Daisy – The Yorkshire Grey 1970/71





all photos supplied by Yvonne Cleland

Terry Corder, Will Thomson, Tony Barraclough and Kevin Hoad on drums.

Yvonne Cleland…..Awwwwww what a great band they were! Yes, Will has his hand on Tony’s knee, and Tony is a bit nervous. 🙂 I do believe these were taken at the Yorkshire Grey. This was before Wesley Magoogan joined the band which later metamorphosed, lost Moff, Tony and Terry, added Den Wootton and Mike Tanner and became Felix.

Andy Qunta…..Excellent!

John Wilde…..Really good to see these photos. Great days for all.

Pete Fisher…..remember being present at a rehearsal in a church hall in Hastings, where Terry was the tall guy on bass and vocals,, with an amazing vocal range, and it was Loud!!

Terry Corder… Wow! That’s going back a bit. Probably 1972/3.


Die Laughing photos from Lol Cooksey.


img730 img731

supplied by Lol Cooksey

Reunion photo – sitting on the stairs of The Carlisle. 13th June 1988
Stage photo – Melody Maker Rock Contest Final, The Venue London 1st July 1979 and Lol & Mick around 1981

Yvonne Cleland… Mick….That’s a hairy chest. Great one of Laurie x

Andy Qunta… Great pics! Lol – Great shot!

Tony Qunta… Lol Awesome pose!

Glenn Piper… Hastings own ‘Keith Moon’ and I mean that most respectively 🙂

Geoff Peckham… That’s our Lol!

Richard J Porter… Terry and Lol, 6Ts, still going strong with Harry!!

Kev Towner… You look like you’re just about to do a stand-in for the old Solvite ad Mick!! LOL

Mick Mepham… Lol, Pier maybe?

Sheila Maile… The colour photo, Are they the 6T s in their younger days they are a good band with their fancy dress. I like the Andy pandy theme tune at the end of the gig

Alan Esdaile… Yes Sheila, the 6T’s,  Mick Mepham’s not with them now but Terry Corder, Laurie Cooksey and Harry Randall are still constantly gigging and their next local dates will be Shearbarn Holiday Camp on the 20th August and The Comet on the 27th August 2016.

Andy Qunta… Those Die Laughing guys still look exactly the same to this day!

Andy Ives… Loved this band I even have a CD Album of theres

Reservoir Cats – When We Were Young CD – 2001

img791 img792 img793

img794 img797 img798

supplied by Pete Prescott


supplied by Rod Smith

featuring Terry Pack, Phil Hudson, Rick Pentecost, Pete Prescott and Pete Shaw

Leigh Wieland Boys… Good pic Peter – which black & white photo is of you?

Pete Shaw… Have a guess….!!

Leigh Wieland Boys…  ….hmmmm, now let me see, eeny meeny miney mow……just going to scrutinise them ….Ok, think it is the fifth one?

Pete Prescott… Don’t tell him pike ! They have to guess ! A lot of people point to your photo when they look for me !

Pete Shaw… Haha Pete…! So many people had difficulty getting it right! Come on Leigh Not no 5…! 4 to go….

Leigh Wieland Boys… Should have known…sitting in the car, you’ve always had a thing about toy cars!

Pete Shaw…  🙁 + 🚘 = happy 6 year old in my favourite pedal car…had it years and swooped it for a pedal bike! Photo taken in the rear garden of our house in Shelley Crescent in Hounslow

Phil Gill… This was one of two CDs in 2001 that I made absolutely no contribution to whatsoever, but still got a mention in the liner notes.

Pete Prescott… You were a kitten I guess you played with us on gigs Phil Hudson couldn’t play on. I find it hard listening to this album. We had used or time up at the studio. I had to go in with a voice weakened by gigs and had literally a couple of hours one afternoon to do all the vocals. I just sang it thru from track one till the end. I didn’t have time to repair parts that were really bad. As I went through it my voice was getting weaker. I can hear it getting worse. But the playing is great. Phil Hudson played some stunning guitar ! Great sales job on the album ha ha !
I bet the few people that have it are digging it out to check how bad the vocals are !

Alan Esdaile… you still did a great version of Burlesque Pete

Jez Gillett Band JGB – gig poster

jgb poster jgb2

supplied by Pete Prescott

Jez Gillett, Neil Cartwright, John Laidlaw, Mick Burt, Pete Prescott

Ernest Ballard… Bunch of long haired louts. Good band tho.

Neil Cartwright… Really good times!!

Pete Prescott… We had our moments.some nice gigs and recorded a couple of nice tracks. Good days.

Vicious Minds 1997/1998

img752 img753 img755 img756

img757 img758 img759 vicious-minds

photos by John Kenward. Supplied by Phil Little Hastings Music Files

Ernest Ballard… I only remember Dave the drummer.

Karen Sweatman… Just how I remember them 😊

Pete Prescott… Great band !

Lee Merry… I got these lads a couple of gigs, bloody good band in there day! Well good crowd pleasers!!

Factory – gig Marina Fountain 29th April 2016


photo by Neil Steadman

Alan Esdaile… Well done to Factory and Roger Carey & Steve Cooke last night at Marina Fountain. Great night.

Neil Steadman… What a cracking night!!!

Tony Davis… Great night guys – well done.

Natasha Kaschevsky… Fantastic!

Pete Fisher… video clips please!

Alan Esdaile… a few people were recording Pete, so hopefully something will crop up soon.

Natasha Kaschevsky… I recorded a few snippets, and I’ll upload them later!

Jim Breeds… A Factoritastic night! I took some photos but only 1 video. Jig a Jig as it happens. No idea if it’s any good. Only just got home to Berkshire and haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. Very pee’d off that somehow during the CD autographing manoeuvres I seem to have lost the insert booklet! Will have to find out from the boys how to get a replacement.

Teresa Qunta… I filmed about half the show (and shot stills during the rest) Be on the lookout!

Iain Cobby… Fantastic night guys. Thanks for bringing together many old and new friends along with old memory’s. You were the band we all looked up to and you still are. A blistering (on the moon) set with old faves and your new album. Look forward to your next outing, please don’t leave it too long. Well done Roger for your set and for the excellent sound engineering. Here’s to absent friends.

Andy Qunta… Thanks, Ian! Hope to catch up with you again soon!

Jim Breeds… Yes, it was good to chat to Iain.

Hat Trick – A Brief Story by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey……Thought I would try a different way to illustrate the brief story behind Hat Trick.

Alan Esdaile…..Excellent Sarah, this must have taken you ages. I thought we only had a few bits on Hat Trick but when you put it all together its very impressive. Also the musics got a good vibe to it. Pity I did not see this earlier as I have just been chatting to Roger Carey. He’s put the next SMART meet in his diary.

Sarah Harvey……Me and Roger go back some way….he is a dear friend and I have many stories to impart regarding our musical backgrounds. We both loved Be Bop Deluxe and have some recordings of Hat Trick playing Maid In Heavean and Sister Seagull. Have some more recordings of Hat Trick, and providing Roger is ok with it, I will post more. Perhaps one day we can have a Hat Trick reunion!

John Storer….I like to think that, in some miniscule way, I influenced Roger’s bass-playing by giving him my copy of “‘Igginbottom’s Wrench” by ‘Igginbottom … an album he loved and which led to him and Dave jamming along in a style not to far removed from the Hat Trick track featured here. It was no act of charity or kindness … I’d found the album pretty much unlistenable 🙂 A couple of years back I downloaded the album thinking, perhaps, that my advancing years and exposure to many musical genres over that time may lead to a greater appreciation of the band. It didn’t! Does Sarah remember another couple of obscure albums I had that we played quite often … Andromeda’s self-titled debut and “Made In England” by Bulldog Breed?

Sarah Harvey….Yes, I remember John always coming up with some really obscure stuff and I often contemplated where on earth he got them from….but every now and again he came up with a cracker. I vaguely remember Made In England, but Andromeda were a band I really took to, so much so that I now have some tracks from the album in digital format and is in my 70s playlist on Rock@1066. This one was a particular favourite of mine…..

John Storer….Sarah, Have to share with you the tragic story of that Andromeda album. Was returning home from a party somewhat the worse for wear, clutching a few albums under my arm. Hadn’t put the disc in the cover properly and it rolled out and slid some distance down Montgomery Road. Rendered Side 2 unplayable and I binned it. Jump forward to around 2000. Browsing in a book shop on holiday and found a book on record collecting. Middle section contained a list of the 10 rarest and most valuable vinyl albums. “Andromeda” was about No.7 on the list! I bought the album (like most of my obscure stuff) in one of the many second hand shops in the Old Town and did so purely on the strength that I knew John Du Cann had gone on to form Atomic Rooster. Think I paid 18p for it. Now have the album in digital format, along with an album’s worth of previously unreleased stuff. Actually listened to it only a couple of months back. One of my business partners has a 16 year old son who is a truly exceptional guitarist (Jonny Sands – remember that name). We have the same taste in modern bands that borrow heavily from the late 60s / early 70s sound (Mystic Braves / X-Ray Harpoons / Temples / Wooden Shjips / Black Angels etc) and I’ve been “educating” him into some of the original stuff. I’d burned him a copy of the album to listen to. He really enjoyed it

Pete Fisher….very well put together – great music, which I unfortunately missed, having moved to London in 1974….but I was lucky enough to play with Roger in Mae West and Pueblo during the previous two years….I learnt a lot!