John Martyn & ? – Beach Concert



all photos Eddie Hazell Estate

Yvonne Cleland….That looks a bit like Monkey.

Chris Baker commenting on John Martyn…..Was never a big fan. He lived just up the road from me in Cobourg Place. However, Bev Martin was an angel. An amazing voice that never got the limelight it deserved. I played with her a couple of times and she was one of the sexiest jazz / blues singers I’ve ever known. I always swore he copied my Watkins Copycat techniques!.

John Wilde…..John was a brilliant guitarist with a unique technique. In life he was a violent angry man capable of a heartfelt sensitivity when he performed. I worked for him for two years touring europe. Rock on John. Beverley is super talented and still playing. She is a beautiful woman whose career was cut short by pregnancy and Johns refusal to allow her to work. She lives in Hove. She has a website which you can subscribe to. A wise lady.

Alan Esdaile….Always got on well with John Martyn but your right about Beverley being talented, should have been a lot bigger in her own right.

Here’s another brilliant performance from John in 1981

Jim Breeds…..Fabulous. Words fail me when I listen to his stuff.

John Wilde…..John at his best.