Budgie & The Sex Pistols – Hastings Pier 3rd July 1976

supplied by Sarah Harvey

photos supplied by Michael Johansson.

Michael says… Budgie 1976. Second picture 68 Milward Rd 1976

Sarah Harvey…..Was talking to the fella’ who services my boiler the other day and his lasting memory of Hastings Pier was this gig. He said the Sex Pistols were pile of poo and got practically booed off the stage…. everyone had come to see Budgie. Also amused me about the Wrestling and some those that were household names during the 70s.

Bobby Walker….I was there. Had gone to see Budgie, as had become a huge fan after seeing them supporting Genesis on the Pier (never got to see that much of Genesis as spent their set chatting to Budgie in the bar).  The Pistols were an almost completely unknown entity at the time – Danny Baker had mentioned them once in the NME.  They were on stage for less than 20 minutes. They couldn’t play. They played “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone” three times and definitely played The Stooges “No Fun”.  They were, without doubt, the most exciting live band I’d ever seen.  Think there was only one punk in the audience. A really nice bloke who called himself Sid Vicious.
A friend, Marianne (sadly no longer with us), was so impressed with the Pistols at that gig she changed her name and formed her own band – she became Poly Styrene and the band was X-Ray Spex
Two weeks later, The Stranglers played support to the Frankie Miller Band and got the same poor reception, despite being quite brilliant. Remember only three of us were on our feet during the Stranglers … me, Gary Paine and John Storer (who I met again a couple of years back – he’s now a lawyer)
We got invited backstage by Hugh Cornwell from the stage and he called the rest of the audience “wankers”.

Jane Hartley…..Oh yes, I was at the Rosko night, still got the ciggie he gave me!

Mick O’Dowd…..Most people when asked about The Pistols appearing on The Pier thought they were the headliners when in fact they were only the support. They never did reappear on the Pier.

Martyn Baker…..My girlfriend at the time was dead keen for us to see The Sex Pistols that night. I’d never heard of them , so I said “nah, let’s go down The Anchor instead”! Missed opportunity?

Paul Morfey… I was there, wondering what the hell was going on, green hair and safety pins!

Dave Weeks… Me too

Ernest Ballard… Sex pistols supporting Budgie ?

Neil William Michael McGuigan… It was quite a night. Pistols were virtually unknown at the time outside of London and a few mentions in NME. Only 2 punks in the crowd, Sid and the blonde from SEX Kings Road

Peter Houghton… Think I saw Budgie a couple of times on the pier

Alan Esdaile… Have them listed as playing 8 times on the pier.

Tony Court-holmes… twice saw them both times i think they were the support for Genesis

Nigel Ford… I was there too and there was a group of their friends / fans (more than 2) down the front wearing safety pins and pogoing and spitting so I kept well back, thinking “Huh, they’ll never make it as their ‘music’ was so lack-lustre”… a more anaemic looking bunch I’ve never seen when they all came in the bar afterwards. BUDGIE were their brilliant heavy, tight unit as always and played some from their new album aswell as going back to their first, I think. This being about the 6th time I’d seen them in Hastings maybe more as the first time was in 1970 when I bought their eponomous, 1st album on the strength of their performance from Big Al at the DISC JOCKEY, 2 Queens Road.

UFO & Supertramp – Hastings Pier 7th July 1972



cutting supplied by Sarah Harvey


Supertramp in 1971. Photo source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:21stCenturyGreenstuff  Supertramp Mark II. L-R: Roger Hodgson, Frank Farrell, Rick Davies, Kevin Currie, and Dave Winthrop.

Sarah Harvey…. what a line-up!

Andy Qunta…..Just what I was thinking, Sarah! Wow!

Alan Esdaile…..Surprised to see Supertramp were supporting UFO. A few months later and it was probably the other way round.

Mick O’Dowd….Who’d have thought Supertramp as being a support band. Listen had a better write up in the ad and were 3rd on the bill!

Pete Fisher…..remember being mesmerised by Michael Schenker!

Chris Sambrook… I remember UFO playing on Hastings Pier organised by Hastings College 1969 [i believe]. This was the time they were still with the original Guitarist, Mick Bolton on Beacon Records and who were doing  very well in Japan. The Following gig on the Pier was in in the early  70’s. If memory serves me well the following  line up with Michael Schenker and Bernie Marsden. Then the 3rd time  without  Bernie Marsden. Correct me if i’m wrong on each count.

Iain Cobby… Can I say that opening act Xerox was myself, Tony (Vic) Bridger and Steve Demetri. God knows how we got the gig, but I know we played several Rory Gallagher tracks and Steve put a pile of talcum powder on his floor tom so that it shot into the air and choked me when he first hit it (where did he get the idea?) Other memories of the night were walking past UFO’s open dressing room to see them cozzing up in glitter and spandex and some great platforms. I watched Supertramp from the side fill. Cant remember anything of Listen or UFO, but a great night to remember.

Mick O’Dowd… Wasn’t Robert Plant a one-time member of Listen?

Hawkwind In Search autographs from Hastings Pier around 1972 supplied by Peter Houghton

supplied by Peter Houghton

Mike Waghorne… I remember that gig !

Martyn Baker… Mum wouldn’t let me go. I was 13 and well pissed off. I did see them a couple of years later though. Brilliant!

Neil Partrick… That’s cool. I remember the album well. I only saw them once, but it was them headlining the last Stonehenge music festival in 1984 (following The Enid)!

Pete Houghton…  Hawkwind I believe played the pier twice.

Alan Esdaile… I’ve got them listed at playing 7 times Pete! Maybe wrong.

Chris Jolly… I saw them offstage at the IOW festival in 1970…

Keith Veness… We were there in 72 great night

Tony Court-holmes… i was there

The Worrying Kind in the Happy Ballroom Sat 27th June 1964 by Andre Martin


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Here is this week’s edition of The History of the Happy Ballroom, we are at the end of June – its Saturday Night 27th June 1964 – and tonight’s show will be topped by The Worrying Kind and supported by Frankie Roy and the Sandcoasters. So it’s all out of the long bar into the ballroom to see the show, you can go back for a lemonade if your good in the band changes.

I recognise the name of the top of the bill, but have little knowledge of their pedigree other than they started in the early 1960s in and around Hull, after winning an audition for a midlands agency they ended up working in London, and have to their credit supporting roles with The Rolling Stones, The Who, Georgie Fame and Zoot Money. Their line up included brass & keyboards and the music would fall roughly into the Soul/Dance genre. They made 2 recording for Marquee Studios. And that I am sorry to say is about all I could find.
The supporting act – Frankie Roy and the Sandcasters – this 5 piece have their roots in the Wantage/Swindon area, and first turned professional in 1964, in their time they played a lot of gigs in the west country and supported The Stones on their first appearance in Swindon earlier this year.
So it’s a little thin of detail this week – let us hope for more next month.
For the Friday Night RSG brigade, this would have been a good week with presentations from The Rolling Stones – plugging “It’s All Over Now”, The Mersey Beats with the Bacharach and David classic Wishing and Hoping “, Millie Small “ My Boy Lollipop” to add to the entertainment Janice Nicholls of ” Oi’ll Give It Foive” fame “.
Till next week in the Happy Ballroom ………………. Andre Martin

Suzie… They were called the frankie Roy and the Soundcasters and had Dave Balfe on guitar.

Sandy Max… Blimey, I was five!

Sam Carter… My dad Bob Carter was a member of the Soundcasters

David Balfe… I was the bass player in The Soundcasters? The 60’s was a great time for young musicians and groups, if you were up for it you could play 6 or 7 nights a week.

John Warner… Were the Worrying Kind from Kent?

Expandis – Hastings Pier 3rd July 1982 & promo photo




poster & ticket supplied by Mick Mepham,    photo supplied by David Miller.

Phil Thornton….Many thanks to Mick Mepham for finding this old poster ! This brings back happy memories of a fine evening on the pier ! – we (EXPANDIS) had the ballroom about half full (over 600 people)
we had a few guests that night … Min on Sax, the ‘Foxx’ dance troop and of course the ‘Bag ladies’ !

Yvonne Cleland… The DLWP should book Expandis!

Kev Towner… It’s like a trio of Trevor Horns!!

Alan Esdaile… I always thought they would be great on Later with Jools Holland. What is that in John’s hand?

Phil Thornton… its a mk 3 sonic disruptor. when we were all on the mothership John was usually on ‘shotgun duty’

John Wilde… we came from the future……

Phil Thornton… ……… and crash landed in Bexhill (the cosmic AA have been called)

David Miller… It seems like only yesterday…..

The Damned – Hastings Pier 2nd July 1977

John Storer… Great gig, this … Had seen them a few months before in Guildford, and had met Chris (Rat Scabies) and Ray (Captain Sensible) again at a Dr Feelgood gig in London. Think The Adverts supported them on this gig at the Pier. Remember Chris telling me they had wanted Nick Lowe to produce their debut album because the band were huge fans of Brinsley Schwarz (a band I also had a great fondness for) and country-rock in general Smashing blokes, and Ray sent me a couple of postcards when they were on their first American tour. A bloke I know, Chris Moon, has stepped in to play with them on a number of occasions in recent years.

Richard Brown… I was there it was a great gig.

Tony Ham… I was only 11, wish I was a few years older!

Alan Esdaile… I was looking for the French documentary film which featured The Damned playing the fruit machines on the pier but looks like its now been taken off you tube.

Pete Fairless… Shame! I’ll have a search…

Iain Cobby… Met the Captain at Kerrang studio in Birmingham, a few years back whilst recording a Led by Zeppelin concert to be played live on the night the real Zep did that gig at the O2. We had just finished the interview bit and he breezed in to do a promo with two of his leather adorned friends. What a really nice chap, stood and chatted for ages. long drive back to Peasmarsh from there………………

Virginia Davis… They were brilliant

Jo Turner… Always good

Martin Curcher… I was there!

Richard Brown… I might be wrong but the following week I think the Radio Star came down and launch the new LP songs for swing lovers

Alan Esdaile… I got down that Radio Stars supported Eddie & The Hot Rods and Squeeze on the 18th March 1978.

Mark Gilham… The Damned are back! well, almost, DLWP in the New Year!

Ralph Town… I was there and enjoyed a chat with the boys, pre gig on the prom whilst girlfriend and her friend got their make up on.

Tony Ham… Saw them last week.

Pete Fisher… Saw them in 1976 when they first formed, in the Mile End Road in London…they were awful…saw them with Captain on guitar in 1980 in Norwich, and they were brilliant…

Pete Houghton… I was there and after the concert I got my album signed by them all and had a good talk with them

Tony Court-holmes… help was I there? having a senior moment

The Who plus support Time – Hastings Pier – 20th July 1969

The Who 20.07.69 PETE FISHER

ticket supplied by Pete Fisher


the who pinball wizard

ad supplied by Sarah Harvey

Typical set list during this tour….
1 “Heaven and Hell” (John Entwistle) 2 “I Can’t Explain” 3 “Fortune Teller” (Naomi Neville) 4 “Tattoo” (not played at every show) 5 “Young Man Blues” (Mose Allison) 6 “It’s a Boy” 7 “1921” 8 “Amazing Journey” 9 “Sparks”
10 “Eyesight to the Blind” (Sonny Boy Williamson II) 11 “Christmas”
12 “The Acid Queen” 13 “Pinball Wizard” 14 “Do You Think It’s Alright?” 15 “Fiddle About” 16 “There’s a Doctor” 17 “Go to the Mirror!” 18 “Smash the Mirror” 19 “I’m Free” 20 “Tommy’s Holiday Camp” (Keith Moon) 21 “We’re Not Gonna Take It”/”See Me, Feel Me” 22 “Substitute” (occasional)  23 “Summertime Blues” (Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart) 24 “Shakin’ All Over” (Johnny Kidd) 25 “My Generation” (sometimes including themes of “Naked Eye”).

Andy Gunton… A bit more about The Who gig http://www.thestinger.org.uk/article/5363c47aca45284d1296d929#.V5ECBmWYfyI

Jenny Tyler… John Entwistle kissed my cheek. I Still love the Who.

Pete Fisher… My first, all-time favourite and most historic Pier gig…

Chris Sambrook…As the moon landings are coming up The Who played the Sunday Club on the very eve. I went as I was 14 at the time, The Who played most of Tommy check out Live At Leeds. There is an cd just been released called Old England New England which could be the same set The Who played in America. I’ve got the cd but haven’t played it yet. After the gig I walked back to St.Leonards in a daze. My dad had the tv on waiting for the moon landing.

Pete Fisher… Hi Chris! Will be commemorating this next week…a real musical milestone for me…my first proper concert (also 14) – vaguely remember staying up to watch the moon landing afterwards, but remember my ears still ringing the next day at school!!