Who ate jelly cubes straight from the pack?

shared from Sheila Goss

Alan Esdaile… Yes guilty!! I would always offer to help mum if she was making a jelly but wasn’t a good idea to give me the job of splitting the cubes. One would always disappear!

Merv Kennard… Wasn’t it the law that you ate at least one cube.

Colin Bell… Guilty as charged!…sorry, again….mum!

Ann Hogg… Oh yes!

Shaun Cramp… Yep

Kate Recknell-Page… Yep done that on a few occasions!!

Wendy Weaver… I still nick some now

Pete Prescott… Yep!

Antonia Jacobs… Before I found out what it was made from

Robert Fisher… Yes

Edward Adams… i did

Stuart Moir… When my mum had no money for sweet treats, kids today don’t know how our parents struggled to make ends meet after the war, it was a bloody sight worse than todays families on benefits I can tell you, and don’t think this is bullshit .

Dave Nattress… Now you mention it – Yes!

SindySnap… Good for your nails and hair

Tracy Birrell… I used to buy it with my pocket money instead of sweets sometimes…..now I know what it’s made from.

Pete Brazier… Oops! Me (when I could get away with it lol

Martin Richter… i loved this and even in my 20’s still had tea with my nan every friday. she’d always give me some goodies to take home – including jelly (every week!) i didn’t want to upset her so took in good faith – but i had a cupboard full! anyway, returning from the pub with my best mate he decided to open some jelly, tear off a square and proceeded to thumb-toss them onto the ceiling – where they stuck! this was hilarious until at about 3am when they started dropping to the floor with a *thud* every 5 mins!

Peter Houghton… Trouble is one is not enough so may be pieces just a little water

Reid McDuffie… Me

Susan Butchers… The only way I would eat it

Paul Kershaw… Who didn’t

Oliver Leonard… ewww no.

John Warner… Yes

Dave Weeks… It was a tough chew though

Mick O’Dowd… Guilty M’lud!

Dawn… Yes and still do. I buy it to make jelly and then myself and grandchildren just end up eating it all straight from the packet. Still just as good

David Edwards… Guilty M’lud.