The Dolphin Jazz Band – thanks to Lloyd Johnson for finding this

some great photos in the video, including …

Lloyd Johnson… Here are The Dolphins Jazz Band that use to play the Caves on Friday nights in the 1950s and 1960s. They also played The Regent Hotel ,The Pier and The Old Town Market Hall…great times and loads of fun!…beatniks galore!….different times!…I remember a chap sitting at the window seat of the public bar in The Anchor with a sousaphone wrapped around him whilst another probably Pete Treger or Bruce Astley played guitar. I Loved that free and easy bohemian/ beatnik period in Hastings in the early 60s….

David Oak… Picture shows trumpet and trombone held by players, very possibly Pete Treger &Brian Towers ???

Elizabeth Woodcock… I remember going to The Railway Hall at Warrior Square and the hall by the church at the top of Pevensey(?) Road.

Tony Court-holmes… my mum loved them

Robin Harris… I worked with Brian Towers in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. It was he who fostered my interest in Traditional Jazz.

Monica Bane… I remember those days! So care free and a happy town!

Dave Bastable… I used to go to the Jazz cub under the Regent Hotel. Life was so free and easy then. My friend Anson Lanes parents owned The Regent On Sunday mornings I would go there and shift all the beer crates and bottles from the night before with Anson. Geoff Coates played with the band I think he became a Lecturer at Crewe and Alsager College. After the Regent the band moved around a bit. Last place I remember was the hall by the. Church in Pevensey Road Some of the nurses from RESH went to The Regent on Jazz night. They also frequented The Fiesta Coffee Bar., as well as The Anchor and The Pump House. It was a time when Hastings was really alive and so much fun to live in. We were lucky to live there in those times

Nigel Livermore… Pete Treger was a prefect when I was in one of the lower years at the Hastings Grammar School. Always had a ‘cool guy’ image…….