Hastings International Folk Festival 22nd May – 25th May 1987





supplied by Mick Mepham

Also appeared Titus and Friends,  Blowabella, Ralph McTell, The Kipper Family, Barry Dransfield, Cecil Sharp, Ashley Hutchings, Bonnie Shalijean and loads more. Gigs at various venues and events took place throughout the town.

Robert Searle… Saw Tom Paxton at the Congress Eastbourne .The place was nearly empty ,so embarrassing for him and the audience. A really nice folky who i liked in the early sixties.

Will Cornell… I’d do anything to be able to see Blowzabella. They’ve played S.America a lot, but nary a nod to the ol’ USA. On my top 5 list of faves. Oh well, I do correspond with one of the guys quite a lot on matters re: Hurdy Gurdy!

Jake Thackray – Hayloft Folk Club (Fairlight Cove Hotel) 2nd November 1974



Barry Dyke….OK, I know it isn’t the pier, or even a rock act, but back in the mid 70s Gill and I saw Jake Thackray in The Hayloft bar at Fairlight. Afterwards we had a pint with him in the bar. He was a lovely chappy, as brilliant a raconteur as he was a humorous song smith.

Phil Thornton…. was at that gig !

Barry Dyke….We were sat behind a pillar and went up to him in the bar afterwards to thank him for the show. He asked us where we were sitting and when we told him he immediately apologised and bought us a drink.

Jim Breeds….I was at that gig too!! Unless Jake appeared in The Hayloft more than once? I didn’t get a drink though!! I loved his songs. Well, I got a drink of course. Or six. Just not paid for by Jake. Almost certainly that was the night he insulted my tie. “Did you wear it as a bet?” or something like that. What was I thinking of, wearing a tie to a folk club!? Great night. “Shhh!! This is a folk club!!” was a popular saying at The Hayloft by various members of the audience if one dared to speak to a friend or go to the bar at the back to buy a round.

Pete Prescott….carol and i listen to his best of album often.its brilliant.the bantom cock is our favorite.


Geoff Peckham… ..or wear a loud tie Jim?! What a fantastic month!

Yvonne Cleland… Those first two weeks!

Chris Giles… I went there.

Andy Qunta… Impressive names there!

Neil Cartwright… Brilliant. Saw him a few years later (??) at the Black Horse – in the garden, I think.

Folk Evening – Hastings Carnival – Alexandra Park 19th July 1975

Peter Thomson… Yes, I was there. I recall Graham Barrett and Dave Kent were there also, amongst many others. Great evening.

Pete Prescott… wish I had seen this man live. wonderful artist ! Check out “the Bantom Cock ” brilliant !

Peter Thomson… I know comedic standards have shifted with time but he has to be responsible for some of the least PC lyrics. “I love a good bum on a woman, it makes me smile”. How sad that I’m not allowed to find this funny any more.