Beez Neez – EF student dance – Hastings Pier 4th August 1978.





supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… Beez Neez,Monday August 4th 1978 EF Student Dance Hastings Pier. These student gigs were quite lucrative mid-week business for bands and discos.

Alan Esdaile… Great gigs with EF Students. It was Bill Loveland that used to do all the bookings.

Kevin Burchett.. yes i remember bill loveland he booked the early part of the evenings in scalliwgs for the ef students and i think it may have been his son that helped him.

Mick O’Dowd… Believe it or not the attendance for this gig was just over 600.

Mark Harris… Feels like yesterday!!

Jeanette Steve Jones… It was Yesterday

Edward Adams… yeah 28 years ago

Pete Prescott… What was the line up

Mark Harris… Pete, me for starters!

Mick O’Dowd… Mark Harris, David Fussell, Jackie Hazell, Teresa (?), I’m struggling now. C’mon Mark, you got the chronicles I gave you with the vital info in.

David Fussell… Great to see those photographs brings so many memories back. How long have I been on the road now oh 45 years.

Mark Harris…L to R: Julie Harris, Jeff Stevens, David Fussell, Mark Harris (me!), Keith Jenner, Barry Upton, Jackie Hazel, Melanie Ethrington. (Julie Harris of course became Richardson and now Bowles!)

Hawkwind Gigs – 3rd August 1972, 18th June 1977, 1st Sept 1973


all cuttings Sarah Harvey, autograph supplied by Roger Carey

Andy Qunta….Met Tex, bass player for Ace, at a Factory gig in Lancashire, Burnley I think. They had just signed their record deal. Was very envious of them of course, but Tex was a lovely guy, very encouraging & not at all big-headed!

Geoff Peckham….Yes, I remember him too. He came to see us back stage in Burnley (Black hill Miners’ Social Club I think). A really jolly guy and liked our music. I loved his effectively simple bass-line on “How Long”.

Mick O’Dowd….Ace were a good band if i’ve got the right one! How Long springs to mind.Paul Carrack was singer. Seems a strange support to Hawkwind though.

Clifford Rose…..June 18th,  Yes, the Hawkwind concert was 77 with Motorhead as the support group.

Yvonne Cleland…..That doesn’t sound right! Lemmy formed Motorhead after he left Hawkwind, didn’t he?

Tim Moose Bruce…..77 is right. I went to that gig.(my 1st time at the the pier. mum warned me to be careful with the loud volumes these bands can create. “Yes mum”. Yawn… Went to gig, Motorhead came on…….

Alan Esdaile… When Roger Carey said he had an autograph from the pier from Hawkwind in 1972, I thought it would be Lemmy but turns out to be the dancer Stacia.

Alan Oliver… I was at that Hawkwind 72 gig. Wish I could find the girl I went with, we lost touch in 1973. If anyone knows Jayne Beeson (as was) I’d love to see how her life turned out!

Lucy Pappas… I remember that gig, too. Loved it!

Kevin Burchett… I was there to.

Martin Richter… peace and love 🙂

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Patrick Dane & The Quiet Five – Sept 19th 1964 by Andre Martin

              Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Martin… Back to Saturday 19th September 1964, we have one of our regular attractions in the Happy Ballroom tonight – making their final appearance during 1964 – Patrick Dane and The Quite Five, supported by The Beat Syndicate, all this for 5/- . It’s the start of the Winter Programme on the Pier, and the prices have been reduced to try and compete with the growing competition.Patrick Dane and the Quite Five and a group that hail from Croydon and the South London Circuit and have a following in the town, having appeared many times in the Happy Ballroom. The support band the Beat Syndicate, a five piece, was a Leytonstone based band that played a lot around North Kent. On the SMART website these if a little more information about the boys.Our Friday Night warm up would have been to RSG and on the show from London on that night would have been a classic line up including – –The Animals – “I’m Crying.” –Elkie Brooks –The Chants –The Hollies – “We’re Through.” –Dionne Warwick – “Reach Out for Me.” The Witch Doctor, was continuing with it 7 nights entertainment, including this week – Sat & Sun from Sheffield – The Knives & Forks, Wednesday – Peters Faces and Friday Dave Dee & The Bostons. Also being advertised – Wednesday 7th October Little Richard !                                     Andre Martin

Nicky Read… discovered this by accident while looking up about Patrick Dane & the Quiet Five. Used to see them play in a pub  called The Perseverance in South London

Roger Siggery… Does anyone know what Patrick Dane did after he parted from The Quiet Five? I did a few gigs with him in the ’60’s but lost touch. Would love to know if he’s still with us!

Dray and Johnny Francis Road Show – Hastings Pier 2nd August 1975


press ad supplied by Sarah Harvey and poster supplied by Andy Caine

Sarah Harvey….Aug 2nd, 1975 – Does anybody remember Dray – I seem to remember them being about in the 70s but cannot for the life of me remember ever seeing them.

Alan Esdaile…..Likewise I remember the name ‘Dray’ but can’t remember who they were. Remember Johnny Francis, always put on a good show. Sunday lunchtime at the Crypt if I remember rightly.

Ken Dengate…..How very spooky that you should mention Dray, Sarah. I was thinking of asking about them – and Duncan Dray himself – just a day or two ago. I recall that Duncan was the drummer (?), and at that time he lived in Harold road (or that area).

Terry Pack…..Duncan Dray was the drummer (hence the name). He had a LOT of tom toms, which gave rise to the ‘Incredible’ part of the name. I was accosted in Leisure Music in Silverhill in 1973 or 74 by a young Andy Cunningham, who told me that he he had a friend who played the drums, and was I interested in joining a band. I walked up to Ore in the hope of meeting ‘The Incredible Dray’, but never did, until a couple of years later, he replaced  Kevin Hoad in The Hollywood Killers. He was a very nice guy, and we played together till I left the band to join The Enid. He now lives in Peacehaven and works as an electrician. I think that Ashley Pepper might have been part of it, too. Johnny Flamingo, too?

Andy Caine… One of my very first gigs, Simon Fuller was the promoter!  1975 I think. With Duncan Dray, Ashley Pepper and Chris Richmond. Found this in the back of an old art pad!

Pete Fairless… Just to be clear, it wasn’t ’73, it was ’75 and Simon probably wasn’t promoting at age 14!

Andy Caine…. He put the gig on, I’m sure. When we were at the caves,he was involved with promoting bands.

Darren Holmes… My cousin Ashley Pepper was a member of Dray, they used the practice round my Auntie Shir’s house!!!

Dave Nattress… Wow, more memories – Dray – a name I remember now. Where did that pop up from!! This site goes from strength to strength!! And Sarah, where have all these cuttings come from – you just keep drip-feeding us with them. Great stuff. Ittour days in Samisen I don’t recall you collecting these as you must have been doing.

Mick O’Dowd… Used to work with Duncan Dray at G.H. Brooker in Norman Road in late 60’s. He was then in a band called The Springbeats.

Kevin White… I went to school with Duncan Dray, we played together as kids. I don’t recognize him in this pic though. He used a Premier kit as I remember, not sure what brand that kit is either. He actually got me my first paid job as a drummer too! It was when Dray first formed in the mid seventies, probably 73, 74 we would have been about 15 or 16.It was a residency playing tea dances and ballroom dancing with the Sandhurst Trio in the ballroom at the Bathing Pool holiday camp, Bulverhythe. The two other guys were, a pianist and a sax player, both very good musicians, they were both well over 70 years old, possibly older bless ’em. The entertainments manager offerred to get me work on the cruise ships but only if i agreed to get a haircut. I only played there half a dozen times or so, then joined my first prog rock band called Skysteed. I must dig out the photo of me in a white dinner jacket, purple velvet bow tie, cheesecloth shirt, 36″ denim flares and 4 or 5″block soled platform shoes.


Frankie Miller Full House plus The Stranglers 31st July 1976

Neil Partrick… Were you there Alan? Would have been seriously good, I’m sure.

Alan Esdaile… Sorry I was gigging elsewhere Neil, otherwise I’m pretty sure I would have gone.

Tony Ham… The Stranglers and wrestling.

Pete Houghton… That was a great night seeing Frankie Miller and afterwards the band signed my album then I asked The Stranglers to sign my album and they just wrote a pile of rubbish

Status Quo plus Andy Bown Band – Hastings Pier 28th July 1973

Poster Supplied by Mick Mepham.They returned to Hastings to film at the Blue Reef Aquarium for the film ‘Bula Quo’.

John Storer… Remember this gig well … there was a huge buzz of excitement around the town when it was announced. Quo did not disappoint and, if memory serves, they finished with a blistering version of The Doors “Roadhouse Blues'”. Andy Bown Band were also very good. He had been a member of The Herd with Peter Frampton and had then gone on to form the excellent but little-known Judas Jump along with The Herd’s drummer, Henry Spinetti (son of Victor). Their 1970 album, “Scorch” is one I picked up for a pittance down the Old Town and still play occasionally today. These days, Andy is a member of … Status Quo!

Tony Court-Holmes… got very drunk nothing new there but that was before real ale how my life has changed ha ha

Jim Hobbs… Great gig, the room was packed. The Quo were great and I was also impressed by Andy Bown, who also played with the Floyd on some of their live shows.

Kevin Carlyon… Slightly before my time of doing the printing for Ace Promotions and Joe Morowski!!

Yvonne Cleland… Can’t remember what they did now, but I do remember that they did three encores….

Pete Fisher… I remember seeing them on the pier and being thoroughly impressed not to say blown away. I really thought the wooden floor was going to cave in any minute, people were jumping and dancing so much…

Ralph Town… Andy Bown, of course,wrote and sang the theme to Supersonic pop show and the childrens tv series, “Tarot”.Now playing in the Quo

Colin Bell… Andy Bown supporting Quo, that was a bit of nepotism. Andy had unofficially joined Quo that same year playing keyboards on their recording sessions, one big happy family!

Pink Floyd – Hastings Pier 20th Jan 1968

Supplied by Peter Fairless Bands On Hastings Pier Facebook page.

Terry Huggins…. Syd Barrett’s last ever gig with the band.

Lawrence Ralph… Does, anybody actually remember attending this, i know 50 years ago, and memories being foggy, was it good or bad from vaguest memories?

Dave Weeks… We still don’t know what happened to Beaufords Image! Anyone?

Clive Millard… Yes certainly do, I was a member of the support band, as you mentioned hazy days my thoughts take me be back sitting with the Pink Floyds technicians using an old fashioned projectors with two pieces of glass adding paint colours, then projecting it on to white sheets covering over there amplifiers, bloody magic

Kevin Burchett… Ive got that cutting on my keyring

Raymond Badgery… Yep, was there that day. We, girlfriend and I, Lived in South London at the time and used to go the Witch Doctor club in St Leonards most Saturdays for dancing? Well that Saturday the club was shut, surprise, as did not why? But note on door said, club shut and have gone to the pier to see Pink Floyd! So we thought why not! Was cheap, and a great evening from what I remember. Drove back in the early hours to friends in Surrey.

Lawrence Ralph… Thanks for the recollections, Clive and Raymond, also wondered if this was one of the rare 5 man Floyd gigs with David Gilmour, helping keeping it together for a disintegrating Syd. Sitting with the Floyds technicians doing the paint projections, wow!, would love to have been there.

Colin Bell… Hi Lawrence, i was there working backstage each week. Yes David Gilmour did play that night & Syd was certainly disintegrating. My lasting memory was of me and Rick Wright the keyboard player standing outside on the Pier deck about an hour before they went on restraining a clearly ‘high’ Syd from jumping off the railings who thought he could fly with the seagulls! It was an interesting night!

Tony Court-holmes… too young

Pat Dargan… I was there too. Last Syd Barrett performance. Tony Court Holmes remember Fortes.

Phil Downer… I was rhythm guitarist and vocalist with support band. Remember having fish and chips in cafe over the road from the pier. Sat up top with the projector guys while Floyd were on. Bit of an education for us lads from Dover! Can only say Pink Floyd improved an awful lot from then on. We carried on for a couple of years and then split into other directions. Happy days.

Paul Cullen… Poor Syd, his last performance before complete breakdown and the only time Floyd had 5 members. Dave Gilmore having Syd’s back. It wasn’t an amazing gig but it was good


Marmalade – Hastings Pier 27th July 1969



ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, photo from 1968 Theoldcomposer

Marmalade did some great records but sadly only seemed to remembered for Ob-La-Di. This is the greatest track they did….

Colin Norton… Absolutely agree with Alan – “Rainbow” was another good one..

Andy Qunta… Great record!

Dave Nattress… Totally agree. Used to see them on TOTP’s a lot and they did some great singles. Bought The Very Best of Marmalade on CD years ago from the record shop that used to be in George Street on the left between the Pump House and the big old hardware shop. Is on the Fat Boy Records label – 1993.

Alan Esdaile… I think you mean Old Town Music, Dave.


supplied by Tony May

Diane Neve… Marmalade, Bring back the good times.


Jet Harris & Tony Meehan – Hastings Pier 27th July 1963

Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andy Qunta…..Love it! I remember Mum bought it for me to cheer me up as I had flu at the time. (My 2nd choice was Please Please Me).

Barry Newton…..This looks like Wembley, if it is I was there as I went to the NME shows for a few years running and saw just about everybody who was about at the time

Jim Breeds…..Gosh, it’s been a few years since I’ve heard this. Very nice.

Colin Bell… Loved ‘Diamonds’ and follow up ‘Scarlett O’Hara’. The rhythm guitarist (making his first session appearances) was one er…Jimmy Page wonder what happened to him! Jet’s girlfriend at the time was Billie Davis who did the wonderful ‘ I Want You To Be My Baby’ God I’m turning into an anorak…lol..!

Helena Kingshott… Oh I so remember that night xx

Andre Martin… Court Players were good as well !

Pete Millington… Saw them and the Big Three the week after – wow!

Steve Rolls… Bet my late brother Phil Rolls was there