The Disc Jockey – cutting from 1975


Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Diane Knight…..Fond memories of “Big Al’s” and ofcourse Tony “the hair “Harris !!!

Philip Meston…..Ah, Tony; the massive Rod Stewart fan. I used to give him a lift to work & probably heard him sing along to most of Rod’s airplay!!

 Ralph Town…..indeed Phil.I loved your Vauxhall Viva

Philip Meston….You used to be a massive T Rex fan…

John Storer…..Where are you now, Tony Harris? Very fond memories of his 18th birthday … me, Tony and Rob Gallop were heading off into the Old Town to meet up with others but decided to stop off at The New Central for a drink first, as I knew the landlord pretty well. Rob was 19, I was 20.  When we entered the pub, the landlord (Carl?) wasn’t there and the woman behind the bar refused point blank to serve us because she said we were all under age. It was the first time I’d ever been refused service in a pub. I think we eventually persuaded her to serve us but it was an inauspicious start to what turned out to be a bloody good night.

John Wilde….I frequented the DJ and purchased many many great records and laterly casettes there. It was always an enjoyable visit. I clearly remember John Lennons Tw Virgins poster and many others displayed for our visual feasting.
I didnt know how “Big Al” died and I am saddened to learn the facts. He was an extraordinary man and historicaly one of Hastings own. Thank you Al for being the conduit to my own musical growth. A hero.

Chris Baker…..Alan was a lovely bloke. Always smiling and happy to see customers in his shop. I remember they had a branch in the Old Town in High Street and being a little averse to spending money they would make a phone call first thing in the morning and leave it off the hook all day. He would whistle and shout down the phone to attract the other shop’s attention and only pay for one call a day. Those were the days!

Andre Martin…..That sounds like the business man AJ – but a nice one at the some time who would do all he could to help us get started – RIP.

Alan Esdaile…My parents bought me a pair of maracas from The Disc Jockey and that was down to seeing Mick Jagger with some.

Andy Baldock…..I practically lived in that place in the late 70’s early 80’s.RIP,Big Al

Perri Ann Haste…..I bought my first Vinyl albums in there – still have them all in the loft going back to the early 70’s.

Forcefield, The Cast, Marz around 1986??


supplied by Pete Prescott

Redstar Richter….kate davies – bless her

Dave Kent….”These days, The Observer prints pics like these to persuade vulnerable people to fit extra locks. I hope no children look at this, they’ll have to sleep with the light on for at least a month. “Gallery” was released in 1986. Other musicians were: Mick Burt, Mick Hutchinson (he of Clark-Hutchinson), Ernie Bloch-Sage, Billy surname-forgotten, Carl Turner, Gary Blakeley. Engineered by Clive Drew-Clifton who was driven to the edge of insanity by having to record countless versions of “Multi storey car park”. I think we may have been the reason that Clive decided to restrict his studio to voice-overs.”

Mick O’Dowd…..Worked with Dave at John Humphries. Hi Dave! Knew Keith from Unnormality. Still got the Cast tape with the legendary “Multi Storey Carpark”. They don’t write them like that anymore!

Mick Mepham…..ndeed Redstar, Kate was a good friend. She came to the Marz gig in Rye which is where I met my old mate Iain Ward, whose funeral I’ll be attending on Monday. That was our 3rd and final gig! There just weren’t enough venues for a band like that. That was also the gig after which my back went bang! Ahhhh, memories ……

Redstar Richter…..certainly a lovely lady – despite her quirk for leather jackets and (what I believe the youngsters call) *rock* music!

Pete Prescott & Geoff Whitehorn – jam 1999

geoff whitehorn


all photos supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott & Geoff Whitehorn (If, Crawler, Procol Harum) one off jam -1999 in Ropley.

Andy Qunta….Cool!

Peter Shaw….Reminds me of the Chris Cozens do at his home for his birthday! Plus Tezza Terry Pack and moi!!  Great guitarist that Geoff!!

The Deep Purple – 1968

From 68 – Tich Turner, Tony Bird , Len Benton, Peter Horton and Ian McGilvray.

Deep Purple Pic Darker.(1)

Deep Purple Text Darker.

supplied by Pete Hornton

Group Card                                                                     from Peter Hornton


  11:18am May 24

Paul Sleet – saw them at a gig at a girls school in Hastings. Think it was woodlands in tower road if memory serves. I was a mere schoolboy at the time.

  11:16pm May 23
Phil Gill – Brilliant – Tich, Tony Bird and Len Benton!
  7:30pm May 23
John Alexander Wilde – Fab! Great find Andre.
  6:57pm May 23
Graham Burfield – tich turner on the right I think & tony bird

Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Ian McGilvray….The Deep Purple, What a fantastic Band, Shame We had to change Our name.