Precisely This, St Johns Wood & The Springbeats – 25th March 1967 Hastings Pier.

supplied by Colin Fox

Colin Fox… I don`t know if this has been posted before, but I played with St Johns Wood in the 60`s

Mick O’Dowd… Very nice find Colin. Anymore?  Does anybody have any info/pics of Precisely This. Must say they are new to me.

Lynn Graham… Yay the Springbeats. Woohoo.

Martin Richter… advert… this is more like it!!

‘England’ prog rock band – Hastings Pier 25th March 1978


featuring Phil Gill. supplied by Phil Gill via Robert Webb



ad supplied by Sarah Harvey                poster Sue Arber via Phil Gill.

Phil Thornton ….England were great ! – lots of Mellotron and Moog, niceness !

Sarah Harvey….March 25th, 1978. England only produced one album in the 70s (Garden Shed – 1977) so I wonder what they filled out the set with. I have the Garden Shed album and played some tracks in my 70s show the other evening.

Andy Qunta…..Garden Shed is a fabulous album! They did have other songs too. I believe our SMART friends Jaffa Peckham & Phil Gill might know more about that?

Phil Gill….We didn’t do anything from Garden Shed that night or any other. It was all new stuff. The three original members had lived with the album for two years by then and wanted to move on. I’d have loved to have played songs off Garden Shed, but hey, I was the new boy.

Dave Nattress….Hi All you England fans!!  I had bought Garden Shed from Boots in Bexhill.  I’d noticed the album in the rack for what seemed like months and it just wasn’t selling – looked like the only copy , anyway eventually intrigue took over and I bought it and it just blew me away especially when I learned the nucleus of the band was from Crowborough.  So, when they played the pier and was gobsmacked to see Phil Gill on bass.  I of course was disappointed because like Phil says, they didn’t play one track off the Garden Shed album.  Many years later I bought “Last of the Jubblies” on CD and more recently – well still years back, got Garden Shed on CD.
Somehow then Geoff Peckham and I met up again – went to school with Jaffa in Bexhill from 7 years old till 16 when we left, and as we talked he said he’d played/recorded Jubblies but hadn’t got it or heard it for years and years.  I guess this was obviously after Phil Gill left – maybe Phil played on some tracks though, so I said all cool, well I had bought it as a punter so I was delighted to burn a copy and photocopy the sleeve etc. and I sent him the original for old school times sake.  Jaffa will remember that he and I were founder members of the Goon Squad at school.  To me, Jubblies doesn’t come close to Garden Shed though.  Garden Shed – like just out of (seemingly) nowhere – astonishing!!!

Phil Gill….Jaffa played on all of Jubblies, it was recorded before he left and I replaced him. I played all of Jubblies live, with the exception of Jaffa’s song “Sausage Pie”, which for some reason they dropped

Steve Kinch….Phil, I remember that we played with England in Worthing, but have got absolutely no memory of the actual gig. Wasn’t Roger Carey offered the job at one time?

Phil Gill….I remember the gig well. England were not a particularly dynamic live act in my opinion, and I kind of missed the excitement of the Stallion shows I’d done for the previous two years, with John Wilde running around shaking everyone on stage by the throat, knocking us around and generally whipping up a frenzy.  Yes, Roger was offered the job and I believe actually played and/or recorded with them at some point after I left. I’m a bit hazy on the story he told me, but he’d be able to confirm the detail.

Terry Pack….The Enid played twice with England while I was in the former and Phil with the latter. Lewisham(?) was one, but the other…? Do you remember, Phil? I didn’t know that Jaffa had played with them, too. I liked the drummer, who sounded a lot like Bill Bruford, I thought. The keyboard player had butchered any number of keyboards in an attempt to achieve a kind of midi. I thought they were very good.

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The Kinks – Hastings Pier 23rd March 1974




(1) supplied by Mick Mepham, (2) & (3) supplied by Roger Carey

Yvonne Cleland….Great gig, and with the legendary beer can on head routine………

Chris Meachen….Remember this one particularly fondly;- After the gig, I asked Ray Davies about harmonica playing; He made me a present of two blues harps,( which I still have) then sat down & gave me a half-hour lesson in blues harmonica.. Thoroughly nice bloke!

Martyn Baker….Victoria! Victoria!! (I think they opened with that). Knocked me out too.

Graham How….I had the honour of introducing them on stage. They were a very friendly band and the roadies were great too! Fabulous night. They came down to Hastings on a chartered National Express coach. Hastings was the only gig they had done for ages and not part of a tour. Ray said they did it because they fancied playing on a pier!

Gary Kinch….Remember it well……First wage packet I bought 2 singles, Ape Man being one of them. I seem to remember Ray throwing beer into the audience.

Andre Palfrey-martin….Kinks first played Hasting Pier in July 1964- HCFE Summer Dance.

The Kinks – The Midnight Special

John Alexander Wilde….Wonderful!

Peter Fairless… …and, yes, the pier gig will have been the one where Ray Davies helped Jo Brand get her No.6 out of the machine!

Robert Searle… March Hare, Peter Skellern on lead vocals.

Jim Breeds… Ah yes! I was there, but I don’t remember the support band – not that I remember the support bands from many of the gigs. I think we always stayed in the pubs until just before the main act.

Yvonne Cleland… Huh! That was for posh people. The rest of us stayed in the pier bar!

Sally Blackman… This was the very first gig i went to.

Phil Thornton… another great gig ! – the audience was at least 1.5K over capacity !! (I guess Health and Safety must have been somewhere else !)

Jane Hartley… I was there

Terry Haddon… And so was i.

Candy Choir, Factory & Old Silver – Hastings Pier 20th March 1971


Paul Dove… Remember this, well done for finding it.

Chris Baker… Wow! Look at those young hipsters grooving away!

Robert Searle… Nice to see Candy Choir gets some mention especially as they played a lot in the Hastings St Leonard’s and Eastbourne areas in the 60s 70s. Candy Choir great vocals

Mick O’Dowd… Candy Choir were an excellent band. Saw them many times at Cobweb. Strange line-up.  I liked Candy Choir but they were a world away from Factory.

Geoff Peckham… I don’t suppose Andy will mind my quoting from his Factory gig diary: “March 20th at Hastings Pier for £15. Rubbish really. By the time the power points were sorted out it was difficult to get the atmosphere going. Not bad performance, audience danced politely, but in 45 minutes we could hardly whip up a frenzy. Candy Choir and Old Silver also on the bill.” Can’t say as I remember it; this is probably why!

Alan Esdaile… I’m sure you would have played ‘Substitute’ and ‘Born To Be Wild’ at this gig Geoff.

Geoff Peckham… Indeed, Alan, but I can’t imagine what the polite dancers would have made of ‘Time Machine’.

Andy Qunta… This was a lot of fun, but I don’t remember it in detail.


Eddie & The Hot Rods, Radio Stars and Squeeze – 18th March 1978



ad supplied by Sarah Harvey, ticket supplied by Ken Copsey

eddie 1

eddie 2

Sarah Harvey… A pretty good line-up. March 1978.

Mark Gilham…Had a Radio Stars album called ‘Songs for Swinging Lovers’ featuring the hit single ‘Beast of Barnsley’. From what I can remember it was pretty good.

Mark Randall… Electro encepholograph ! I believe you turned Kelly onto this ( Nervous Wreck) and de facto I heard it from Jonathan! Why o why do I remember this sort of thing ….

Mick O’Dowd… That is an amazing line-up similar to the U.F.O. / Supertramp gig.

John Storer…  Remember this gig very well as one of the most enjoyable I saw at the Pier. Had been looking forward to it as soon as the tour announced as all three bands were big faves of John Peel and they had all had a lot of airplay on his evening shows. In fact, I already had the Eddie & the Hot Rods and Radio Stars albums and think I had the Squeeze debut by the time of the gig Squeeze were getting a lot of daytime radio plays by the time of the gig with their single “Take Me, I’m Yours”. This was the first time I saw them live; I have now lost count of how many Squeeze gigs I’ve been to … well over 20, the last time being December 2012. Radio Stars were flying under the “new wave” banner but were actually made up of survivors from the glam rock period …. seem to remember Marc Bolan had a hand in writing / producing some of their stuff. The Hot Rods were superb …. pub rock at its best. Barrie Masters sweated so much he must have lost a stone or two in weight. Their debut, “Teenage Depression”, has stood the test of time as well. Definitely a night to remember.

Andy Gunton… I think the Marc Bolan connection with Radio Stars came through their singer Andy Ellison, who I believe was a member of Johns Children with Bolan. I saw Radio Stars several times & really liked them. As you say , not exactly Punk, but still good.  I would have loved to have been at this gig, great line up.

Mike O’Dowd… You’re right Andy, the other Andy was in John’s Children.

Alan Oliver… Saw them a while ago in Nottingham. Still brilliant!

Mark Syrett… Great gig remember it well especially Squeeze

Tony Ham… Life On The Line, great album, I was too young to see them though!

Joe Knight… Was talking to someone out of Squeeze in the Queens Head last year?

Paul Gray… 16 at the time. Surprised I was allowed to go

Peter Fairless… Well, Ken was there and he’d have only been… what, 12?

Ken Copsey… You’re mistaking the way I behave with my actual age! I was in fact 15

Nigel Goodman…I was there amazing gig

Michael Windsor… Saw them twice, fabulous concerts

Wesley Magoogan… He came on stage pretending to have only one arm !

Chris Pelling… By some strange quirk of fate I was at Hailsham Pavilion last night, exactly 40 years to the day after this gig, for an evening of stories and music by Chris Difford (Squeeze) and Boo Hewerdine. “Take me I’m Yours” took me right back! Both the ’78 gig and last night’s were excellent – albeit last night’s perhaps lacking some of the, er, “energy” of that four decades back – and if Chris Difford’s book “Some Fantastic Place” is half as good as last night’s show it will be well worth the cover price as he certainly has more than a few “rock and roll” stories to tell.

Mike Cramp… Was that the gig where he climbed the speakers and put his head through the ceiling tiles ?

Nigel Goodman… I was at this gig Absolutely fantastic

Richard Brown… The supporting band I think was the Radio Star and they played tracks from there album song for swing lovers.

Shaun Pont… My first gig.

David Farnes… I was there. First band was Squeeze, followed by the Radio Stars, then Eddie and the Hot Rods. Still ranks as one of the best gigs I ever saw.

Ralph Town… Radio stars were,of course, Marc Nolan’s,johns children band mates. They were still recording Bolan songs at this time. The b side to their only hit was a tune called horrible breath by Bolan. More useless trivia…lol.

Martin Waghorne… Wizard

Bobby Sansom & The Giants – Hastings Pier 14th March 1964

Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Terry Pack… I played with Bobby for a year or so (on and off) at the Top Rank Suite in Brighton 1982-83. He was a great singer and percussionist, and always had a great band.

John Ward… He was a standard Brighton performer. Saw him first in 1960 at the king Alfred . I think Tony Bach was his guitarist then , who later worked as Gean Coben & the Chimes. My old Buddy Chris Hunt played with him for a season , before going on to Leo Sayer . who he didnt like much . I expect he can add to this . Of you go Chris.

Gerry Clements disc jockey – Hastings Pier March 1964

Who remembers Gerry Clements? He changed his name to Duncan Johnson and worked on Radio London and BBC Radio One.

Robert Searle… Wonderful Radio London 266m

Mick O’Dowd… very deep voice if I recall.

Paul Huggett… Ah yes, very sonorous Canadian, Mick.

Graham Matthews… Word of the week PKH ?