The Three Degrees, Prince Charles and The Meridian featuring Janine – Kings Country Club Eastbourne March & July 1978




photos and menu supplied by Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Andre Palfrey Martin… I have dug around and come up with the attached photos from Thursday 27 July 1978 – One is HRH talking to the girls before the show in the Foyer of Kings Country Club, Eastbourne and the other was taken with HRH and I think it was Sheila Ferguson doing the ” bump” – this image of HRH was flashed around the world within hours and made newspapers everywhere.

Alan Esdaile… Could it be Andre in the background on the first picture?

Andre Palfrey Martin … It could well be, I was working that night, and quite on the cards I would have been backstage, security had almost shut down the whole building, we had to be at the club by 6.00pm a good 2 hours earlier than usual, once in you could not get out ! however in the club itself, I could go anywhere as usual, so its on the cards that could well be me. I am sure that I would have had my hair and beard trimmed for the night, and would of course been in some form of formal attire. It was a great night. The Girls were really terrific people, but I still cannot remember their Tour Managers name, I think it was Richard …something, I do however recall that I had to give up my dressing room that night for him to use, I had to share the resident bands room with them.

Trevor Walker… My wife and I were there ! Good times were had at Kings ! Show Place of the South !!!

Jacqueline Marsh… I was there about half a dozen seats away from Charlie, he was absolutely drooling over the 3 Degrees !

Andre Martin… Your quite right about Prince C this was the famous shot that went global when he visited the club for the Prince’s Trust.l must dig out the original and have close look at this presentation line up,all I can remember was that was next to Sandy Croft in the second row it was 40 years ago

Sandra Thompsett… I remember the Kings Club being in Eastbourne but I can’t remember exactly where it was and when it closed

Jackie Robinson (was Welch)… I was there that night. I worked in the Finance Office from 1974 – 1978 when I moved away to Lincolnshire with my ex husband. I remember my office smelling of food the next morning because the police/security were based in there during the evening! I remember Audrey, Pat and Julia in the front office and Eddie and his Secretary in the office opposite mine. Bob Butler was the accountant and there was a strange lady in the cashiers office. She used to bring her dog in to work every day and lock herself in her office which had no windows……a bit weird! I also remember Chris Gentry. They all gave me a wonderful send off when I left and I still have the giant card which they all signed. It was a fun place to work and I have very fond memories of my time there.