The Trilogy – Prinny’s Club 30th August 1969


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Tony Davis… Does anybody know who was in the Trilogy?

Sarah Harvey… Stating the obvious…..Probably three musicians….. about as much as I can ascertain!

Tony Court-holmes… I drank in there but never remember any bands

Phil Gill… Ha! Our old Maths/Form teacher, John “Lester” Piggott, used to play in the jazz band there. Came in hungover every Monday and, at lunch time, would fall asleep sat at his desk in a little office at the back of the form room, with his head on his arms. Prinny’s is now Lathams.

Duke Ellington – Eastbourne Performance December 1973


Chris Coleman… This is a LP cover of The Duke Ellington Congress concert, dec. 1973 interesting for two reasons. Because we were in the middle of massive social unrest at the time,three day week power and petrol rationing etc.the attendance numbered around a silly 50 only.Ten minutes before start time, the Duke put his head through the curtains and asked us to give him a call when the audience.arrived. The second point is that this was Duke Ellingtons last live performance, he passed away a few months later.

Mick Bolton… Strangely enough I’m writing this in the foyer of the Congress Theatre. I’m picking my wife up after she’s been watching Cats. I turned down the opportunity to see it – I don’t think I could sit through a Lloyd Webber musival – but I just wish I could turn the clock back and see the great Duke on that stage!

Alan Elsdon & His Band – Combe Haven – 1970.

img143 alan elsdon band

Kevin Sherwood… Looks like a evening to stay in!

Andy Knight… I remember the Elsdon band when I worked there as a bar boy in 66

Terry Pack… Crikey! I did a few weeks there in the early 80s, backing the cabaret acts and playing dance music with a quartet called Tuxedo Function! Pure class! The keyboard player, a very nice man called Rod, sang, reading the pop stuff from buskers’ books. He had clearly never heard half of the songs, and his pronunciation of certain words was fantastic. In Get Back, he sang that ‘Jojo left his home in Tuck sun, Arizona’.