Blue Oyster Cult – Tour Programme 1978 (a few pages featured) supplied by Eric Cawthraw.

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supplied by Eric Cawthraw

Eric Cawthraw… it was a tour to promote their Spectres album. The gig I went to was at the Hammersmith Odeon – as it then was. The support was Japan when they were still heavy long-hairs, so before they changed their image and musical direction. I think it cost BOC £250K to put this on – serious money in those days – and the laser show was amazing for its time.
Some things never change – we went by train and trying to get back to Hastings was diabolical. We ended up catching the mail train to Brighton at 3.00 am, then came along the coast. The coach we travelled in was one of those old ones where the walkway ran down the side and the separated compartments had those overhead nets for you luggage. 2 of us slept in them with 2 more stretched out on the seats underneath. I think Kev Potter and John Storer were in the baggage rack! The jouney was as memorable as the gig!, These are just a few of the pages.

Carol Bolton… Mick met them whilst he was touring with Mott in the 70s. He said he was surprised to meet musicians even smaller than he was. 😉

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I  went to that BOC gig too, was absolutely brilliant! Loved Japan! We parked in the British Oxygen Company (BOC) opposite – very appropriate!

Nigel Ford… Bernie Martin of ” Warehouse Light & Sound ” worked with them for some time, I think he said he was their roadie. We stumbled across them by accident in “Downtown” Las Vegas several years ago playing free at the Harley Davidson centenary celebrations there and Steppenwolf the following evening!

Graham Belchamber… Sounds like the train journeys I endured after Rush at Hammy Odeon in 1979 and Rainbow at Wembley in.1980, where a mini riot as Blackmore refused to do an encore as the crowed were too quiet. Chairs lobbed at stage, fire extinguishers set off…,