Hollington Police Box St Leonards 1960’s

photo © Robert Paton

Robert Paton… Hollington Police Box corner of Battle Road and Perth Road 1960’s

Paul Phillips… Real coppers then that walked their beat , made you feel safe on the streets.

Stuart Moir… They would be useless in todays drug filled streets, kids of all ages tooled up and don’t give a shit who they hurt .

Sam Rosewell… I remember this still being there in the 70s – my grandparents lived across the road

Daryl Perkins… Remember this

Patric Lewis… Opposite the Tiv.

Ian Johnson… Know it well

Mark Randall…PC 31 “Excuse me Super, would you mind blowing into this please?” Super “Of course, but you realise it’s a balloon?” PC 31 “Yes, of course I do, its Sarge’s leaving Day party and we’ve not quite finished putting the canteen decorations up”

Tracy Birrell… I remember it,being of a certain age. Also the box at the bottom of London Road, on the seafront.