Name a single 45 record that you played again and again

Joe Knight… Get back 😊 beatles

Shaun Pont… In My Chair is by Status Quo.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… The 45s I remember I had on repeat more than most – I’m my own time (Family) I’m your puppet (James & Bobby Purify), & Take it to the limit (Eagles). In my own time by Family! Just listened to it again (on YouTube as don’t have record player- still love it!)

Alan Essex… Loved Family and went to see them live many times. How many tambourines did Roger Chapman go through. Telstar by the Tornados.

 Chris Meachen… Ride a white swan, rather embarrassingly.

Eric Peckham… What’s wrong with that? Great song. Juke Box Jive – Rubettes.

Phil Thornton… I did the same !

Sharon Kirby… Blondie, Heart Of Glass

Derek Hall… Jerry Lee Lewis ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ – purchased in 1958. I played it repeatedly because it was the only 45 I had. It drove my Mother nuts!

Russell Field… How does it feel by slade

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Prince McBride and His Band and Queenie McBride


All photos supplied by Captain Denis Turner

Captain Denis Turner… I have enclosed some pictures of my Uncle, Prince McBride and his Band plus a picture of my aunt Queenie McBride. Queenie was the younger sister of Prince and sang with the Band when down from Yorkshire.  The Mcbrides were all entertainers, my grandparents were dancers, my mother Janetta was also a dancer. Prince was a pianist and bandleader and Queenie was a singer (Light Operatta) My daughter Sara (a Psychodynanic Psychotherapist ) has taken up the batton, in so far as she is a drummer ( part time ) with a number of Jazz bands in Oxford and London.The photos were all taken in the 1930/40s unfortunately i cannot be more accurate .

Alan Esdaile… I remember seeing Prince McBride on the pier, The Sun Lounge and The White Rock Pavilion. I don’t think I ever saw Queenie which I expect the photo was taken inside St Clements Caves. Anyone confirm the venue of the band photos?

Janine Anne Scott… Such a gent. His Son, Alan, played the drums.

Jim Breeds… Great photos!

Keith Cowper… I remember him playing at The Sun Lounge in St Leonard’s way back when !

Carol Arnold… Ahhh and Eugiene and his serenaders at sun lounge when i was a kid .

Dennis Torrance… I seen them also in 60’s at the sun lounge also not forgetting the park first lawn on a weds night fireworks during summer it’s amazing brought back so memories even the green and cream stage.

Michelle Ryder… I’m tracing my family tree and it turns out Prince and Queenie are relatives. Would love some more information. Fab photos btw!


Gigs the ones that meant so much by Pete Prescott.




photos by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott… GIGS, the ones that meant so much. My top 20 starts with my first. HYDE PARK JULY 3rd. Grand funk railroad humble pie head hands and feet. I was 15, went with two mates from school, mick dean and pete attral. It changed my life, everything became music. I was obsessed from that day. All the people there looked amazing, we were school kids. Humble Pie were stunning. They had just recorded the live at the filmore album (yet to be released) same line up. Frampton was in the band. In Highway we did for day creep from that set. Head hands and feet had Albert Lee. He did country boy and chad hodges was in the band. I came home with my head spinning. .when I got the performance album by humble pie it had some photos from Hyde park. I still look at it. What a gig ! I took the photo. The head in the right is mick dean. He became the drummer in my first band Village. Years later I went to live 8. It was July 2nd. I stayed till past mid night. So I was there again 34 years later (slightly bigger stage !)

Alan Esdaile… Anyone else with the gig that meant so much and memories?

Yvonne Cleland… Yup. Bob Marley and the Wailers, Average White Band, Joe Jackson and the Q-Tips. Crystal Palace Garden Party, June 7th, 1980. The stage was in the lake. We waded in for Bob Marley. Best gig in the world ever, but the lake was filthy and we stunk afterwards!

John Wilde… I was 14it at The Windsor Hotel. with my Uncle Tony. Stage was three feet high and I was standing in front of a Wildly dressed trio called The Jimi Hendrix Experience. My life would never be the same. Thanks Tony.

Lesley Brown… My first Genesis gig. No Gabriel, but I was totally overawed by the lighting and the whole set up. It was pretty late, 1980, Duke was out, and I was blown away by the moment that Phil Collins left the drumming to Chester Thompson to take the mic and sing Afterglow It remains one of my all time goosebump moments.

Graham Blechamber… I saw Genesis on The Duke Tour at Brighton Centre. Fantastic show opening up with Deep in the Motherlode. At one point I shouted out “Wally”. Phil Collins slapped me down with a curt ” your more of one than me”! My first taste of fame! Its was a festivsl tradition shouting out Wally! One person would do it then shouts came from everywhere. Carried over into indoor gigs too till the early 80’s.! No idea of why.

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Sanyo Cassette Recorder – Plummers Hastings 1967

Alan Esdaile… Not cheap. Also if you look at the bottom of the ad, it says now open all day Wednesday. Do you remember shops used to close half day on a Wednesday?

Jim Breeds… Because the Grammar School closed on a Wednesday afternoon I think. And the school made up for it by having classes on Saturday morning? Have I remembered that correctly?

Peter Fairless… Yikes! I think we had one of them…

 Jane Warren… I’ve still got one of these old tape recorders, still works …….. like most things from the “good old days” – built to last!!! – now everything is disposable, doesn’t last 5 minutes, no wonder the landfill sites are so full and people are so wasteful

Alan Parker… Me too. Eats batteries like nobody’s business

Terry Huggins…Early closing day varied from town to town, usually Tuesday. Wednesday or Thursday.

Joe Knight… Think the year was 65/67 left it on the back window of the car consul 375 in the summer and came back to one melted tape recorder, thank God the battery operated record player was on the floor still with the Album by Cream on it

Steve Reents…  Got one for my birthday one summer. Used it ALL the time to record myself and friends being goofy.

Derek Hall… I still have mine!

Dave Nattress… Wednesday half day closing – definitely remember that!! I had about 3 of cassette recorders similar to this Sanyo model – if I recall the first was a Phillips then one made by ITT – think they had a factory on Ponswood, not sure if they made these players there though, – mono of course? Then I had a later ITTmodel which was so-called Stereo. Used to take the later model to band practice – Damaris, Samisen etc. to learn the tracks at home. Difficult to get a half sensible live recording. Also I’m pretty sure I used them along in the car before I had the first tinny sounding cassette player actually fixed in the car.

Keith Cowper… I had one of those to record the music for the Hastleons shows when we rehearsed wth Bertie Crouch

Terry Huggins… I worked at ITT in the 70s and at that time the cassette mechanisms were made and tested somewhere else and then installed and wired into music centres at Ponswood. The ITT factory was huge. It was where Screwfix is now and extended all the way down the hill. It also went back quite a long way towards Battle Road as well.

Supersound Amps – made by Alan Wootton in Hastings


Alan Wootton 1963

Pete Fisher… amazing…never knew this was on my doorstep! thanks Alan for posting!!

Cliff Wootton… We are interested to know of anyone who might have used the amps or guitars in bands or worked on them. I remember seeing a band playing at the ABC cinema in the mid 60’s and I’m pretty sure at least one of the band was playing a Supersound guitar (Red body + black scratch plate probably). Around the time these amps were being made, Dee-Day White (well known Hasting celebrity) worked in the factory when he was about 17.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone help Cliff with this? I know Cliff Richard and Helen Shapiro appeared at the ABC but is anything documented on other groups that played?

Cliff Wootton… I think this was a local band playing at the ABC Minors one saturday morning. It is possible it was the GT Strokers because somehow we ended up with their drum kit in our music room. Dad must have bought it off them. I recognised one of the band members names (Tony) and they might have worked at the factory so there’s a possible connection there which explains how he got the drums. I know we’ll never piece everything together but the forensic chase and the Sherlock Holmes deductive process is kind of fun.

Tony Davis… If my memory serves me well, and there are no guarantees on that, I think when Bill Fury played the ABC in Hastings he was backed by the Tornados who also played a set of their own. Any chance this could be where the Supersound guitar was seen.

Cliff Wootton… It is possible Tony. I can’t be completely certain about the dates but I know I went to the ABC Minors on my own from about age 12. Give or take a year or so which would place it around 1965-67 although it could be as early as 1964.

Andy Webster… Yes indeed Tony Lambert did work for Supersound. He was the singer in G T Strokers. I also had a 15watt valve amp made by them . Our bassist had a guitar made by them also.  Good old days !

Nick Prince… Tony is right. Billy Fury did play at the ABC, Hastings. Another big name for the time that appeared there was Mark Wynter. I’ll have to hook out my ABC file. I’m certain that the ABC had four big concerts around this time and Mark Wynter was just a support act. The Vernon’s Girls also supported two of the concerts and they had some minor hits, the one that comes to mind is, The Roaring Twenties. I will at some point post all four ads together, showing all acts with support.

Martyn Baker… Fascinating story of “the Woottons”. I never knew!

Tony Lambert… Cliff was a only a lad when I worked with Alan Wootton at Supersound, as a tool maker /general dogsbody. I think I swopped my old Ryetoffs drum kit for something with Alan. I did recover the kit in Fablon to make it more attractive but it still sounded like crap…but good enough to start with. Alan also gave me a  new Supersound Bass guitar which was very nice of him but I don’t know what happened to it, maybe that was the swop? Paul Freeman had his own Ludvig ?  drum set in the GTS.

Cliff Wootton… I have a picture of me sitting behind the kit somewhere. I’ll try and look it out. Interesting to trace another bass. I’ll add that to the list.



Who used to waste their health and money on these cigarettes?

Eric Peckham… I used to smoke B+H. Changed to rollies, then gave up just after I got married.

Matt Thomas… You did Alan – Dunhill International as i recall lol. I was on B & H for about 30 years until i gave up 3 years ago

Peter Fairless… Marlboro

Lisa Jane… First packet of fags I bought for myself was 10 Rothman around 1980 when I was 12

Lloyd Johnson… I gave up smoking in 1973….B&H

Alan Esdaile… I can remember saying to school friends I’m never going to smoke. Then that weekend my mates had a packet of no.6 over the west hill rocks and not wanting to be the odd one out, I said yes, when offered one. Big mistake, glad I gave up years ago though.

Spanna Mo… I think maybe a lot of was established our smoking career over by the West Hill rocks and caves. I used to be at Priory Road School, and we would walk down there at lunch time and smoke. Got busted by one of the teachers… Appeared out of nowhere… We all got caned. Didn’t deter me from continuing on as a smoker though.

Wendy Weaver… Gave up B & H in 1992. Started when I was about 14 on Sobranie (a boyfriend used to Nick them from his mum).

Spanna Mo… I used to smoke the sabrani black Russians… With a gold tip and all… The most stylish cigarette in the world, but I also tasted and smelled great. It’s quite possible that the packaging was part of the appeal for many of us who fell for that one.

Angela Frances Gardner… I used to smoke Sovereign at 18 1/2 p and then started smoking Golden Virginia for the same price!

Perri Ann Haste… I remember smoking Peter Styvesant & Consulate the menthol ones with the white tips & lighting the wrong end when you were still allowed to smoke in the cinema

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Oldies Unlimited



Anyone remember the firm Oldies Unlimited? We used to give out these catalogues in the shop. Interestingly the owner Antony Lewis lived in St Leonards before he set up Oldies in Telford. I used to buy Led Zeppelin USA import singles from him to sell in Stylus.

Redstar Richter… yeah!!

Nick Prince… Yes. Ive still got a credit note from them somewhere.

Darren Holmes… Being young Mods in late 70s/ early 80s it was like our bible trying to get hold of certain sounds!

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… Ordered lots from them

Matt Thomas… Spent a big chunk of my wages on them lol

Nigel Ford… Yes I still have a catalogue somewhere. I bought a number of ex-juke-box 7″ singles though from ads in Disc & Music Echo in the mid 60′s with the plastic inserts in place of the original centres, sometimes receiving 2nd choice items as what I really wanted had sold out.