Mott The Hoople Convention – Richmond Club Hereford 11th June 2016

Mott Flyer015

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photos & cuttings supplied by Mick Bolton

Mick Bolton… Looking forward to sharing a stage for the first time in 43 years with Ariel Bender, my colleague in Mott The Hoople – aka Luther Grosvenor of Spooky Tooth and Stealer’s Wheel. I won’t be the only SMART member taking part in the MTH convention in Hereford, the band’s home town on June 11th. Andy Gunton will be conducting interviews – no doubt quizzing us about the then little-known band who supported us on the tour that ended with the concert shown in the poster – one of their road crew Crystal Taylor will also be there. The organiser is Philip John who was a long-serving crew member. Closer to home – I’m looking forward just as much to the gig with Simon Shaw at the Gecko Bar & Grill in St Leonards this Sunday 5th June 2016 at 5pm.

Alan Esdaile… Can’t make it to Hereford but look forward to seeing the recordings.