End Of The Pier Show – Repeated on BBC2

Really good news!  ‘The End of the Pier Show’ featuring Hastings Pier and its amazing story is being repeated by the BBC in a network slot, in HD.

It’s a great advertisement for the project and why it is so worthwhile investing in it. If you know any waverers then please do encourage them to watch it. And for yourselves please watch it and enjoy being part of such a compelling enterprise.

It will be broadcast again on Sunday 16th March 2014 on BBC2 at 17.30.

Philip Meston….Made a change to see something in the media that is positive about Hastings too. Long may it continue!

The Confederates & The Searchers – Hastings Pier 1987 video by Peter Millington

Peter Millington….Here is the second video of the great Big Beat Reunion held on 14th November 1987 on Hastings Pier. This one features The Confederates who re-formed for the occasion. I hope the video brings back some good memories of the Pier in its hey-day. It’ll never be the same, just look at everyone dancing!

Peter Millington…The Searchers in full flow. They were obviously impressed with the atmosphere on the pier and made the most of it, as did all the musicians from The Confederates, The Talismen, Cliff Bennett and Friends and of course the enthusiastic audience.

Pier Band Ads – 1973/74




all cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….Some of my favourite bands seen on The Pier…..in order Oct 1973, Sept 1974 and December 1974. Be Bop Deluxe opened their set with ‘Fair Exchange’. Wonderful bands, all of them.

John Wilde….Be Bop Deluxe turned me around. Been a huge fan of Bill Nelson ever since.

Andy Qunta….Wow! We were so spoiled!

Mark Sims…..That poster for Be Bop De Luxe with support Clemen Pull. Clemen Pull was my old band. I was the drummer. www.clemenpull.com

Ken Dengate…..Still got a ‘flyer’ for the Tempest gig.

Mick O’Dowd….Nice work Sarah. Keep the ads coming as i’m trying to compile a pictorial list of Pier music. As I said before those of us that have been around since the 60’s have been really spoilt with the choice of bands both local produced and big names! Time for another Sanatogen!

Dave Nattress….Sarah, When I was in Samisen, we did “Ships in the Night” by Be Bop Deluxe at Ore Centre a couple of times, and rehearsed a couple of other tracks – Made in Heaven I loved/love still, but didn’t do them live.  I’ve got everything Be Bop did vinyl and CD and most of the stuff Bill Nelson did.  Also got a fabulous hardback book biography – Bill Nelson and Be Bop Deluxe.  Sunburst Finish album – just wonderful!!

Bobby Walker…..Remember jumping into the back of a transit to go see Be-Bop Deluxe at Folkestone. Shockingly uncomfortable journey, and we arrived to find we’d got the wrong night!

The End Of The Pier Show – BBC1 7th February 2014


Thanks to Andre Martin for reminding us about this.

Mick Mepham…..Hi folks, in case you don’t know, on Friday evening at 7.30 p.m. on BBC1 is a program thread, Inside Out, which this week features a program called The End Of The Pier Show which is about Hastings Pier, past, present and future. Well worth a watch and I’m on it too, yayyyyyyyyyyy!!! Enjoy!!

Andy Qunta….Excellent!

Alan Esdaile…..Andre Martin & Graham Howe should also be talking on it. So an important one to watch.

Andre Martin….And we are making NO charge to see the show – you lucky people !!

Here’s the link for people who missed it…




Jimi Hendrix – Today in 1968(Jan 21st)Jimi recorded all along the watchtower


Today in 1968, Jimi Hendrix recorded his version of Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower at Olympic Studios in London. Rolling Stone Brian Jones also played on the session. It was released on the album Electric Ladyland in September ’68 and reached number five in the British singles charts.

John Wilde…..Magic. first live band I ever saw aged 14. He destroyed his equipment. Windsor, Thames Hotel. 1965. I never recovered.

Chris Meachen….As a kid, Jimi was the person I would have most liked to have met.. What a loss to the world of music…

Pete Fisher…..definitely a jukebox favourite back in the day!

Phil Gill.….I only have to hear the first three chords of the intro and I tingle all over


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andy Qunta…..That would have been great to see JHE at the Pier! Unfortunately we hadn’t moved to Hastings by then. Still at boarding school in fact. However, we did con the school into letting us go to see the famous “Jimi Hendrix Jazz Trio” at the Albert Hall, in Feb ’69! What an experience, literally!

Chris Baker.….I was at the front of the crowd. Totally stunned!

Matt Thomas……When my old dad was working for Ellis Son & Vidlers Wine Merchants he delivered to an old country house somewhere in Kent quite a few crates of wine,it was where Hendrix was staying at the time on his British visit,anyway my dad said that as soon as he started driving through the gates he could smell a very sweet smell lol my poor old dad didnt have a clue

Love Bucket


supplied by Chris Baker

Chris Baker, Pete (Bill) Willshire, Brian (Bear) Williams and Bob Shipway. Hastings Pier.

Mick O’Dowd….Is this the same Pete “Fats” Wilshire who once lived  at “Fat’s Pad”  in Old London Road and formed a band with Me, Twidge Partridge, Tim Purcell etc?

Chris Baker….Yup! That’s him! Batty Bill as we used to call him then, married my sister Di. He was a great bloke

Barry Newton….Worked with Bill at Redifusion and social services for many a year also knew Di

The Confederates – Big Beat Reunion Hastings Pier 1987




supplied by Jinks The Group website

Peter Millington….The Confederates reformed for this event which was brilliant. Suits and Cuban heel boots provided by Lloyd Johnson who co-organised the event with Chris Sayer. Trev Spears, Tony Goodman, Terry Chedzoy, Rod Trowell, Dave Saunders (back-right) Peter Millington. I’m playing my beloved 1967 Fender Bass VI which I found in Denmark St. London for a silly £70.00 in 1971. A lovely machine and in mint condition even now.