Andy Gunton interview with Phil Gill for Hastings Rock 2015. Lots of Stallion and SMART meeting chat.

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Andy Gunton… I hope you didn’t mind me uploading it Phil, but I was talking to Alan about it yesterday & we both thought it would be a good idea

Phil Gill… No problem Andy, thanks for sharing.

Alan Esdaile… Great well done Phil & Andy. See you at the Living Museum Friday.

Herb Cochley… That was fun.

Tony Davis… Well done Phil and Andy. Nice chat. Phil I dropped a hint about a Stallion reunion by playing If Life Were Death on Hastings Rock. See you on Friday

Phil Gill… Thanks for playing it Tony.

Peter Shaw… Phil is a living Hastings Music Museum of Rock….I bought a stick of it as it had PHIL all the way through! Good solid mention of SD..!
Well done!