Motown Chartbusters Vol 3

motown no 3

motown vol3 back

post suggested by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… This week in 1970 Motown released the first of the Motown Chartbusters. Above no 3 is a pretty iconic cover from the past.

Alan Esdaile… All rest tracks behind a painted smile The Isley Brothers.

Janine Anne Scott… Still got this one.

Jon McCallion… Good album but five was better.

Alan Pepper… One of the first LPs bought from The RECORD shop !
Behind a painted smile … Can’t think of another MOTOWN track that has an intro and a sudden ending – anyone ? Loved the Stevie Wonder songs on this !

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supplied by Will Cornell

Will Cornell… These are the only two vinyl Motown comps in my collection. This is the one of the earliest ones from about ’63 or so and a doozy from about ’70–a 5 LP box set that was set up like a radio documentary–like “The Beatles Story” issued over here, but with full length tunes and the dj seguing into Diana, or Stevie or Smokey or Levi or whoever, telling us something about the tune. Was only $5.99 I recall, but alas, mine was missing the souvenir booklet that was supposted to come inside.

Alan Esdaile… Don’t remember the first one being released here Will but pretty sure I remember The Motown Story in the UK. Anyone else confirm?

Mick O’Dowd… Yes I had a vinyl copy of the Motown Story. This is where jocks got the Motown hits jingles compilation from. Great album and i’ve got it on CD now. Yes it did Will. Nice full sized slinky super-doper turbo-charged booklet.

Susan Cordeux… I still have Motown Chartbusters vol 3, love Motown.

Leigh Weiland-Boys… …….and me, yet again – vinyl & CD!

Paul Morfey… Yes still got the vinyl Ive had for 40 plus years also got the C.D.!!

Pete Prescott… ME ! My brother Steve had this. I have it on cd.great album !

Heather Carter… Yep, got the album…

Jan Warren… Yep, I’ve still got it and it’s the clear vinyl one, had it for many years!!

Tony Davis… Just bought a cd box set with the first 5 motown chartbusters albums in. Great stuff

Lynne Smith… Got it on cd. Love Motown.

Pop Quiz: Can You Identify These ’70s Hits by Just Their First Second?

Pop Quiz: Can You Identify These ’70s Hits by Just Their First Second?

By David Haglund, Chris Kirk, and Forrest Wickman


Jimmy Page, Elton John, and Donna Summer photos by Getty.

Alan Esdaile… I got 13

Matt Thomas… I got 13 as well. Where are the 80’s ones? that is more my era lol

John Wilde… Easy….more please

Lesley Brown… Really enjoyed this. I got 13 too, but one refused to play. Not sure I would have got it anyway though.

John Storer… 13 out of 16 for me, too … Only 10 out of 16 for the 80s … and the 90s pretty much completely beat me …. had actually stopped listening to anything that wasn’t funk, soul or jazz by then, though … until Britpop came along, anyway

Alan Esdaile… Got 10 on the 80’s and 7 for the 90’s.

Matt Thomas… 12 for the 80’s and 7 for the 90’s

Kev Towner… 15 in the 70’s one – couldn’t get Three Dog Night. Only 12 in the 80’s one – but one of them wouldn’t let me type the ampersand. The 90’s I’m not sure I dare tackle that one.