Does anyone still say I’m going to spend a penny?

Alan Esdaile… Never noticed the unfortunate wording!

Colin Fox… There stood I broken hearted, paid a penny and only farted!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… My dear Dad always said that!

Graham McCallum… Not heard that expression in a very long time Colin

Jacqueline Marsh… I still use it lol showing my age

Daryl Perkins… Still use it…and I got stuck in the loos in Alexander Park!!

Dawn Baker… I remember hastings train station had these.

Martin Richter… doesn’t Penny mind ….?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Yep – say it all the time, though it’s 20p these days!

Phyllis Mendenhall… That is funny

Harry Norcliff… Yip

Alan Esdaile… The very old ones, underground, in the town centre had these. Buried now but possibly still there

Roy Penfold… I suppose in these politically correct times, we would have to say educationally challenged Penny, but that wouldn’t fit in the space.

Dave Nattress… Eastbourne Sea-front by the pier was 20p on Thursday so I walked to M & S!! There was a turn-stile in place which, like at Eastbourne Station and elsewhere I would “hop” over but there was a hulk of a (I guess) council worker obviously monitoring the place preventing “hopping”. I absolutely refuse to pay Eastbourne or anywhere for using a toilet when as in the case of Thursday, visiting the place, spending money, boosting their economy, (well I didn’t spend a lot admittedly), and I also refuse wherever possible to spend money on their excessively costly on-street parking spaces.

Jeanette Jones… I always make a comment on inflation, but that’s me!