Mott Road Crew Live – Electric Palace Cinema 25th June 2014

mott crew live

Mott Road Crew Live – Electric Palace Cinema 25th June 2014. This will interest lots of people here. Nothing much happens on a Wednesday night unless you mean Wednesday 25th June at The Electric Palace Cinema in Hastings Old Town.There’s a show going on that’s going to transport you back to what many people consider to be ‘The Golden Age of Rock n Roll’.

Phil & Richie spent 10 years on the road back in the late 60’s early 70’s crewing for numerous bands of the day, in particular Mott The Hoople, David Bowie and Queen. They have a huge collection of tall stories, humourous anecdotes and spinal tap moments along with a powerpoint of period photos and film clips to share with you. So why not come along,book your seat, grab a drink and enjoy the ride.

Mark Gilham….Such a great band

Philip John…..If you’re not doing anything Wednesday evening why not pop down to the The Electric Palace in Hastings Old Town and catch Phil John & Richie Anderson, aided and abetted by Mr.Andy Gunton as they recount with the aid of rose tinted glasses life on the road, crewing for many well known bands through out the late 60’s & early seventies.
There’s tall tales of hotel mayhem, duelling with 40ft semi trucks . first meetings with groupies,working with guys fresh out of Vietnam, the truckers double dare and discovering porn plus for the muso’s, working on Brian Mays guitar sound, taking a steinway grand on the road ,the revolutionary helpinstall piano pickup and what to do with a Hammond C3 organ if the organist insists he wants it in his hotel room every night.
There’s also a power point of personal photos from that period and the first showing of Morgan Fishers short film of Mott arsing about in new York prior to becomeing the first rock band to play on Broadway. There’s enough material for three shows and we also hope to have a couple of numbers from Mick Bolton ,one time Keyboards player with Mott. Oh, and it’s being filmed.

Alan Esdaile……Excellent evening at the Electric Palace Cinema last night. A big thank you to Phil John, Richie Anderson, Mick Bolton and Andy Gunton for sharing some amazing memories of life on the road

Sarah Harvey……Eventually made it for the second half and shame I wasn’t able to make the it earlier, but loved what I saw and heard…..I will make sure I make the whole of the next one. Well done all

Pete Prescott….really good night.loved it.

Philip John…..Well Wednesday evening we did the gig at The Electric Palace Cinema in Hastings and you know what ? It was really good. Place is a tad small ,’bout 45 seater, no stage but a big screen. We mansged to cram in Mick Boltons Piano, amp and PA system, thank you Mick !
Borrowedan extra mike & stand from Kenny, guitarist with local band ‘The Cohorts’ thank you too Kenny ! and Andy Gunton from Pierless music & Stinger magazine handled the role of compere & question master. Thank you Andy, you kept the whole show tight as a drum even when the guy started bitching that we were going to run overtime.
Place was almost full and the show went down really well, Mick sang an excellent version of Dudes and had a great Deep Purple story. Haven’t heard it ? Better make it to the next show.
My lady Christine set up the movie camera,no mean feat considering the lack of space , and just let it roll. We should be able to salvage a bunch of clips from the 2 hours of recording and I’ll get them posted.
Also big thanks to Mr. Morgan Fisher who sent us a copy of his ’74 home movie of the band frolicking in New York before the Uris gig with the Queen boys. Had a bunch of people comment on how good they thought it was ,especially the shots of down town New York.
It’s available thru’ Morg’s facebook site if you want to buy a copy. I’ll get the link.
So the first show without the band being on the road at the same time turned out really well, the next one’s going to be in a bit bigger place and we’ll keep on improving it.
Ok enough with the self congratulations. Once we’ve some film clips sorted out we’ll be looking for gigs and we’ll have some product to show. We’ll keep you posted. back to normal next week. Phil out.


Review from The Hastings Independent 18th July 2014

Philip John….Great Review in the Hastings Independent. Should give you an idea of what to expect if you want to catch one of our shows.

Factory – Manor Gardens Bexhill 1970/71


img603 img602

photos supplied by Lol Cooksey

Yvonne Cleland……Brilliant!

Sarah Harvey…..Never tried playing a shovel…. hey Tony, can you give me shovel lessons? Were you playing ‘Ace of Spades’?

Philip Meston…..Broom lessons will be a must..?

Phil Gill…..They obviously have a time machine. Is that a tuning fork?

Andy Qunta…..LOL, Phil Gill!  We were actually miming! If you look carefully, you’ll see our fingers aren’t even on the right notes!

Terry Pack…..Andy’s playing the great Lindisfarne song, “Fork on the Tine”. Lol’s playing Gram Parsons’s “Cash on the Barrelhead”, Jaff’a’s getting bluesy on Elmore’s “Dust My Broom”. As for Tone, it must be “The Harlem Shovel”. I’ll get my coat!

Mick Mepham…..Phil, it’s obviously a pitchfork ….

Geoff Peckham….”Proof that Factory’s music is a bit wooden and in ruins.” The Daily Post

Andy Qunta…..It’s kind of like they went back in time, you know, like in a Time Machine or something, and that’s all they could find for instruments in those days, or something.


The Who British Tour Nov/Dec 2014 & Witch Doctor 1965


Thanks to Jim Breeds for posting this

Mick Knights…….Seen the price of tickets for the O2? Will have to rely on my memories of the Witch Doctor and the pier!!!!

Andre Martin….This will no doubt keep your memory alive – 8/6 in advance 1965 and I think this is the visit that was filmed for ITV and there is a clip on UTube.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Mick Knights….Back in those days 8/6 was quite a big deal to an apprentice motor mechanic! Yes it was shown on ‘A whole scene Going’ and the clip has featured on these pages. Sadly I have no recollection of The Lonely Ones.

Andre Martin….The Lonely Ones – who were regulars at the WD and other local venues. They were based in Folkstone and can remember the late Chris Sayer once telling me that he thought they were good. What many of us did not realise at the time was who played in the group Neil Langdon who would go on and record with The FlowerPot Men – Lets all go to ….and on lead Guitar Noel Redding – who would change to bass and become one of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.


SMART meet 12 – 4th July 2014 report

SMART meet 12 report. Excellent get together today. I was expecting it to be on the quiet side as a number of regulars are on holiday or involved in the beer festival. However it was packed and great to see some new faces including Phil Little, Mike Curtis, Graham Belchamber, Archie Lauchian and Lol Cooksey who came down from Ramsgate to join us. Talk was about Factory to gig, photos of The Pullbacks, Daisy, Hastings Beach Concert line up, Andre Palfrey-martin Happy Ballroom hub talks, Archie Lauchian making a new document on the history of the pier, Bonitas, Spyke, Pebbles Club, Ray McVay, Scalliwags, Carnival FM, Mott Crew Talk, Nice Enough to Eat Island sampler from Pete Prescott and loads and loads more. Thanks to everyone for the support.

Geoff Peckham…..Thank YOU, Alan!

Graham Belchamber…..Great to meet you. Look forward to the next one.


supplied by Tony Qunta

Three quarters of the original Factory line-up reunited after ……… years!!!

Yvonne Cleland….Marvellous! What a great SMART meeting yesterday! Buzzing! And news of FACTORY reforming! Superb.

Andy Qunta…..Hope to be standing there with my fellow band-mates again one of these days – and hopefully on a stage! Bit of a commute from California to England, but worth it! Signed, the 4th quarter!

Mick O’Dowd…..Another top drawer meet. The amount of talented folk there is expanding fast. Nice to see the new faces such as Lol Cooksey and Archie (The film maker). If you haven’t tried these meets make sure you make an extra effort next time as it will be worth it. If you’re apprehensive about coming along I can assure you you will not be ignored and you will be treated as an equal at all times. Here Alan makes sure of this! No seriously this was probably my favourite meet so far!