Nik Turner’s Inner City Unit & The Good Missionaries – Falaise Hall 26th January 1980

all photos supplied by Clive Richardson

Supplied by Clive Richardson

Ernest Ballard… That’s cheap ha ha

Willie Wicking… Was there great gig

Nigel Goodman… Remember going to that gig

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw them on the pier. Support band’s entire set was them covering TV advert songs

Paul Forrest… ICU. Excellent band. Saw them several times in the early 80’s in and around Reading.

Led Eddie… Love me a bit of ICU

Dino Ferari… That’s meeee !!!!

Marc Appleton… I saw them play at Epsom Art College about then.

Cherry Rad… Cool


Limmie Funk Ltd – Saturdays Discotheque Hastings 25 & 26th January 1977

Mick O’Dowd… Any relation to Limmie & Family Cooking?

Alan Esdaile… Looks like it Mick but they called them Lime instead of Limmie!

Mick O’Dowd… You Can Do Magic. Fave of mine.

Lance Collins… remember it well Mick.

Darren Rose… And ‘He’s A Walking Miracle’. This is my stepfather! Tasha’s father! You’re right, they misspelled his name! This was before my mother met him in ’79.


Simon Dupree & The Big Sound – The Cobweb – 25th Jan 1969


simon dupree

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… January 25th, 1969. Simon Dupree And The Big Sound….I loved ‘Kites’ …..very haunting song for the time. And there are Status Quo yet again!

Andy Qunta… Kites! Still sounds fantastic! Have it on my iPod! Some of this band went on to form Gentle Giant, I believe!

Terry Huggins… That’s right. Their retrospective view of Kites was that it was crap. Simon Dupree didn’t exist. If I recall correctly it was three brothers and a few friends. They were all multi instrumentalists

Andy Qunta… Indeed, Terry, i think they were the Shulman brothers? Our own Roger Carey played with a later version of Gentle Giant, I believe!

Sarah Harvey… Roger did indeed play with the later version of Gentle Giant….Three Friends….. they are a band starring several former members of Gentle Giant Gary Green (guitar, vocals) Malcolm Mortimore (drums) ….here is Roger playing with them in Tokyo….

Phil Thornton… saw Roger Carey with Three Friends, (faultless recreations of GG classics) 3 times ! – top class Bass and vocals from Roger !

Mick O’Dowd… I saw this show by Simon Dupree & Big Sound and was so moved I went out and bought their LP Without Reservations the next day! Excellent blue-eyed soul band (am I aloud to say that?) and they only had the one LP before they morphed into Gentle Giant. Incidentally Kites wasn’t on this Lp and only saw the light on the compilation album afew years back with the other gem Parade of Broken Hearted Pirates.

Andre Martin… Kites used to get a lot of plays on BBC Radio London by Robbie Vincent in his soul show days – Saturday Morning was always a cracker of a show, with lots played for the residents of Sunny Sydenham where I had friends.

Sarah Harvey… I adored Kites…. such a haunting song.

Andre Martin… It was a fantastic tooon without a doubt Sarah.

Tony Court-holmes… your not old enough to remember that sarah i remember sunday nights were tamla nights.

Ernest Ballard… Far out man

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Is it too late to enter the Go-Go competition?

Tony Court-holmes… go for it

Dave Nattress… The luscious Leigh, no way is it too late for you, go go for it!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Dave the mind is willing but the body isn’t these days

Dave Nattress… Leigh, it’s an old saying, you’re only as old as you feel in the head – or something like, so that makes me 310 tonight. But, really, it does not seem like about 45 years ago that you and Jane D used to be in the Cont. working together and then go out on the razzle in Hastings!!


Prams – this used to be a common sight at one time


photo shared from

Ian Johnson… Ya wouldn’t risk it now

Lyn Frankley Appleyard… Crikey ~ yes different era!

Alan Esdaile… and everyone felt safe

Monica Bane… How so very very true. Alanx

Jim Breeds… Alan, Well, the babies did, ‘cos they didn’t know any different!

Leigh Mitchell… My Mum left my brother outside a shop, when she came out my Dad (who at the time was a bus conductor) was passing on his bus, merrily waving at each other, she walked home and her landlady said ‘where’s baby’. Mum got so distracted seeing Dad she’d left him outside the shop!  P.S. Must just mention this was 70 years ago

Kathy Wood… The first time my mum took me out she ‘parked ‘ me outside Tescos, did her shopping, went home and was wondering what was missing….obviously it was me in my pram, still outside the shop

Patricia Burgess… Weren’t the pram great, looking at what they use today . Could not put baby out to sleep in the back garden

Mick O’Dowd… Couldn’t take one of those in the shops not like they do with buggies etc today!

Jim Breeds… My Dad took me in a pram to Ore Post Office. Then he walked home to our flat in Rock Lane and realised he had left me outside the shop! As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was 23 at the time! 😮 (The first sentence is true, the second may not be).

Lyn Humphrey… I drove one of those–when I was only weeks old!

Steve Hamilton… I’ll never forget a runaway pram going down Old London Road in ’78 – I guess a distracted parent collecting another child at Sacred Heart – straight into the road and came to a standstill at a parked car on the other side.

Paul Coleman… Seems quite common reading this. My mum did exactly the same all those years ago. I think it was either Sainsbury or Woolworths where I was left to snooze.

David Hazleton… wow all those go karts !!

Muller and Old Silver – Executive Hotel 21st January 1971


MULLER and OLD SILVER. Executive Hotel 21st January 1971. Muller line up was probably Iain Cobby, Steve Demetri, Jon McCallion and Steve Kinch. Anyone remember who Old Silver were?

Jon McCallion… Long time ago. Old Silver I can’t for the life of me remember who they are.

Andy Qunta… “Old Silver” sounds familiar! I definitely saw Muller – maybe I was at this gig!

Len Smith… believe Muller line-up about 70/71 was Paul Dove, Steve Demetri, Jon McCallion and Paul Wiseman who was succeeded by Steve Kinch