ABC Acoustic Blues Club with John Pearson Jem Turpin and Mick Knight – Jenny Lind Monday 8th April 2024

Mick Knight… John Pearson continues in the tradition of the early country blues players who are his inspiration. He has worked with many of the leading British and American exponents of this music including Alexis Korner, Davey Graham, Jo Ann Kelly, Bert Jansch, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Louisiana Red, Rory Gallagher, Big Moose Walker, Woody Mann, Wizz Jones, Cephas and Wiggins, and Roy Rogers and his Delta Rhythm Kings. John Pearson is not a stranger to Hastings music scene having performed here over many years. He will be joined by his harmonica partner for many of those gigs Jem Turpin. Don’t miss this totally acoustic evening, come on down to  the Jenny and join us.

Hole In The Wall pub Hill Street Old Town Hastings.

Ray Barry… Remember it well,a Merrydown cider and bottle Brown Ale 2/10d. Circa 1963/4

Patricia Burgess… Ray, OMG haven’t heard the name Merrydown for at least 45 years loved that cider. Is it still made.

Ray Barry… Patricia, No the brewery closed some few years ago and is now a housing estate in Horam

Tony Court-holmes… Ray, my mum june used to drink that in The Anchor back in the 60s

Paul Reed… Is that street still there today or did it disappear if thats st Clements church in photo.Did I hear that area suffered bomb damage as well.?

Lynda Whatley… yes that is St Clements Church and the area was suffered bomb damage – and the church suffered too . My mother and myself posed for the local artist – when the church window over the alter was commissioned .

Ray Barry… The street is still there but the pub has long gone and is now a house. A pub round the corner called The Swan got bombed during the Second World War.

Graham Mccallion… I remember those days

John Wilde… I lived in Hill street during the late 70s and it was long gone

Jacqueline Marsh… I went to school just behind this pub

Monica Bane… My Wedding breakfast there In 1960!

Tony Court-holmes… drank in that pub

Tony Collins… Whether true or not but I did hear that at one side of the top window of the Church is a cannonball fired from an enemy ship and the other one is made or stone to balance it up. If you look carefully one is rusted and the other is grey. Can anyone confirm this?

Roger Simmonds… Tony, Yes there is a cannon ball in the wall!

Roger Simmonds… I also used to drink in there in 1964!

Janet Mournard Russell… Used to go there often.

Mick Barrow… The Kicking Donkey kicked the hole in the wall, i think Ron French was the landlord

Don Cropper… A group of us bikers used to drink there and play snooker and billiards in the middle to late 60’s

Cris Kennard… I had my wedding reception in the Hole in the Wall Sept 1968 when I married my first husband (Roger Barnett who died in 1983) Don do you remember.

Tony Collins… Had my 21st birthday party there, I am 76 now!!!

Ray Barry… That is what I was told as well Tony but I’m not 100% sure.

Chris Baker… Lived just round the corner in Cobourg Place! Steve and Ian Hersee and Monica Bane were immediate neighbours

Hi-Fi Restaurant and Discotheque – High Street Hastings 1970’s

Alan Esdaile… I can smell Disque Bleu by just looking at the photo! Well I think that’s what I can smell?

Martyn Baker… Owned by Guy?

Peter Thomson… Is that a cheese?

Patricia Wapshott… I remember that place but can’t remember who ran it , think he was called Guy and his flat above was so cool , he had a sunken bed and a vast record collection , my friend Camille was seeing him and that’s how I got to see the flat . We sat and listened to David Bowie albums while he smoked a joint and I must have been about 15 then and didn’t even know what a joint was ! I just remember that it smelt disgusting and politely said no when he offered it to me that was also smelt incense sticks burning . The innocence of my youth !

Gin Genie… Guy still drinks in the Nelson on a Monday night playing shove

Will Hadfield… I think this is where people hung out in a disco downstairs owned by a bloke called guy or max

Pete Brazier… Didn’t it become the cheese emporium? Probably the Swiss blue what you thought you could smell lol

Chris Baker… Played downstairs a few times. Usually with our electrics swimming in the mix of beer and “toilet water” and getting shocks off the Mike’s and my guitar! Health & Safety? What’s that?

Jim Hobbs…. How about old beer and cigarettes.

Angela Frances Gardner… When Chico had the Jamaican restaurant on the ground floor selling ackee and salt fish

Martin Richter… disque bleu ? you crazy beatniks

Andy Qunta…  Fond memories of this place!

John McCallion… I remember it well Alan, .It’s where I auditioned with Steve D, Paul Dove and Paul Wiseman to form Muller

John Busbridge… Disco was downstairs, used to go there!

Jemma Yasmin… What a lovely building I never knew what was here it’s been a building site as long as I can remember …. do you know when and why it burnt down? With the downstairs of Fagins and this what an amazing place the old town would have been at this time?

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Hi Fi Discotheque High Street Hastings – 23rd December 1967

John Gale… Hard to believe that existed when you see the size of the gap left there after the fire

Alan Esdaile… used to be packed in like sardines!

John Gale… so I hear,  just a bit before my time

Jon McCallion… It’s where it all started Alan as you would remember, I remember Fiona she invited me for the band.

Linda McGregor… It was nothing like a discotheque when I used to go ’76-’79

Buses High Street Hastings 20s/30s

original photographer: unknown. supplied by Lloyd Johnson

Lloyd Johnson… High Street Hastings Old Town….in the 20s/30s….

Marcus de Mowbray… It looks like if the road had been flat the buses would not have been able to pass each other without damaging their bodywork!

Stuart Moir… Enough room for buses to pass each other but I think it was a bit too close for comfort

Peter Houghton… When I lived in Bexhill the Buses used to Drive up from Sidley to the old Town and that is a very narrow road

Stewart Randell… Remember when the No11 & 2 Trolley Buses used to pass in the same spot 1950s


WA Guy Ltd High Street Hastings and Disc Jockey Records sign.

Sid Saunders… So that’s where I left my bike!

Monica Bane… As a Young girl, Use to ask Guys for drawing paper. My, brings back memories!

Claire Lonsdale… I can’t place where in the High St that is

David Edwards… Claire, by the entrance to Sinnock Square, building by Post Office demolished for Philip Cole flats

Ian Johnson… Bought a lot of reggae from the Disc Jockey back in the day

Jackie Hersee… And my old house – 86 High Street

Mick O’Dowd… I worked for W.A. Guy when it became Guy & Jones and they had moved to Sinnock Passage.

Stuart Moir… You won’t it’s such an old photo, even the trolly bus wires show that it’s two way traffic and that bike, well it looks like it belonged to someones great grandad

Save the Electric Palace Cinema High Street Hastings

Rebecca Marshall is organising this fundraiser.

Hi wonderful people of Hastings and beyond, We’re here asking for your help to save the Electric Palace from permanent closure. Unfortunately, we’ve had to close our doors at the start of 2022, our twentieth anniversary. At the start of the pandemic we were carried through by funding from the BFI Cultural Support Fund, but it did not cater for such a terrible December in which we made huge losses due to all the booking cancellations. Now we are left in a disastrous situation. Due to the understandable concerns that affect us all regarding the ongoing Covid Omicron variant, January film bookings and venue hire were at an all-time low. It has not proved financially viable for us to open our doors for film screenings. Even standing closed has substantial outgoings, and we are under threat of permanent closure. To screen a film incurs licence fees and staffing costs that only generate further loss if badly attended.We are a not for profit ‘Community Interest Company’ with a small team of part-time staff and 30 dedicated and brilliantly passionate volunteers. Our running costs rely on ticket sales and bar profits.
for further information click on the link…

Allan Mitchell… Totally agree!!!

Marcus de Mowbray… Great little cinema!

Heather Sidery… Most definitely!