Central Recreation Ground (Cricket Ground) Queens Road Hastings about 1908

shared from Historical Hastings https://historymap.info/Main_Page

Nigel Ford… What’s the big property just down left of the chimney on horizon central? Still standing?

Peter Fairless… Nigel, Hastings Grammar School, long since gone.

Andy Davies… Peter, I knew that, being an old Hastonian but What was the chimney? Was it a power station as there was one in a similar place in the 60s?

Peter Houghton… That’s a great photo of the old Cricket Pitch

ABC Acoustic Blues Club – Rev Gary Davis tribute Monday 13th May 2024 upstairs at The Jenny Lind.

Mick Knight…..Before he became “The Rev”…Gary Davis said of himself, I was a blues cat.  He played blues anywhere he could at party’s, dances and on the streets of the Carolina’s. His one blues 78 from 1935 is definitive of the east coast style of guitar playing. His musical ideas were spread mostly by the recordings of his early student Fulton Allen known as Blind Boy Fuller.
Come and join us for this totally acoustic evening of music and stories fifty two years after the passing of “The Rev”.

Teenagers and Jukebox – Hastings 1960’s

supplied by Roy Penfold 

Roy Penfold… This news clipping came up in the Historical Hastings group https://www.facebook.com/groups/historicalhastings/. Any ideas as to venue?

Phyllis Mendenhall… Could it be in Dimarco s along teddy boy walk which is where the Carlisle’s is.

Lloyd Johnson… It maybe The Oyster Bar that was in Robertson Street in the 50s…that’s where the Ted’s hangout…

First In and Last Out (Filo) and buses High Street, Old Town, Hastings.

Photo: Peter John Morris. British Roadscene https://www.facebook.com/groups/496289463761461

Peter John Morris… Hastings in Trolleybus days

Chris Meachen… I remember buses coming the other way having to mount the pavement. Almost hard to believe that this was a 2 way street, & the main road through the old town..

Tony Court-holmes… used to live at 103a

Linda Gowans… An elderly fisherman told me (in about 1960) that you should have seen the traffic jams with horse-drawn waggons in the High Street!

Steve Hamilton… 52a here! Vague recollection of buses and arguments on the road. Arguments still around today no doubt!

Mick O’Dowd… Its hard to think High Street was two-way. I know there were a lot of close calls but nothing too serious I recall!

Claire Lonsdale… And there’s my old house on the right. Lived there for 17 years.

Peter Ellingworth… Photo taken in 1955 I believe, possibly the same day as the Pump House one shown previously. The guy that took it has this on the Historical Hastings site with an explanation. Unfortunately I can’t quite see the TB reg no., or from my records I could see what happened to this particular TB after closure of the Hastings system in 1959. Am I correct for the TBuses, at least in latter years, there was a traffic light control system for one vehicle only at a time working at each end of the High Street automatically activated by passage of the buses themselves?

A chance to get BBC2 in Hastings – launched on 20th April 1964

advert 1964 and 1965. Can you remember watching it, when it was first broadcast?

Paul Crimin… We could never get BBC2 on our tele. I think it checked out bank accounts before it would allow people to watch it. It was too posh for us anyway. lol.

Mike Waghorne… Redifusion Tv had it I think ?

Mike Cope… Television, Television? Eee thy were Lucky Lad! We only had’t Puddle end ‘ot’ Garden…

Jane Hartley… We didn’t have it til much later.

Barry French… My Dad bought a space age looking indoor Ariel (All loops & angles) that was guaranteed by the TV shop salesman to pick up BBC2. Well it did to a point, but every show looked like it was filmed during an Antarctic blizzard (Massive white dots flying around the screen) My dad moved the Ariel all over the room to try & get a decent picture but to no avail. In the end he said something like ” Sod this for a game of soldiers” and chucked it in the bin.

Ray Alan with Lord Charles – White Rock Pavilion Hastings 18th April 1976

poster: Van Buren

Matt Thomas… He was one of the many now missing signed photos in frames that were once displayed in the Stage Door Bar when I worked there.

Alan King… I was gonna get a vent doll made of Pete Docherty and go around saying Got any Gear ?

Nigel Ford… I didn’t know he died 10 years ago… but I see it was during May so wouldn’t have heard any news that month with Hastings Rock being on air.

Couple having tea on the beach in Hastings, 1960 Photograph by Bruce Davidson.

Photograph © Bruce Davidson.

shared from: Great British Tea Party   https://www.facebook.com/GreatBritishTeaParty

Mick O’Dowd… What’s the betting he is wearing a tie!

Jaffa Peckham… Mick, actually, I think he’s just spilled tea down his shirt….

Mick O’Dowd… Should have added with his top button done up which seemed to be all the rage for men of a certain age on the beach in those days. Can’t have been there long as there is no hankie on the head!

Mike Mitchell… Love the fact they’ve brought saucers for the tea cups

Graham Sherrington… Mike, Cos we are British!! What a fantastic photo

John Gale… They got down there early. Waiting for Mastins to open great photo.

Peter Houghton… What a great photo So British

Carol Anne… Lovely photo, those were the days

Bernard Baker… The office block that now blocks the view of the castle wasn’t built yet……………

Woolworth Hastings 1963

photo: Hastings Library 

Colin Bell… Wish it was still there

Gary Benton… It was such a wonderful town, now I’ve moved to Jersey and absolutely no intention of coming back.

David Martin… Gary, don’t blame you, it goes from bad to worse here year after year.

Sandie Carlyon… My first Saturday job. Sweet counter.

Jane Collins… My first Saturday job as well – remember we had to start at 1/2 day only?

Hugh Cockett… Could even be me on point duty directing traffic ?

Wendy Wilson… I worked here in 1965/1966 – part time while still doing my GCE’s and then full time until July – by then I was a ‘white belt girl’ and also worked in the office Loved smokey bacon crisps in a buttered roll for 11’s

Gerry Fortsch… What a great shop

Peter Houghton… Great picture!!!

Brian Scales… Fond memories

Carol Acott… My Saturday job too….4 hours in the afternoon on the tea bar…

Roy Winchester… Remember it well

Nigel Ford… rare motor on left? Custom Austin estate? A30 then Commer (?) van, Zephyr/ Zodiac ? Consul ? & Mini…. but is it a Morris or Austin? and even a woofer centre stage, but no tweeter…….they weren’t invented yet.

Peter Houghton… Those were great day’s back then But now the town has Been Spoilt and it’s a shame

Jim Hobbs… When Hastings had a charming town centre, bus stand and the Castle Hotel just out of shot. Replaced by a hideous modern building for Tesco.