Suspect photo 1971 and Advert for Observer Dance with Highway 10th December 1971


supplied by Stuart Moir

Robert Searle….That’s when Suspect had record out on Decca .It was called Belinda/Mariooka. Loved my short time with Suspect

Stuart Moir….Would be nice to look that young all the time eh!!.. The other guys in the band were Mick Ingram and Graham Putland and of course Dave “beano” Easton .. Many years devoted to the band and all who sailed in her

Paul Kilford… Where they all ” hair models ” at some point ? Just had a barbers flashback.

Andy Qunta… 2 great bands!

Vic Williams… Is that David Walliams in the front ??? Or his exact double don’t you think ???


Barclay James Harvest and Highway – Hastings Pier 1st October 1971



Barclay James Harvey!!!

Mick O’Dowd… This band and the gig which I worked on for Andre Martin & co. became the turning point in my musical tastes. Up till then if it was not black or soul it wasn’t any good(tastefuklly done Mick) but I caught a bit of their set and thought wot an idiot, wot have I been missing. From then on I gave everything a listen before slagging it off. Thanx Barclay James Harvest.

Gavin Martin… Order of 1066 Ceremony. 1966 Oct 14. Vintage. LOL. AD

Robert Searle… Seen them twice at Hastings pier

Tony Court-holmes… was there

Iain Cobby… Saw them on their second visit to the Pier, fell in love with the Mk 2 Mellotron of “Woolly” Wolstenholme, RIP. After all these years I now have a Tron myself. There’s a double CD ” live at the BBC “, charting all BJH outings they did for the beeb, well worth checking out . an amazing band that were the poor man’s Moody Blues, and a great influence on my stuff.

Zzebra & Highway – Hastings Pier 29th June 1974





poster supplied by Mick Mepham. Cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey.

Autographed poster supplied by Peter Houghton

Gary Kinch…..Saw them at Reading in 75 and probably saw them on the pier but like so many of those gigs, I really don’t remember.

Yvonne Cleland….I think I went to see these at the Marquee.

Sarah Harvey… June 29th, 1974. Zzebra with Highway supporting. Following on from my previous Auf Wiedersehen themed post….on July 8th (my birthday 🙂 )the same year, Gary Holton with The Heavy Metal Kids.

Paul Owen… The Heavy Metal Kids were amazing, poor poor Gary Holton, I loved his voice, even as Wayne in Auf Wiedersehen Pet


The nearly on the Hastings beach concert 2015


IMG_0632 IMG_0634

Highway and 1066 Rockitmen 2015

It has now been confirmed that the 2015 Beach Concert will take place this year on the Stade Open Space on Sat 1st August & 2nd August 2015.

Saturday, 1st August:

2.00 – 2.45: Doghouse
3.15 – 3.45: Titus
4.15 – 5.00: Dr Savage
5.30 – 6.15: Highway
6.45 – 8.00: 1066 Rockitmen

Sunday, 2nd August:

2.00 – 2.30: Sean Fennessey and Friends
3.00 – 3.45: Kytes
4.15 – 5.00: The Cajun Dawgs
5.30 – 7.00: The Blues Bros Show

for more details…. and

Tony Davis… Great to see a last minute rescue for this event. Always a good afternoon for bumping into people you know. Perhaps SMART should run a coach – perhaps not cos they’ve moved the coach park now. Lol

Mike Raxworthy… I think everything is finally in place for my “Nearly on the Beach Concert”, apart from two fantastic sunny days. I’ve teamed up with The Old Town Traders Association who have done a great job getting sponsorship, t-shirts, fencing, our own bar and burger stand…. so we should be set to make loads of dosh. I should point out that the money raised is for Hastings Lifeboat, not for the RNLI UK.
Thanks to all the bands that came forward and offered their services for free…on Saturday August 1st we have Doghouse kicking off at 2pm. Titus follow at 3.15, Doctor Savage and the Incurables go mental at 4.15…Highway get heavy at 5.30 and The Rockittmen launch at 6.45.
On Sunday 2nd August at 2pm we have Sean Fenessy and friends at 2pm, the Kytes at 3pm (replacing Sam Calver who had to pull out unfortunately) The Cajun Dawgs at 4.15 and The Blues Bro Show finishes the evening from 5.30 till 7pm.
Please give generously to the bucketeers when they come round – we really want to break records with this one so that it continues into the future. And next year IT WILL BE BACK ON THE BEACH!
We could do with some Marshalls over the two days, so if you fancy a free yellow t-shirt, a burger and some hard work then please message me soon with a phone number.
I could also do with some muscle on Monday morning about 10am to help take down the fencing and do a final clean up with us. Please come along, give as little or as much as you can afford and have a good time….after all it is the launch party for Old Town Week.

Sarah Harvey… SMART members…. which of you are playing in which bands? When you play, I’ll go then 🙂

Hastings Free Beach Concert… So a few changes were made which were not our fault we took this over about 4 months before the event, and I will say it was bloody hard going , but with some fantastic Bands, Sponsors and many many Hands on deck setting up and helping Saturday and Sunday I THINK we done a Grand job and have raised £12,641.86. Thanks to everyone that helped and attended, think it goes to show IT WAS A SUCCESS.

Bon Giovi & support Highway – Hastings Seafood & Wine Festival Friday 13th Sept 2013


Promoter Mike Raxworthy.…Some of you might know that I book and put on the music for Hastings Seafood and Wine Festival. This year its on Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th of September. As I always get my entertainment marquee, stage and bar in place by the Thursday I asked the council to consider having a launch party in it on the friday (13th sept!!!). They gave me permission but added that the funding (due to cut backs) had to be down to me….my risk. I’ve decided to go for it and have booked Bon Giovi to headline. ‘A tribute!’ I hear you say, but this band is one hell of a tribute! Their lead vocalist Andreas is a brilliant vocalist in his own right and highly acclaimed by guys like Robert Plant and Mick Box. Even Jon himself reckons the guy’s a must-see! The support band is Pete Presscot’s Highway. Tickets are only £7.50 in advance from Hastings Information Centre…the new one in Aquilla House. If I get 320 people I’m covered, so without this sounding like a begging letter, please come along and support it. If it’s a success I’m sure the council will let me do something bigger next year.