Expandis – David Miller Rocket Records promo photo & others




all photos supplied by David Miller

Backstage at The Crypt, David Miller Rocket Records promo photo & The Carlisle 1981.

John Wilde….(Dave Miller photo) A favorite image.

Dave Miller…..I like that one a lot too – I had fun decorating that white shirt by blowing differnt dyes at it using a straw. Good times…

John Wilde……You impressed me with that whole graphic psychedelic look. The transparent watch and the multilense shades. It was though the black plastic crocodile skin pants that got me.

Dave Miller…..It was quite the look, wunnit? It was a fun time for just putting things together and enjoying the sum of them. I thought the digi-watch with the inner gubbins reversed so you saw the circuitry came through you…. Lennon specs and clip-on shades were quite the look too….

Angela Frances Gardner…..”So young!!”

White Rock Theatre – New pop up shop


supplied by Matt Thomas

A new pop up shop for The White Rock Theatre in Priory Meadow.  Where you can get leaflets & information on future shows.

White Rock Theatre….Thanks to all those who have already come in to see us…. To those that haven’t yet, pop by and tell us about your experiences at the theatre, or even what you’d like to see appearing.




Happy birthday to Yvonne Cleland

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Janine Anne Hemsley…..Happy B Day xx

Grant Young……Happy Birthday have a great day xx

Phil Thornton…..happy birthday xxx

Steve Kinch……Happy birthday Yvonne, have a lovely day x

Tony May…..Happy Birthday Yvonne xx

Ken Dengate….Bestest wishes to you for an enjoyable day , Yvonne.

Andy Qunta…..Happy Birthday, Yvonne! Hope it’s been a great day! Cheers!

Sarah Harvey…Happy Birthday Yvonne xxxx

James Turner…..Happy birthday

Joe Knight…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yvonne 😉 x

Tony Qunta….Belated (just!) Happy Birthday Yvonne!!

Yvonne Cleland…..Thank you x

SMART 11 report

SMART 11 REPORT. The sun was shining and the memories were flowing. We knew a number of the regulars were on holiday or had other engagements but were presently surprise by a number of new people including Philip Meston, Nigel Ford and Steve Cooke. Andre mentioned his illustrated talk on The Happy Ballroom which takes place on Thursday 22nd May 7.30pm at the HUB on the seafront. Talking about bands that played the pier from the 50’s and 60’s and more. Anyone interested in coming along please email learning@hpcharity.co.uk or call 01424 435587. Love his regular write ups on the early pier gigs. Interesting talk with Andre & Geoff Peckham on how the old boys in traditional dance bands in the 50’s 60’s & 70’s taught the next generation of pop group members their craft. The dance bands were very often made up of nearly all freelance semi pros who provided the music scene with a rich talent. Andy Gunton is looking for information on anyone who went to the Nick Cave gig in 2004 on the pier, for a feature in the next The Stinger magazine and talking about new music, the quality of new local acts is of a constant high standard. Chris Sambrook was helping to go through a number of photo albums and trying to work out the names of the members of the band and also talk about the beach concert. Nigel Ford remindered us about the great gigs that used to take place at Battle memorial hall. Even remembering the bouncer on the door ‘Tiny’. Hopefully we will have some cuttings at some stage. Nigel’s radio show is also proving very popular on Hastings Rock. Philip Meston chatted away about the early dansette record players, still loving vinyl, happy memories of The Disc Jockey & Alan Jensen and talking about various gigs he went to. Sarah Harvey mentioned Ruff Copy playing a free gig for Hastings Rock on 24th May at The Robert De Mortain and more exciting news to be announced shortly. Chris Stovoid brought along a copy of the cd by psychedelic rock band ‘Mirage’ and talked about 13 Floor Elevators and The Misunderstood. Philip John is putting on Mott Road Crew Show in June at the Electric Palace cinema, talk and video of life on the road with Mott The Hoople, David Bowie and others. Mick Mepham came in with a massive bag of photos from the various bands he has played with over the years and a few oddities. Mick as a star player of cricket, lots of pieces on the band Magma and also odd ITV photos including Cats Eyes with Jill Gascoine & Leslie Ash! (You can catch Mick Mepham playing at The Clarence tommorow 18th May at 4.00pm). Steve Cooke talked about bands he was involved with and memories of Prom In Aid in 1986. Phil Gill was very pleased with the excellent ‘Stallion’ reunion at the recent gig at The Carlisle. and also great to see Anne join us. This is just a small percentage of what we talked about. and a great time was had by all.

Philip Meston….Enjoyed my first visit. Looking forward to the next meeting. Many thanks!

Sarah Harvey…Always a very pleasant afternoon with such lovely people. Thank you all.

Janine Anne Hemsley….Will make sure I get to the next one. I loved ‘ Tiny’. Does anyone know where he went. I think his name was Ian. ?

Tony May…..SMART continues to go from strength to strength and is bringing back many memories for so many. A SMART book has to happen surely

The Happy Ballroom – illustrated talk Thursday 22nd May 2014


The Happy Ballroom – Illustrated talk  by Andre Palfrey-Martin – Thursday 22 May 2014
Local Historian and volunteer archivist at Hastings Museum, Andre Palfrey-Martin, who used to DJ and promote on Hastings Pier, will be giving an illustrated talk on the ‘Happy Ballroom in the 50s and 60s’
Appearing on ‘The End of the Pier Show’ shown on BBC One recently, Andre has spent many years researching the music and entertainment on offer in Hastings. He will look at various bands and groups that appeared on the Pier during those decades.
The talk is being held at the newly opened HUB situated on the Promenade between Robertson Street and The Pier Project. Doors Open 7.00pm – Talk starts at 7.30pm.Tea and coffee provided. Please book at least 24 hours in advance by emailing learning@hpcharity.co.uk or calling 01424 435 587.


White Rock Theatre – Season of Stars 1993


supplied by Matt Thomas

Janine Anne Hemsley…..Marvelous

Alan Esdaile….Some big names here and only a couple of cover bands.

Jim Breeds…..Gosh, yes. Even Norman Wisdom!

Matt Thomas…..I recall one ot the towns councillors gettin a few of the ‘blue’ comics barred from the theatre but that was quickly over ruled as they soon realised they were putting bums on seats and making a bit of money

Masons Music Ads around 1982/84



Tony Ham……Clockwork Criminals, Young And Bold ep, brilliant. I used to go to Mason’s Music on saturday mornings, order a load of obscure records and collect the ones I ordered the week before, happy days.

Phil Thornton…..expandimod !!!!!!

Matt Thomas…..”Ad from 1984 – wish albums were same price lol”

Insight – Music Files – Pete Prescott – 1990’s

img545 img546

supplied by Pete Prescott

Alan Esdaile….Insight from Music Files – Pete Prescott. Very interesting write up, a bit small to read but you should find it interesting. These are Pete’s thoughts in the 90’s.

Pete Prescott….ha ha ! did i get stick for that in the following issue ! eve (mat b) cleavage took exception to my comment about what i would do if one of my kids wanted to go into music.very fair in fact.i was as usual talking bollocks ! strangly i have just done a gig with my youngest poppy (who with a cold blew everyone away.i wish i had a little of what she has )