I will not talk in class…

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Pete Prescott… I had to do this a few times. I had to do this a few times. I had to do the A few times

Graham Matthews… Me too.

SindySnap… strap 3 pens together for a speedier completion

Mike Guy… SindySnap, me too, 3 different colours just for a bit of fun. This was one from our English (& form teacher in 1963) “Work hard work is a blessing to the soul and character of the man that works. No man is more to be pitied than he who has nothing to do.”

Karen Sweatman… I used to sellotape about 4 pens together too do 4 lines at once!

Chris Wood… me too

Angela Frances Gardner… The best punishment we had was to copy a couple of pages out of the General Knowledge magazines. We always picked the most gruesome!

Gaynor Lewry… Wore out several pencils doing them !!

Andy Pocock… Too early for that, a visit to the headmaster’s study was the usual result

Miriam Moffat-Bailey… Yes remember this well

Andy Pocock… Why is the ‘n’ in ‘not’ small and the one in ‘in’ capital?

Colin Norton… Andy, that would get you another hundred lines!

John Mcewen… Normally just got a slap from the teacher.

Sandy Max… Oh yes……..and our headmaster’s other favourite was copying out passages of the Bible……the most boring ones!

Chris Meachen… We were made to write essays on bizarre subjects..

David Wilkinson… Grammatically incorrect. Repeat the punishment.

Marilyn Spence… Me

Mick O’Dowd… I used a ruler for all the i’s!

Mike Rawlinson… Yes

Charlie Ball… Me

Dawn Mann… Oh yes and at home haha! X

Pat Clarke… I did I did

Louise Allen… Wendy Clark …. I think we wrote a few miles of those

Noreen Plested… Me also

Danielle Reed… Me on. Loads of occasions

Glo Macari… Oh Yes

Wendy Weaver… Many times.

Maria Macari… yeah…they got you to write it in detention even if you were there for something else!

Ralph Town… I was forced to write out hymn number one in the songs of praise hymn book when at the Elphinstone School. It went….For thy mercy and thy grace, faithful thru another year, hear our song of thankfulness, Father and Redeemer, hear. Now, considering I last wrote that first verse out when I was 10 and I’m now 62, you get some idea of how many times I did it. My greatest achievement in mainstream education, I fear.

Hayley OBrien… Yes I did