Icehouse – 1983


Andy Qunta … Are my glasses big enough, I wonder!

Pete Prescott… like a cast off from Buggles! I was so pleased when you got that gig. You worked so hard, also really envious ha ha !

Andy Qunta… Yes, I guess it is kind of Buggle-ish! Very stylish at the time, but hard to believe now! I was pleased to get the gig too! Any of us Hastings crowd from that era could have done well, I’m just lucky to have been able to do as much as I did!

Mick Mepham… You don’t get it if you don’t earn it Andy. You earned it and good on yer.

Terry Pack… Hair gel and big glasses!

Pete Prescott… i had a video of you on totps for ages (wonder if its still around ? its on You Tube no doubt) your doing hey little girl. The camera goes by and you do the Elvis lip curl thing. Lovely stuff, a real happy totps moment ! yeah you earned it !

Pete Fairless… Here you go…

Alan Esdaile… I see what Pete means by the Elvis lip curl!

Mark Sims… Wasn’t Guy Pratt in this band at some point? He played bass.

Andy Qunta… Guy Pratt joined when I did in 1982. He’s in the video from Top of the Pops that Pete Fairless posted. The photo Alan posted was from 1986, a year after Guy left.

Alberto Garcia… Electric Blue.

Paul Gray… Saw them supporting Bowie at Milton Keynes Bowl in 1983. They were very good. That was a very long, hot day and had to spend the night at Gatwick Airport waiting for the first train back to Hastings. Happy days!