton…. link for review of gig.


poster for sale in Belgium

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sourced from Stefaan Delarue. Punk Memorabilia For Sale or Trade Facebook page.

Clash ticket supplied by Lynn Gale

Lynn Gale… My hubby found , may be of interest.

Shaun Wright… I went to that Clash gig…..😎

more Clash ads...

Jubilee Rock ‘n Roll Spectacular with Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Graham Fenton’s Matchbox, Cadillac The Cruisers and Woody & The Splinters Hastings Pier 4th June 1977


Nigel Ford… and according to my diary, HAWKWIND’s support was MOTORHEAD, my first encounter with them and they returned on the 30th July with the “COUNT BISHOPS” as support (Lemmy’s earlier band)…. my question mainly being..” is his microphone stand jammed at full extension”…!? I went on to see them at Brighton “TOP RANK” & T.Wells Assembly Hall soon after.

The Tornados – Hastings Pier 10th November 1962



Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… Absolute Radio 60 – Just played the Tornados 1962 classic hit record Telstar, produced in North London by Joe Meek.

Andy Qunta… Loved Telstar! Still do!

Terry Pack… The great Clem Cattini on drums.

Pete Fairless… Telstar was at #1 the week before. I wonder how many times they played it?

Mick O’Dowd… They produced (with the aid of Joe Meek) a very distinctive sound. They were once Billy Fury’s backing band. Saw both Billy Fury & Tornados at The ABC( now ESK).

Jon McCallion…Clem Cattini is still I think the only member of the Tornados still playing under the Tornados title. Joe meak the driving force.  Good band

Mick O’Dowd… Clem was also a prolific session man on a vast array of big hits. Saw him perform these at a music weekend at Butlins. The show was just like a covers band and then he did a medley of Tornados hits! Roger LaVerne appeared on 24 Hours in A&E a year or so back.

Terry Pack… Clem’s very funny. He refers to The Tornadoes as The Torn Arseholes, and The Swinging Blue Jeans as The Swinging Pub Band. He was once standing next to Jess Conrad when a punter asked Jess if he’d ever met Elvis. Before Jess could answer, Clem quipped, ‘Not yet, but it won’t be long!’ Another friend of mine, Charlie Elston, who now does a Billy Fury tribute thing, used to play with The Tornadoes. He had some great stories about Heinz!


Jon McCallion will like this. Printed by Hastings Printing Company. Now I wonder if he has any other interesting items in the vaults?

Mike Raxworthy… Heinz was in the Tornados – Joe got him to learn bass and virtually forced him onto the band. He did get married to an air hostess he met on a flight to the States. In 1975 he was my next door neighbour for about 3 years in a little village called Maylandsea, Essex.”

Susan Duck… I remember this. My auntie Carole was manageress of the buffet/ ballroom. This was my first night I went with her, I was only 10 yes old! We took their coffee to the dressing room for them and stayed chatting to them. Roger LaVern the organist was so lovely to me that evening I’ve never forgotten it, as I say I was only 10 but he spent a lot of time chatting with me. Heinz swore a lot!!

Ralph Town… The first musical sound I remember hearing was Telstar.Scared me silly!

Jack Irving… Clem Cattini on drums!