Terry Johns Disc Jockey – Sesar Club Iceland & Azur


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photos supplied by Terry Hardwick

Photo from Sesar Iceland in the 70’s and more recent Abba Girls Night at the Azur.

Peter Pursglove… we first met when he was working at Toff’s and have been friends since then , i have built lots of speakers and consoles over the years for him ,he always has plenty of great stories to tell he will keep the group amused ,he he

Terry Johns… I like Pete, he is a very skilled carpenter and cabinet maker as well as being a great doorman who worked all over the south of the UK, he had the ability of stepping into some very hostile situations and defusing them without the need for any violence in short one of the best doormen I have worked with .


Einar Vilberg

When I worked in the country of Iceland in the 70’s, I was really impressed with the musical talent and got to see lots of bands. I met Einar Vilberg in the club I was working in and was blown away by his track ‘Nowhere’. So much so that I took some albums back to the UK and worked round my contacts in the record companies to try and  set up a UK release.  Had a lot of interest especially from ‘CBS’ but they had too many singer songwriters on their label at that stage. I was soon off again to my next overseas gig, so was unable to push this further. Anyway here’s the track, enjoy..


by Julius Agnarsson



Bláir englar. Spiluðu blues 1991.

Einar’s still going strong and making good music. Here’s another track from 1977 – Maybe Its Your Faith?