The Jazz Caverners – early 60’s.


supplied by Colin Fox & Eastbourne Bands from 1960 on

Colin Fox… The Jazz Caverners formed in Eastbourne in the early 1960’s: L to R Chris Watford Clarinet, Roy Martin Banjo, Ted Bishop Piano, Pete Kitcher Trumpet, Geoff Coates Banjo and 12 String Guitar, Reg Lower Percussion, Brian Towers Tombone/Leader, Ian Scriven Bass.

Jacqueline Marsh… I can’t believe how young Roy looks, he was a lovely man and I have many found memories of him

Chris Watford… Hi ! Sorry to have to correct you, but the Jazz Caverners was a Hastings band, formed out of the remains of the Dolphin Jazzband, also from Hastings, after that band broke up. They were joined by Pete ; Roy ; Ian & Reg from the Eastbourne based Mojo Rhythm Kings. The Dolphin Jazzband had in fact played for over a year at the Dickens Hall in Eastbourne in the late 1950s, and later at other venues in the town.

Jeanette Jones… & Min? Or am I getting my bands muddled too!

Robert Searle… Used to know Ian Scriven

Tim Moose Bruce… Used to see Min with them on sax.

Tony Ball… I remember some great evenings in the Dewdrop.

Kim Tutty… My Dad was Ian Scriven, he passed away in 1983. I remember him Being in the Jazz Caveners, when they were in a parade they were the Expedient Marching band. I do remember Reg Lower, Roy Martin & a gentleman called Min ( he didn’t wear shoes when in a parade) . I would love to see any pictures anyone has of them.

Jeanette Jones… ‘MIn’, rarely wore shoes, over at least 20 years. I remember my 18 year old Son commenting on the condition of Mins bare feet, saying they must have hurt! A character.

Jacqueline Marsh…  I knew Roy Martin well he was a lovely man and worked tirelessly for Polegate and he was a great musician

Tony Court-holmes… my late mum loved them

John Kitcher… Hi Kim, I remember your Dad coming round ours in the 60’s. My Dad is Pete Kitcher

Andy Qunta… Great band! Lotsa fun! I knew Min quite well back in the day. He was quite a character! Talked to Roy Martin a couple of times too. Lovely man!

Kim Tutty… Hi John,  do you have any pictures of The Jazz Caveners or the Mojos as they were previously known, I don’t have many pictures of my Dad in the band & would love to see a copy. Many thanks in advance.

Elizabeth Woodcock nee Grosvenor… In reply to Chris Watford, I remember them well!  So many happy memories of dancing the night away in Hastings and St. Leonards. Great times!

The Road Less Travelled E.P. by Tom Cole – review by Neil Partrick

Old Malta Folk Club 1976

Profiles of the unsung heroes of the UK folk scene from the first revival of the late 1950s through to the 1970s.

Tom Cole’s The Road Less Travelled is a showcase of some his newest self-penned material plus reworkings of a couple of songs that have been part of his gigs for several years. Tom is increasingly and deservedly well-known on the live acoustic music scene of Hastings and surrounding towns, and this new EP serves as an excellent showcase of what he can do.

Neil Partrick’s review at….

Nigel Sinden (chair to Hastings Friendship Group)… I have known Tom Cole for many years and each track from him just gets better and better.


Marmalade – Aquarius 19th May 1973

19th may 1973 - marmalade


Mike Guy… Did they ever play any jam nights? I bet they are well-preserved!

Pete Fisher… spreading rumours??

Jim Breeds… Did they ever cover Toast?

Mike Guy… Let’s keep the posts Seville!

Tony Davis… Perhaps they should orrange a reunion

Dave Nattress… Very good chaps!! No I mean it. Remember them from Top of the Pops, great band. I have a greatest hits CD.


Plummers Record Department Robertson Street Hastings 1967/1968 (now Debenhams)

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My first job when I moved to Hastings was at Plummer Roddis in 1971, no record department then

Jim Breeds… I think there were other Plummers branches? Maybe this was an advert for that. It doesn’t say “Roddis” in the ad as far as i can see.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Ah, thought it was PR as Alan said it was now Debenhams

Alan Esdaile… Advert came from Hastings Observer. Remember the record department being on the 3rd floor, not sure what year it closed. They had 5 or 6 record listening booths, so used to be on our record shop listening tour on a Saturday. Odd memory, I remember buying Janie Jones Witches Brew single from the cheap box.

Patrick Lewis… There was a record department in the late 60’s. I remember seeing a number of Beach Boys albums which you didn’t usually see in other local record stores.

Alan Pepper… Wow ! Great ad . I don’t remember seeing this but would love to use the Time Machine and go back . Would buy anything Bluebeat or Vertigo swirl label ! Anyone else ?

Jim Breeds… in her right hand is the Supremes, but what is she holding in her left?

Richard J Porter… With thanks to Revolvy. Plummer Roddis was a chain of department stores based in the South of England which was acquired by Debenhams.
Plummer Roddis started out as separate companies in the 19th Century. William Plummer started out as a draper in Hastings and in 1871 had a store at 3 Robertson Street, before opening another store in Southampton the corner of Above Bar and Commercial Street. George Roddis in 1870 was listed as a draper in Market Harborough, but by 1881 was a partner in a drapers & milliners called Roddis & Goldsmith at 1-2 Robertson Street, Hastings. In the late 19th Century William Plummer, George Roddis and Reginald Tyrrell, a Bournemouth draper, joined forces to create Plummer, Roddis and Tyrrell but in 1898 Reginald Tyrrell relinquished their partnership to concentrate on his other business Tyrrell & Green and the business became Plummer Roddis. The business continued to grow opening branches in Boscombe, Brighton, Bath, Eastbourne, Folkestone, Andover Weymouth, and Yeovil. The business was celebrated by being mentioned in H. G. Wells book Kipps: The Story of a Simple Soul.
In 1927 the Hastings store was rebuilt by renown architect Henry Ward (he also designed the additions to the Brighton store), while the Southampton store and Bournemouth store were extensively rebuilt, the last work before World War II being completed at Bournemouth to the designs of the architect Jonathan Makepeace in 1938. The head office of the Plummer Roddis group was based in Sillwall Road, Brighton.
During the Second World War the Southampton store was destroyed by German bombing, and operated out of different locations across the city until a new store was completed in 1965. However, by this time Plummer Roddis had been bought by Debenhams, who invested in a new branch to be built in Guildford, which opened in 1968. In the early 1970s the stores were rebranded as Debenhams, except for the Southampton store. In 1972 the Bournemouth store was re-opened as a Debenhams by Terry Wogan, but for the store to be closed down a year later when Debenhams rebranded the Bobby & Co. store in the town. The Boscombe branch had been closed the previous year. By 2014 the only Plummer Roddis stores that operated as Debenhams still open were Guildford and Hastings. The Southampton store continued to operate under the Plummer Roddis name until 14 August 1993, when the store closed its doors for the last time. The store is now home to a teaching centre for Southampton Solent University.



Who was or is your favourite crooner?

Alan Esdaile… Matt Monro for me

Joe Knight… Saw him years ago at the Beaver woods kennels just off A20 near Sidcup London (posh place)

Sandy Max… I wouldn’t have added Johnny Mathis or Paul Anka – they were later. What happened to Mel Torme, Jim Reeves and Andy Williams? I’d pick Nat King Cole or Dean Martin from these but I know my dad would have picked Frank Sinatra!

Andy Ives… Early Sinatra (Tommy Dorsey era) for certain

Tony Qunta… Matt Monro!Oh Nat King Cole also!

Julie Findlay-jones… Sinatra,Dean Martin, NAT king Cole and Bing Crosby still listen to them. But I think they are all great.

Eric Harmer… MATT sounded great Alan but Nat King Cole was a merry old soul It was Nat for me mate

Tony May…  Perry Como.

Michael Coller… I play them all in my show, it’s the only sort of music I play and most are used from original vinyl records.

Patricia Wapshott… All fab , but Frank Sinatra was my favourite!


Jane Hartley… Difficult, Matt, Andy, Jim Reeves would have been on my list too.

Virginia Davis… Nat King Cole. My Nan introduced me to his music and I used to love listening to him with her.

Matt Thomas…  I have to pick 2 Matt Monro and Nat King Cole – I think Sinatra was a bit over rated

Wendy Weaver… Frankie for me

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Samantha Fox – Saturdays Night Club around 1986


photo Keith Tooke

Peter Pursglove… I remember that

Tony Qunta… What hand?!

Pete Shaw… Can’t see either hand…still focusing….ayah…no..that’s not a hand…let me check again….well….I’ll try again later…mmm

Alan Esdaile… She does not look very happy.

Sarah Harvey… Knowing how big Sam Fox was in those days, whoever’s hand that is must have the biggest hands ever!

Monica Bane… Remember her eyeing up my son in Earls Court, he was doing the advert for Lee Cooper Jeans !

Tony Court-holmes… what a fine looking young lady


Ez Allen with Colin Bell DJ’s – Vacuum Generators 14th May 1971


Ez Allen with Colin Bell at the back. Vacuum Generators 14th May 1971 supporting Alamo.

Samuel Freeman…. It was a good night

Colin Bell… Bloody hell! Haven’t seen this before! Where did the years go….

Andy Knight… I just love that pic, where are they now?

Alan Esdaile… Great hair!

Who remembers Sainsbury’s in Wellington Place Hastings? (store photo is Peckham branch)

photo: Sainsbury Archive

Tony Court-holmes… early 50s? Nationwide is there now i wonder if the tiles are covered up behind the new walls

Jacky Mattelaer… I remember it like this in the 60’s, my Gran used to take me in there. I was fascinated by the way they rolled the butter on the marble counters. Great memories

Pauline Sims… Me too Jacky. I can just about remember the smell too when you walked in, mostly bacon – mouthwatering

Judy Atkinson… Not Wellington Place, that was later. This was the original shop in Castle Street where Nationwide is now. Remember going in there with my mum (early 60s) & buying bacon & butter. Beautiful mosaics & marble counters

Patrick Lewis… Remember it well from late 50’s into the60’s. Gala pie and patted butter.

Jackie Hersee… I remember it

Virginia Davis… I remember it from mid to late 60s like this

Gary Benton… I loved going to Sainsburys as a kid, the wonderful smell of cheese and smoked bacon as you walked in, the professional smart looking staff in their uniforms. Why did we ever loose amazing shops like this? I suppose its what they call progress, its very sad.

Claire Hamill… Oh wow! How could anyone get rid of something so glorious? Just think what the centre of Hastings would look like if we could have held on to those beautiful oldshops? And facades? Criminal decisions!

Bernard Goffredo… Definitely agree on that

Dave Boutwood… Yes, I (Wendy) worked there (Hastings branch) with my friend Kate. Must have been 1965-66. We worked Fri evening, after school for late night shopping and all day Sat. That photo brings back memories, we loved it there and had fun. Also, with our white overall, we had to wear a white headscarf (tied like Hilda Ogden’s), which was a bit embarrassing for us teenage girls!!! 😂😂😂 Great photo. Wendy xxx

Lesley Bowles… Dave, Wen, I remember all the lovely tiles and the great smell in there! Xx

Yvonne Cleland… Oh yes, exactly like my memories. My mum used to take me here when I was a toddler. How lovely to see it again!

Roy Marven formely Syrett… remember going with my nan to order her xmas turkey

Martin Richter… and not a self-serve checkout in sight

Peter Bridger… Oh yes, loved the tiles, and smell of raw meat, strangely!

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