Damaris – Hastings Pier 22nd May 1976 & details of where the name came from (Damaris mark 1 – 1974)







all cuttings supplied by Iain Cobby

Damaris line up – Dave Nattress, Iain Cobby, Tony Barraclough, Paul Durrant, Mick Kemp.

Pete Fisher… serious flares!!

Phil Thornton… Damaris were great ! We (Stallion) played on the same bill as them a couple of times, It was cool having a local band around who were trying to do something a bit different !

Iain Cobby… Thanks for that Phil, much appreciated. Your Elka Rhapsody inspired Paul to buy one, the first affordable string synth on the market at that time.

John Wilde… where are you Damaris peeps?

Phil Thornton… the rhapsody had a great sound ! – (mine had a mod done by Tony Bird which gave it the ability to make a great church organ sound !) more distinctive than the logan or the solina (and cheaper !!)

Dave Nattress… Yes, the pier gigs Damaris did with Stallion were really great. Personally I always looked up to Stallion and John you were world class mate!! Hopefully you still are!!  In answer to your question John – Dave Nattress – I’m still imprisoned in Bexhill but, for good behaviour, I’m hoping to get out to see Iain Cobby in the very near future – first time for over 35 years. Iain lives in Peasmarsh now. Tony Barraclough – guitar, is playing in No Exit, and still lives locally I believe, although I haven’t seen him for many years, Paul Durrant – Keys, lives in Scotland I think, and Mick Kemp skins – no idea.

Yvonne Cleland…  I remember Paul Durrant from the Lido days! John Wilde is still world class, btw!

Graham Burfield… I remember seeing them on the pier with Stallion great stuff.

John Wilde… Cheers Dave. Thanks for the compliment. They were great days and we all had inspirational ideas. Ahhh the joy of youth. Best wishes to you Dave.

Stallion, Steppin’ Out and Damaris Hastings Pier 15th January 1977

supplied by Sarah Harvey


bell records slik


Paul Durrant…..Wow – amazing to see all this Sarah – thanks so much for posting – I played keyboards for Damaris – also great to see so many familiar names and faces that I never seem to see when I’m in Hastings (I live in Scotland now) – it reminded me of the night that Stallion won the Melody Maker Contest in London…..


supplied by Jules Carter

Phil Gill…..And here’s the poster from the Stallion gig as it looks in my dining room. Pic stolen from Jules Carter’s Facebook collection, but he took in my house and it’s my poster, so….And I can’t be bothered to get up off the sofa and walk to the dining room to take my own picture.

Paul Durrant….The pier gigs line up for Damaris was Mick Kemp – Drums, Tony Barraclough – Guitar, Iain Cobby – Bass, Paul Durrant – Keyboards and Dave Nattress – vocals.

Dave Nattress….Stumbled into this website after years on and off trying to backtrack the good times of Hastings Rock. I feel thrilled to see Damaris and references to my old band-mates, Paul Durrant, Iain Cobby, Mick Kemp, Tony Barraclough. We had some great gigs on the pier including supporting Stallion several times – they were something else and John Wilde – what a vocalist. We were in the Melody Maker Rock Contest the same year Stallion rightfully won it. I remember well the heat at Sussex University. Great to brag about that one and the pier of course. Astonished to see so much of the old stuff posted. To all of you who have helped this along – really well done. You’ve made an old man really happy!!!

Footloose at The Carlisle 1970’s

supplied by Harry Randall

Harry Randall… Once upon a time a long long long long time ago when I had Hair a Les Paul Custom and a Marshall! Those were the days! Not allowed anymore how times have changed! The Carlisle about 1979 from left to right Tony Bridger (Guitar) Will Powell (Drums) Brian Setchfield (vocals) Iain Cobby (Bass) and myself HARRY Randall (guitar) would love to see any other photos kicking around!

Phil Gill… nice pic, thanks for sharing. I always loved Tony’s playing when I was in Stallion, he had great tone, was always concise and consistent and played with intent. The two of you together must have been a joy. Remember my first Stallion studio outing aged 19 with Phil Cordell as producer and Tony on guitar. He was right on the money.

Harry Randall… yes one of the greats, I think I played about eight years in all I remember phoning the Star at Normans bay for a gig and they said never had bands before eventually we were picking the bar out 5 deep so asked for an increase for our meagre gig money only to be told there’s the door! Typical.

Tim Moose Bruce… Loved the set list you guys did. Foreigner, Boston, Styx Quo, Lizzy and loads more.

Harry Randall… Yeah a lot of people knocked us for doing covers but in those days they were pretty obscure bands in UK bigger in Belgium things like Cold as ice and Hot blooded! Played that LP to death!

Iain Cobby… What is that on my head? Playing my old Ric 4001 . Harry and I recently worked on Brian’s Video for ” Freedom Ride” . Missing Tony and have many such memories of him then and pre Stallion, many of which would be unprintable. Do remember carting gear up those stairs! good times.

Tim Moose Bruce… 1st time I saw you in this band(1978 at the Wheatsheaf), you had a doubleneck guitar.

Harry Randall… Tim, that was my Ibanez be worth a lot of money now same as my JTM 45 Marshall everything was hand written on it it was that old

Tim Moose Bruce… Saw a pair of Ibanez doubleneck guitars in the 80s in Cass Music in Eastbourne. About the same time I bought my Shergold doubleneck from Birds Music.

Wee Jock… Love the photo, stacks, wem columns, concert toms

Tim Moose Bruce… Wee, And Brian’s vocals going through a Copycat. Sounded great.

Harry Randall… Wee, used to pack out the Star at Normans Bay, landlord said the tiles were coming off the roof LOL! I remember phoning them and arranging the gig at a low fee as they never had bands after several months and the bar getting 5 deep to get served asked for a raise as we had by then established it well and truly only to be told “No”! So pulled out!

Mike Waghorne… Never missed any of your gigs at the Star even the Runt & Tun at Heathfield was a good gig

Harry Randall… Miss this double neck ! If anyone has any photos of those days please post them or pm me we only have about 5 and I know a few were taken at gigs!

Harry Randall… Tim, finally got a photo of it! Broke a string so had to change it during break


Damaris photos – nissen hut Wishing Tree Road St Leonards.

all photos © Nick Webb

Iain Cobby, Paul Durrant, Mike Kemp.        3rd photo unknown venue

Phil Gill… Iain sold me that Fender Precision bass in 1976. I still have it.

Di Veness… Remembering Ruth too.

Iain Cobby… Wow! not seen these before! Many thanks to Nick for showing them. I do remember the rehearsals with the guys. we waz great ! Sound City and a 70’s Fender from Mullet Smiths …. after al these years and many Alembics, Stingrays , Manson’s and Ric’s I finally went out and bought a Fender Precision last month …… great gear!.
Tony, Mick, Paul & Ruth and Dave and not forgetting the most outrageous roadies Nick and Richard, bless you & love you all! ps I think the 3d photo is under B and S shop in Bexhill?

Dave Nattress… Fantastic – Iain and Paul I went to college with, same classes in construction studies, and Mick was also in construction but a different year or class. Became great mates and I later joined Damaris. I recall Iain’s Fender before he got the Ricky and the Sound City stack. Not sure who owned the Simms-Watts gear, I only recall Tony’s Vox AC30.
Best wishes all and to Nick Webb. Its been a long time.

Paul Durrant… Yes really great to see these pics Nick! I think Iain’s right that the third pic is the Bexhill shop basement, I think it was later lined with old mattresses for sound proofing. The Nissan hut on Wishing Tree Road was where it all started though, Mick arranged it I think. The black painted speakers were built by my work pals at Hammonds on Ponswood – they weighed a ton. Yes likewise Iain and David – Alan has my email address if you ever want to get in touch – one of these days I’ll be down from Scotland for a coffee meet. Always remember those Hastings College days too – including going on a site visit to Brighton Marina when it was being built, all wearing outrageous platform shoes, totally unsuitable for ladder climbing! We drove over in Iain’s MG.

Dave Nattress… Nice one Iain. Yes I recall so well the B & S rehearsal studio in Bexhill and the dodgy old bed-mattresses used for sound absorption/insulation and the grumpy old fella upstairs in the flat above the shop. Love and best wishes to all the guys and special love in Ruth’s memory. Much rock and roll hardship after a gig, unloading gear, humping all the cabs. through the shop and down the narrow rickety stairs. And BW to Nick and Richard also. Must get in to SMART next and hopefully see you, Nick and whoever. Pics. are (somewhat naturally), just as I recall everyone/everything. Lionel’s/hair/clothes/gear. Great days, great to have done.

Iain Cobby… Thanks Dave!
Hi Phil, Lot ot rubbish talked about pre CBS stuff , but it was a fab bass (and I’m sure still is). I loved that bass but had to sell as I had borrowed the money for a new Ric 4001 from my dad. Had to drive my mini to London to get it and got stopped by the Met who were in pursuit of a felon ! ended up getting a cab to Fender Sound House where I bought it ( I don’t remember getting back to Hastings!) hazy days!


Footloose 2022

Harry Randall… Amazing how things change? Maybe destiny? The remainder of Footloose” Harry , Brian and Iain, getting it on! Check out Freedom Ride by Brian on You Tube! More also coming ! We are working on it! Who’d have thought back in the 70’s we’d end up like this? Missing our forebearers Tony, Will and Chris RIP!

Tim Moose Bruce… Remembering you guys at the Wheatsheaf back in 78. Rocked the place.

Barry French… So pleased to see members of Footloose reunited performing such a stunning track.
Still a great band fronted by one of the towns finest frontmen in Brian Setchfield.

Harry Randall…. thanks Barry! The next ones even better

Beatles Day 16 – 12th April 2015 and Mania and Black Ash chat


Tony (Anthony) Davis…. new band Mania who will be playing at Beatles day ….. Look out for Mania, a band bringing together youth and experience. Experience in the shape of long time local musician Iain Cobby and Sol Buckner and the youth provided by 15 year old vocalist Caitlin Merison, 16 year old drummer Zoe Bisson and 13 year old guitarist Benjamin Davis. See you there. Above photo of them playing on Queensway at Sundays half marathon.  Mania will be on the Main Stage at 12.15pm, then on the acoustic stage at 3pm. They will be doing different sets on each stage.

Claire Davis… Very proud of Benjamin Davis and the rest of the band, well done MANIA

Alan Esdaile… Just reading through the programme and as always, lots of great musicians are playing. Have highlighted these to see so far. Mania, Mick Bolton & Friends, Centre Page (in honour of Paul Burton), Martin Blackman, The Kytes, Claire Hamill, Liane Carroll, Phil Gill’s Abbey Rodeo Band, The Pete Prescott Band, The 1066 Rockitmen, The Dan Large Band, Grundy, The Beagles, Titus, and who’s this Factrio with Lol Tony & Geoff! Plus loads more, its going to be a GREAT DAY.

Yvonne Cleland… If anyone records Factrio, please would they do a copy for me?

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