Hawkwind Gigs – 3rd August 1972, 18th June 1977, 1st Sept 1973


all cuttings Sarah Harvey, autograph supplied by Roger Carey

Andy Qunta….Met Tex, bass player for Ace, at a Factory gig in Lancashire, Burnley I think. They had just signed their record deal. Was very envious of them of course, but Tex was a lovely guy, very encouraging & not at all big-headed!

Geoff Peckham….Yes, I remember him too. He came to see us back stage in Burnley (Black hill Miners’ Social Club I think). A really jolly guy and liked our music. I loved his effectively simple bass-line on “How Long”.

Mick O’Dowd….Ace were a good band if i’ve got the right one! How Long springs to mind.Paul Carrack was singer. Seems a strange support to Hawkwind though.

Clifford Rose…..June 18th,  Yes, the Hawkwind concert was 77 with Motorhead as the support group.

Yvonne Cleland…..That doesn’t sound right! Lemmy formed Motorhead after he left Hawkwind, didn’t he?

Tim Moose Bruce…..77 is right. I went to that gig.(my 1st time at the the pier. mum warned me to be careful with the loud volumes these bands can create. “Yes mum”. Yawn… Went to gig, Motorhead came on…….

Alan Esdaile… When Roger Carey said he had an autograph from the pier from Hawkwind in 1972, I thought it would be Lemmy but turns out to be the dancer Stacia.

Alan Oliver… I was at that Hawkwind 72 gig. Wish I could find the girl I went with, we lost touch in 1973. If anyone knows Jayne Beeson (as was) I’d love to see how her life turned out!

Lucy Pappas… I remember that gig, too. Loved it!

Kevin Burchett… I was there to.

Martin Richter… peace and love 🙂

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Mr Big – Hastings Pier 7th Feb 1976 & 28th May 1977



 supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…..This may remind you who they were…its quite a nice song!

Alan Esdaile…..Good song, they supported Queen on one of the tours. Also another band called Mr Big in the 80’s but no connection.

Pete Fairless…..Yes, I have that single

John Storer…..My only recollection of this gig was that the band were far more “pop” than their debut album suggested and that free badges were handed out, each bearing a band member drawn in superhero comic style. I got the whole set! Woo! One of those gigs where I spent more time in the bar than watching the band.

Mick O’Dowd….I believe OZO failed to show. Anyone know who replaced them if any.

Jim Munday…I remember going to the 1977 gig. That was after their one and only hit.

Dave Nattress… Romeo – a truly beautiful single. It was an “our song” – excuse me and all that – girlfriend of the time – can I have the last almost 40 years back please. Got the 2 albums on Vinyl and then Japanese issue CD’s. The band could rock and some of the tracks kick A**.

Martin Waghorne… I remember that night on the pier.

Ralph Town… Am I right in thinking that SEPPUKU is ritual suicide in Japanese,or am I seeing something on the pic that isn’t there?

Julie Hedger… Yes ritual suicide

Hawkwind & Ace support – Hastings Pier 1st September 1973



poster supplied by Mick Mepham.   Ad supplied by Sarah Harvey

Martyn Baker… My parents banned me from going to this one…. but I went anyway, which made it all the more exciting. Maybe they’d heard about Stacia dancing semi-naked onstage?

Phil Gill talking about Ace ‘How Long’….Brilliant single “How Long”, great guitar solo, fab Paul Carrick vocal. A great song is ageless.

Phil Gill… Stacia! I met her once, she was lovely. Every band needs a shaman.

Phil Thornton… did many gigs supporting Hawkwind !! a jolly bunch and no mistake ! – prepare for the sonic attack …..

John Storer…  In 1973, this was a fairly expensive gig to go to … 99p! Remember going to the gig but was only really interested in hearing Silver Machine because I found the rest of their stuff a little … overblown. Would echo Phil Gill’s comments about Paul Carrack … may be no coincidence that he appears (and sings) on my two favourite Squeeze albums … East Side Story (the brilliant “Tempted”) and Some Fantastic Place (the excellent “Loving You Tonight”)

Gary Kinch… I was there but don’t remember much of it…..I have vague hormone driven memories of Stacia though. Ace’s How Long was always a juke box favourite for me. …..and agree I with John, Tempted is very good.

Andrew Freeman… I used to work with a guy who played bass guitar with Hawkwind, but not sure which years as they had many changes over the years.

Pete Fisher… I was there (I think!)…vaguely remember the light show (mostly strobes) and the wall of sound…and Stacia of course…probably another of those gigs where everyone sat cross-legged on the floor, apart from a couple of stand-up dancers up front, who people occasionally threw beer cans etc at!!

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Hawkwind – Hastings Pier 1973

Supplied by David McLean

Pete Houghton… Wow amazing What great photos from a fantastic night It was amazing to watch them play

Nick Webb… I was there yet again

Mike Waghorne… Masters of the Universe era ? With Stacia danceing on stage !

Linda Hayes… Seeing them at Beautiful Days Festival in August

Maggie Hermitage… I was there but didn’t know who they were but still enjoyed it, happy days

Petra Stevens… Think i might have been there

Tracy Birrell… Great photos! The first band of many that I saw on The Pier, aged 14 in 1973.

Hawkwind In Search autographs from Hastings Pier around 1972 supplied by Peter Houghton

supplied by Peter Houghton

Mike Waghorne… I remember that gig !

Martyn Baker… Mum wouldn’t let me go. I was 13 and well pissed off. I did see them a couple of years later though. Brilliant!

Neil Partrick… That’s cool. I remember the album well. I only saw them once, but it was them headlining the last Stonehenge music festival in 1984 (following The Enid)!

Pete Houghton…  Hawkwind I believe played the pier twice.

Alan Esdaile… I’ve got them listed at playing 7 times Pete! Maybe wrong.

Chris Jolly… I saw them offstage at the IOW festival in 1970…

Keith Veness… We were there in 72 great night

Tony Court-holmes… i was there