Leo Sayer – Hastings Pier 15th November 1974

Jenni Inness write up

Mace Sinden… I was there loved it

Pauline Hillier… Me too

Roy Winchester… was there what a good voice.

Gary Benton… Lives not far from me now here in Jersey

Peter Houghton… Great night

Trevor Webb… I actually saw Leo Sayer entertain at a conference in 99 in London . Very entertaining

Jackie Willett… I was there! I’m sure he came here twice!

Linda Russell…Me too !

Terry Tollan… I was there . He said he could not hear himself through the screaming fans

Gerry Fortsch… What a great voice and very talented guy, always enjoyed his TV show.

Mick O’Dowd… Nice bloke! I was there for this.

Tracy Birrell… Oh I was here aged 16.I remember it well.

Bill Gallop… I was Night Watch man on the Pier this special night myself and Geoff Clark and if I remember right it was less than a month when he returned Brilliant show man top audience to !! xx Just a One Man Band x

Alan Esdaile… A really nice genuine guy. Took time to chat and drinks all round for the helpers.



Martin Casson Agency – Hastings Pier Gigs Nov/Dec 1974



leaflet supplied by Michael Mepham

Kevin Sherwood… Went to all of them.

Phil Meston… Went to the first three!

Yvonne Cleland… Went to all but Leo Sayer.

Tony Court-holmes… only Curved Air for me

Bob Lloyd… Interestingly Steve Maxted ran a Wednesday night disco at Woodville Halls in Gravesend in the early 1970s

Dave Weeks… I think I went to all of them apart from Leo sayer. Happy days.

Julie Morris… I saw Leo Sayer and Sparks – and always there for Steve Maxted!Happy days indeed Dave!

Roy Winchester…I saw Leo Sayer what a voice if i remember it right he was dressed as a clown.

The Kinks – Hastings Pier 23rd March 1974




(1) supplied by Mick Mepham, (2) & (3) supplied by Roger Carey

Yvonne Cleland….Great gig, and with the legendary beer can on head routine………

Chris Meachen….Remember this one particularly fondly;- After the gig, I asked Ray Davies about harmonica playing; He made me a present of two blues harps,( which I still have) then sat down & gave me a half-hour lesson in blues harmonica.. Thoroughly nice bloke!

Martyn Baker….Victoria! Victoria!! (I think they opened with that). Knocked me out too.

Graham How….I had the honour of introducing them on stage. They were a very friendly band and the roadies were great too! Fabulous night. They came down to Hastings on a chartered National Express coach. Hastings was the only gig they had done for ages and not part of a tour. Ray said they did it because they fancied playing on a pier!

Gary Kinch….Remember it well……First wage packet I bought 2 singles, Ape Man being one of them. I seem to remember Ray throwing beer into the audience.

Andre Palfrey-martin….Kinks first played Hasting Pier in July 1964- HCFE Summer Dance.

The Kinks – The Midnight Special

John Alexander Wilde….Wonderful!

Peter Fairless… …and, yes, the pier gig will have been the one where Ray Davies helped Jo Brand get her No.6 out of the machine!

Robert Searle… March Hare, Peter Skellern on lead vocals.

Jim Breeds… Ah yes! I was there, but I don’t remember the support band – not that I remember the support bands from many of the gigs. I think we always stayed in the pubs until just before the main act.

Yvonne Cleland… Huh! That was for posh people. The rest of us stayed in the pier bar!

Sally Blackman… This was the very first gig i went to.

Phil Thornton… another great gig ! – the audience was at least 1.5K over capacity !! (I guess Health and Safety must have been somewhere else !)

Jane Hartley… I was there

Terry Haddon… And so was i.

Lord Morris Group and The Triffik Organisation – Hastings Pier 16th November 1968

Mick O’Dowd… Oh Lord! Another one I know nothing about.

Jim Breeds…  I see what you did there Mick.

Dave Nattress… And….as I know I’ve said before, I thought weird band names started in the punk/post-punk era!! I was wrong.

David Edwards… Did ‘Arry Rednapp ever appear with Triffik?

Keith Russell… I was the drummer with the Triffik Organisation back then, we were a semi pro group all over the south , had a great time. I’m now doing a potted history so any thoughts? Please find a photo of the band from around that time, we were based in Petworth so regret I don’t have any memories of Hastings from that time

Supplied by Keith Russell


Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – Hastings Pier 8th Dec 1962 & 1963 autograph



Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection


Supplied by Trevor Spears via Peter Millington

Johnny Kidd autograph – supplied by Eric Upton

Peter Millington…. From Johnny Kidd’s appearance on the pier 21st December 1963. Courtesy of Trevor Spears of The Confederates.

Wendy Weaver… Fantastic Group. Please Dont Touch – the best track to jive to. Great tempo.

John Busbridge… I certainly saw them on the pier but it might have been later as I was only 15 coming up 16 then!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Hastings Pier 3rd November 2004



Review from The Guardian The Observer by Molloy Woodcraft


live from Brixton 2004...

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Red Right Hand is by far my favourite Nick Cave track!

Andy Gunton… Review in The Stinger by Andy Gunton…


Darren Johnson… Fascinating – I’d assumed bands had stopped playing the pier long before that

Steve Amos… One of the great gigs!

Jan Warren… He does some really weird, dark and brilliant stuff, love him! xx

Hawkwind & Ace support – Hastings Pier 1st September 1973



poster supplied by Mick Mepham.   Ad supplied by Sarah Harvey

Martyn Baker… My parents banned me from going to this one…. but I went anyway, which made it all the more exciting. Maybe they’d heard about Stacia dancing semi-naked onstage?

Phil Gill talking about Ace ‘How Long’….Brilliant single “How Long”, great guitar solo, fab Paul Carrick vocal. A great song is ageless.

Phil Gill… Stacia! I met her once, she was lovely. Every band needs a shaman.

Phil Thornton… did many gigs supporting Hawkwind !! a jolly bunch and no mistake ! – prepare for the sonic attack …..

John Storer…  In 1973, this was a fairly expensive gig to go to … 99p! Remember going to the gig but was only really interested in hearing Silver Machine because I found the rest of their stuff a little … overblown. Would echo Phil Gill’s comments about Paul Carrack … may be no coincidence that he appears (and sings) on my two favourite Squeeze albums … East Side Story (the brilliant “Tempted”) and Some Fantastic Place (the excellent “Loving You Tonight”)

Gary Kinch… I was there but don’t remember much of it…..I have vague hormone driven memories of Stacia though. Ace’s How Long was always a juke box favourite for me. …..and agree I with John, Tempted is very good.

Andrew Freeman… I used to work with a guy who played bass guitar with Hawkwind, but not sure which years as they had many changes over the years.

Pete Fisher… I was there (I think!)…vaguely remember the light show (mostly strobes) and the wall of sound…and Stacia of course…probably another of those gigs where everyone sat cross-legged on the floor, apart from a couple of stand-up dancers up front, who people occasionally threw beer cans etc at!!

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