How do you sort your vinyl and cd’s?

Alan Esdaile… Believe it or not I used to sort the records for the disco’s in label order, with the chart and new releases in separate boxes.  The cd’s are now in an A-Z order with new ones on top. Then the problem is does Jeff Buckley go under J or B or do most people sort under sections, like blues, folk, rock etc?

Peter Fairless… Alphabetically, by band or artist surname. Oldies the same but divided by decade.

Chris Sambrook… CD’s are all over the place but roughly know where i can find them. Records are in alpha order like Deep Purple or Man. Funny thing is Bach was under some B with some of my Blues CD’s, so i must have thought Blind Lemon Bach, amazing Harp player.

Tony Davis… I stick them on a shelf and hope that I can remember where I put them. Seems to be getting more difficult as I get older. I know I’ve got a best of CD by the band Live but I can’t find it anywhere!!!!!