The Troggs, Unit 4 plus 2, Pinkertons Assorted Colours – Hastings Pier 5th July 1969

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…Its hard to imagine such low key advertisements for such bands these days but you can’t deny that Sunday nights were a lot more lively in 1969.

Yvonne Cleland… Wild Thing one of the best!  Hank Wangford did a great live version of this. As of course, did J. H!

Jenny Tyler… I  was there. It was great. X

Linda Day… I was there too

Stuart Moir… That’s when Hastings was one of the the country’s top venues

Mick O’Dowd… Too true Stuart. Also a hotbed of musical talent.

Carol Arnold… ahhhh i was there.

Gavin Martin… “Your pants are low and your hips are showing…” a precog of the Hoxton hipster, 45 years upfront.

Gerry this the Pop dance that the Troggs never made and we ended up with the brilliant Mindbenders instead?

Alan Esdaile… Not sure Gerry as did not go to this one. The other dates I had that they played the pier are 7th August 1966, 16th July 1967. Andre might be able to confirm?

Pete Fairless… Not immediately able to check dates for you, Alan. At least one will have been a no-show, I think.

Mick O’Dowd… We don’t have “Grand Pop Dances” like we used to do we.

Gerry Fortsch… Maybe we should, it would be fab man

Mick O’Dowd… Really groovy and far out man!

Crawler, Boxer, Moon – Hastings Pier 5th July 1977

ticket supplied by Mick Mepham

Here’s a rare video of Crawler ‘Stone Cold Sober’ venue unknown.

John Storer….One of the most embarrassing moments of my life was loudly slagging off Crawler as being bloody awful, only to find I was sitting right behind the band’s wives and girlfriends. Oops! Agree with Bobby, though, that Moon were easily the best band on that night. Their debut album “Too Close For Comfort” is one of the few albums I regret giving away, because I’ve never been able to find another copy.  I don’t remember Concorde at Reading, but do remember that it had been raining all day and when Moon came onstage it stopped, and the sun came out. Brought a huge cheer from the crowd.

Tim Bruce…..Just watched the youtube link of stone cold sober. Saw Geoff Whitehorn demonstrating Marshall amps in 93 at Eastbourne. Brilliant guitarist.

Bobby Walker….Remember this gig because …. there were seats in the ballroom!  Crawler were dull (wasn’t long after Paul Kossoff had died, Boxer were good, but Moon were brilliant. Saw them a few months later at Reading. A brilliant moment when Concorde flew right over the stage as they were playing.

Martyn Baker…..I’m still playing music with Loz Netto (guitarist from MOON & Sniff N’ The Tears). Lives in Brighton. He’s a great player.

Gerry Fortsch… Good gig I remember it well, I was lucky to see my favorite bass player Tim Bogert from the Vanilla Fudge.

Pete Prescott… Wish I had seen this show. Boxer had Mike Patto singing. I also liked Crawler. I saw Patto in 72. amazing band.

Pete Fisher… great group on facebook which I belong to – Ollie Halsall and Patto Fan

Conan Howard… gosh there were some great bands around in those days, where are all the good musicians now? are they all in their 70s and past it ?

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember being offered the free e.p?

Peter Thomson… I may still have that – will have to search through the 45 cases some time and will let you know.

Peter Thomson… t appears I have two copies.

Martyn Baker… I was there on the pier, and loved this gig as a teenager. I also played music with Moon’s young guitarist Loz Netto much later when I moved to Brighton. He was also in a band called Sniff N The Tears.

Peter Bridger… I was at that one. Don’t remember a thing about it though!

Billy J Kramer and The New Dekotas – Hastings Pier 3rd July 1981

Tony Qunta… And more interestingly ‘Giant Haystack!

Pauline Richards… I remember that just for a change! I was still at school and told my friends that Billy had a phobia of hotels so stayed at our house !!!! my dad was a bouncer on pier so that’s how I did it. Didn’t Billy J Kramer appear on the pier before? Maybe 1965?

Alan Esdaile… Hi Pauline, 7th September 1963 with Strangers 5 in support.

Pauline Richards… Crikey I have got a bit of a memory! Thanks


The Kinks – Hastings Pier 3rd July 1964


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre Palfrey-Martin…..taken from the College Rag Mag 1964 – an interview with the Kinks, as they had been booked to play for the Summer Rag Dance in July that year….


Alan Esdaile… Notice the times 11.00pm til 3.00am, also who remembers the well at the White Rock Baths where you used to throw cash over or roll it down a shute for various charity events.

Andre Martin… Great Night, we had the Animals booked originally but they were on their way to House of the Rising Sun no 1 in August that year, so somehow the agents changed. It was still a good night. And 2 years later we went for a full all nighter to something like 6.00am. For those who remember we had some great dances at the college 1963-1966 – Happy Memories.

Sponooch – Hastings Pier 2nd July 1979

Matt Thomas… Never heard of them lol. I saw Vicious Pink on the pier.

Jim Breeds… Well, that went well for them didn’t it.

Tony May… Decent single for the genre but really C**P band name! Who in the hell is going to remember ‘Sponooch’! (lol) I’d never heard of them nor this single before and that is saying something coming from me!

P.P. Arnold, Tim Rose – All Niter – Hastings Pier 28th June 1968


pp arnold


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre Martin….This was the night of my 21st Birthday Party, and in the early hours of the Saturday morning, I received a phone call at about 02.30hrs from the Pier, Help John Peel had thrown a fit and stormed off, and could I come down and take over the DJ/Compere role, I was working on the Pier on Saturday Nights at the time for John Schofield -Strand Entertainments – all I would need were some records, so off I went, leaving my party going, returning later to the party at about 06.30hrsto carry on celebrating. What a memory for my 21st.

Andre Martin…..P P Arnold stole the show and was the best on the bill.

Mick O’Dowd…..This was a good line-up and great show. The Skatalites were my fave and they are still touring the world to this day.

Catherine Ireland… I was there. My sister was on the social committee for Hastings College. Lynda Collins .

Dave Arnold… Skip Bifferty featured Colin Gibson:)

Jonathan Martin… Wasn’t around then, but Skip Bifferty… Wow! Great band!! A friend (who some may know? – Colin Gibson) introduced me to them some years ago!! (He played bass with them)

Glynis Phillips… I remember that allnighter went home on bus in morning very rock and roll!!

Jenny Tyler… After the all nighter we went across the road to have a fry-up. X

Alan Esdaile… Was that The Beachcomber then Jenny?

Jenny Tyler… Yes it was. The breakfast as good too. X

Chris Wilson… I was also on the social committee at Hastings College and remember this all nighter.  It was a fantastic event – we used to love the Skatalites and had previosly booked them for a pre-christmas event at the college (the first time I got very drunk in my life and had to be resuscitated in the college sick bay by Vikki Stevens!).  We also organised some great dances in the club that used to be in the big block of flats on St Leonards sea front just down from the college.  I seem to remember Spooky Tooth playing a couple of times there.

Andre Martin… I think that Spooky Tooth were brought to the Pier Ballroom by John Schofield – Strand Entertainments, that rings a bell – over to you Colin, do you recall ??

Colin Gibson… I was on that gig! Matching shirt and tie-sartorial or what?

skip bifferty

Colin Bell… Yes Andre you’re quite right John booked Spooky Tooth for the following weekend. As you said P.P. stole the show, spoke to her just this week she’s written her autobiography, maybe we’ll get a mention!…

Kay Leigh… We were talking about this the other day, but I couldn’t remember who else was on the bill. Remember walking home at 5am singing ‘Just call me Angel of the Morning’. My one and only allnighter on the pier. I had forgotten it was organised by Hastings College. I seem to remember John Bennett organising other social events. Am I right?

Catherine Ireland… As above I was there. My sister Lynda Collins helped on the committee Hastings college. And I think John Bennett took her to see the Stax Road Show? I am still so envious, but I was too young.

Gavin Martin… Do you know where the gigs where on St Leonards seafront? I was told the flat I live in , just by bus stop/ letter box, was once a night club, in them by gone days.

Catherine Ireland… Witch Doctor then Cobweb??

Andre Martin… Then suffered the Hastings problem – venue burnt down ! say no more !

Ant Hill… Don’t remember Tim Rose being stoned but do remember that his drummer was John Bonham who had just heard that he was joining Led Zeppelin.

Simon Morrison… The Skatalites had split up a couple of years earlier. I don’t suppose anyone remembers them playing?


Mildred Eldridge dance school on Hastings Pier around 1954

photo © David Bastable

David Bastable… Hastings Pier probably around 1954. They were girls from Mildred Eldridge Dance School. There were other dance schools in Hastings at the time The dancers did shows at The White Rock amongst other places. Several dancers of that time,  went on to dance at The Windmill London and Las Vegas and one became a top ballerina.  I remember the embarrassment I felt when on being asked by a girl to dance on Hastings Pier, I realised I had no idea how to. I think her name was Stella Brown. Just to say now I  can dance just about anything !

Jacqueline Marsh… Me and my sister went to the Orchard School of drama at Sedlescombe Road North. We also put on lots of plays and dances at the White Rock great memories.

Andre Martin… That brings back Memories, Miss Catt was the principal very strict I recall her prize student was Gwen Watford who went on to a very successful career in the theatre and TV.

Jacqueline Marsh… that’s right Gwen was always held up to us as a model student. Miss Catt was indeed very strict. I remember the little old lady who worked in the kitchens and we children teased her unmercifully and taunted her with her favourite expression of “ I’m gonna pack my bags and leave”. For some reason we always found this to be hysterically funny. Kids are so cruel, poor little lady I feel so mean now about it.

Pauline Richards… Wasn’t that dancing school down Elphinstone Road?

Jacquie Abbiss… Pauline, that was Phylis Godfrey dance school . I use to go in the mid-60s. Did a few of the Musical festivals at the White Rock .

Michaela Lee… Pauline, my mum went to Phylis Godfrey to but in earlier years ,she lived opposite in Quarry Terrace

Margriet Ward… I use to dance at Mildred Eldridge Dance School. I still have my Bronze badge for Tap Dancing one year at the White Rock Gardens, we performed Itsy Bitsy teeny weeny yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Miss Eldridge got some material that was White with big Black Spots dyed it in yellow dye and the material was ok. We had big sombreros and of course Bikinis I gave ballet up but enjoyed the tap and modern I was too tall for ballet loved dancing but not brilliant at it xx

Amanda Hilton… I went to dance classes there in the 60’s

Frances Hughes… Lovely photo

Leigh Mitchell… Great photo.

Marilyn Spence… I remember a Stella Brown. I was in the same class as her at Woodlands Secondary School for girls. Sounds like Stella she would asked a boy to dance. She lives in France now

Jenny Tabberer… I’m Jennifer Betteridge third from left. I continued with my dancing career until I married and had my two daughters. I remember David Bastable and his sister Dianne. She is third from right. l’m now nearly eighty and a grandma of four, great to see this photo after all these years. Thank you so much, lovely memories.

Eileen O’Toole… I’m sure that’s where my sister and I went in the 50s

David Bastable… Marilyn, Stella was a really nice girl hence why I remember what happened so well. I am sure she won’t remember me. My sister Diane was at Woodlands and I think knew Stella. It was the memory of that occasion that led me to learn to dance later in life. something I still do. I was dancing tap with Miss Eldridge from the age of seven I was not very good though. Miss Eldridge’s dance school was in Ellensea Road near Warrior Square Station. Getting into sport was the end of that. There were very few boy dancers in Hastings then. I only remember Bruce Cameron. Several of the girls in the photo I remember well. If you hear from Stella please thank her for me

Susan Clark… I remember Phillis Catt, after classes she used to go down the hill, very petite lady in a fur coat. l believe her daughter was an excellent dancer. l lived in Quarry Terrace opposite

David Bastable… I remember you, Jennifer Betteridge very well. The girl next to you is Pat Brunton. The taller girl is Hazel. Your mother helped out with make up at the shows. Others you may remember are Carole. Brown Toshiko Slack who went on I believe to be a top ballerina, and Susan Schroeder Hopefully you still dance as I do.

Cilla Ball… Great photo. My cousin Yolande went to this dance school and my own little girl Maxine went there for a while before she started at the Ambury dance school run by Irene Spillet.

Jane Hartley… I went to Esme Child’s in Mercatoria.

Janet Gardiner… I and my 2 sisters were Mildred Eldridge girls until we came to Australia in 1952. Loved every minute of it.

Sharon Ballam… I went on family holidays to Hastings in the late fifties and usually went to see a dance show at the White Rock Theatre which I think was opposite the pier, maybe they were from the Mildred Eldridge Dance School.

Jules Mann… Love this !!

Wendy Jung… Original girl power!

David Bastable… Hi Jenny. I have a dance programme for 1952 Mildred Eldridge Dancing Display at the White Rock Pavilion October 1952. You feature on it both as a dancer and your grade one ballet marks.
It is quite tatty but just legible. I will try to put it on this site. Otherwise I can send you a copy.

Jenny Tabberer… thank you, love to see it.

Barbara Tippett… I used to attend Mildred Eldridge  Dance School, in fact Mildred was my great aunt.  I used to love doing shows at The White Rock Pavillion each year. Made lots of friends and dancing gave  me lots of confidence. Those were the days, many happy memories in the 60s, happy times.

All Niter with Edgar Broughton – Hastings Pier 26th June 1970

edgar broughton all niter


Andy Qunta….I remember going to this one. Was a big Edgar Broughton fan back then. Loved their Wasa Wasa album.

Alan Esdaile …..I’m pretty sure I went to this and think I saw Edgar Broughton Band 3 times on the pier. I don’t remember Sarah Gordan’s House of Bondage but I expect I was tied to the bar when they were on.

Tony Court-holmes…remember it well, nice pun alan

Mick Knights….The question is, should they have allowed the demons in, in the first place!

Alan Esdaile…. out demons out

Henry Mann…..Never saw them but once had a round of golf with Steve Broughton and Tom Newman.

Mark Sims…..Out Demons Out. That was one of Edgar Broughton’s song as I remember.

Mick O’Dowd……Who or what was Sarah Gordon’s House of Bondage? Sounds intriguing!

Paul Sleet... was at this one. Sarah Gordon in sexy dominatrix gear!

Geoff Peckham… I was certainly there. I seem to remember Edgar Broughton turned up late (takes some doing for an all niter, doesn’t it!). He explained that when they were crossing the Thames they saw someone threatening to jump off the bridge, so he stopped and managed to persuade him not to…I’m sure that’s what he said! Thanks, Alan. So I must have seen Blonde on Blonde there then.

Andy Qunta… I kind of remember he was late, but I don’t remember the story of why! Wow! Hard to argue with an excuse like that! Much better than the usual “dog ate my homework” stuff!

Steve Maxted… good to be reminded of those great all nighters that I was DJ at, thanks Alan.

Henry Mann… Played golf with Steve Broughton about seventeen years later.

Terry Hardwick… Another band I supported at Kingston Polytechnic also Van Der Graaf Generator

Kev Potts… Steve Maxted was the best DJ. Hi Steve i am 65 now i remember when i was about 18 at the Aquarius night club Thursday Nights good old days. Beer drinking, eggs with the shell on and those bloody thunder flashes.

Steve Maxted… yes haha

Tony Court-holmes… i was there

Don Estelle & Windsor Davies – Hastings local lottery and Charities Fair Hastings Pier 22nd June 1977.

promoting the local lottery

John Mcewen… Don Estelle lived in fairlight. Used to see him and his wife walking their dogs on the fire hills.

Darren Rose… Love these two! They used to come and play the piano on their time off at my aunt’s bistro and bar, Dubarrys in Berwick Street. Used to listen to them cracking one-liners when I was young. Lovely guys.