Hat Trick – 1978 supplied by Roger Carey





Ken Copsey…..I remember seeing Roger Carey playing that bass back in the day. It always amazed me the biggest bloke playing fantastically on the smallest bass. Seeing this picture now allows me to identify it as a left handed Burns Sonic bass strung for right handed playing. I now own one myself but needless to say I can’t play it to Rogers standard!

Sarah Harvey….The Christmas Fancy Dress Ball was where I believe Hat Trick played two gigs in one evening….the first was at The Kings Head in the Old Town and later on in the evening at Ore centre. I seem to remember the band dressing up as Santa Claus that night….. my fancy dress nowadays would be rather different!

Hat Trick – Dave Shirley – 1979

10606056_532787806866681_926054639591003527_n supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… Dave Shirley gigging with Hat Trick when they were a foursome. Can’t date the picture or identify the local venue but it was definitely between April and August 1979. That is Barry French’s backside towards the left of the picture….not that I go around identifying people by their backsides of course! 🙂 Other than being a bit older and the Antoria Les Paul now being a Gibson SG, Dave hasn’t changed a bit! 😉

John Storer… Its’s the smile I remember … my abiding memory of Mr Shirley

Alan Esdaile… Looks like Dave has a wicked grin in this photo, I wonder what he’s thinking?

Sarah Harvey… I think the grin says “Hello, Roger’s off on one again!” ….. that’s quite spooky really because the picture I found of John on the net, I was thinking the same thing! 🙂


2/3rds of Hat Trick 2014


Roger Carey & Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…  I can honestly say that 34 years on we haven’t changed a bit ! 🙂

Andy Qunta… Looking good!

Tony Qunta… Nice pic!

Dave Nattress… Sarah my old friend, I must disagree slightly, you look just the same, Roger has filled out just a touch. I’m still looking for the “Rock-a-Nore” tapes!!


Hat Trick – A Brief Story by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey……Thought I would try a different way to illustrate the brief story behind Hat Trick.

Alan Esdaile…..Excellent Sarah, this must have taken you ages. I thought we only had a few bits on Hat Trick but when you put it all together its very impressive. Also the musics got a good vibe to it. Pity I did not see this earlier as I have just been chatting to Roger Carey. He’s put the next SMART meet in his diary.

Sarah Harvey……Me and Roger go back some way….he is a dear friend and I have many stories to impart regarding our musical backgrounds. We both loved Be Bop Deluxe and have some recordings of Hat Trick playing Maid In Heavean and Sister Seagull. Have some more recordings of Hat Trick, and providing Roger is ok with it, I will post more. Perhaps one day we can have a Hat Trick reunion!

John Storer….I like to think that, in some miniscule way, I influenced Roger’s bass-playing by giving him my copy of “‘Igginbottom’s Wrench” by ‘Igginbottom … an album he loved and which led to him and Dave jamming along in a style not to far removed from the Hat Trick track featured here. It was no act of charity or kindness … I’d found the album pretty much unlistenable 🙂 A couple of years back I downloaded the album thinking, perhaps, that my advancing years and exposure to many musical genres over that time may lead to a greater appreciation of the band. It didn’t! Does Sarah remember another couple of obscure albums I had that we played quite often … Andromeda’s self-titled debut and “Made In England” by Bulldog Breed?

Sarah Harvey….Yes, I remember John always coming up with some really obscure stuff and I often contemplated where on earth he got them from….but every now and again he came up with a cracker. I vaguely remember Made In England, but Andromeda were a band I really took to, so much so that I now have some tracks from the album in digital format and is in my 70s playlist on Rock@1066. This one was a particular favourite of mine…..

John Storer….Sarah, Have to share with you the tragic story of that Andromeda album. Was returning home from a party somewhat the worse for wear, clutching a few albums under my arm. Hadn’t put the disc in the cover properly and it rolled out and slid some distance down Montgomery Road. Rendered Side 2 unplayable and I binned it. Jump forward to around 2000. Browsing in a book shop on holiday and found a book on record collecting. Middle section contained a list of the 10 rarest and most valuable vinyl albums. “Andromeda” was about No.7 on the list! I bought the album (like most of my obscure stuff) in one of the many second hand shops in the Old Town and did so purely on the strength that I knew John Du Cann had gone on to form Atomic Rooster. Think I paid 18p for it. Now have the album in digital format, along with an album’s worth of previously unreleased stuff. Actually listened to it only a couple of months back. One of my business partners has a 16 year old son who is a truly exceptional guitarist (Jonny Sands – remember that name). We have the same taste in modern bands that borrow heavily from the late 60s / early 70s sound (Mystic Braves / X-Ray Harpoons / Temples / Wooden Shjips / Black Angels etc) and I’ve been “educating” him into some of the original stuff. I’d burned him a copy of the album to listen to. He really enjoyed it

Pete Fisher….very well put together – great music, which I unfortunately missed, having moved to London in 1974….but I was lucky enough to play with Roger in Mae West and Pueblo during the previous two years….I learnt a lot!