Wild Turkey – 7th March 1973 Hastings Pier (changed from Aquarius), also 18th August 1973




Aquarius flyer supplied by Roger Carey, pier flyer supplied by Iain Cobby.



 poster supplied by Mick Mepham

Aquarius or Hastings Pier 1973? One handbill and one poster,  same date, two different venues, now confirmed as Hastings Pier.

Andy Qunta…. did see Wild Turkey at the Pier, but I don’t remember the date. Another great band! (Seemed to be so many then, not so much now!)

Pete Prescott….i saw them in sittingbourne around 73/74 with leo sayer and judas priest ! great band ! gary pickford hopkins was the singer, he was wonderful. He sadly died last year.he sang with ashly holt from warhorse in the rick wakeman band (i just got a warhorse cd signed by ashly for my birthday).i remember bernie marsden was in wild turkey in 73/74.glen cornick wore some pretty strange clothes.i also saw them supporting black sabbath at the albert hall in (i think ) 71.

Clive Richardson…. Wild Turkey did play the Pier and not Aquarius. Also on the August date ‘Leo Sayer band’ did not turn up.

This the other gig they did in 1973 with Leo Sayer Band & Daisy

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poster supplied by Mick Mepham and cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Tony Davis… Saw them at The Dome in Brighton on tour with Black Sabbath – think it was the Master of Reality Tour. They were a great band – that’s Turkey and Sabbath

Phil Thornton… Great gig !!!

Andrew Freeman… I love seeing these posters from both the nostalgia point of view and because they remind me of my son who lives in Brighton and plays with a band called Rough Hands, playing gigs all over and in Europe. I like to think one day, maybe one day they will play Hastings Pier, who knows

Glenn Cornick R.I.P. – original Jethro Tull bassist, dies aged 67



Clive Richardson….Glenn Cornick was brilliant on the pier with ‘Wild Turkey’ in 1973. The best gig ever.

Trish N Kevin Sherwood…Yes they were excellent that night, a great player.

Mick Mepham… They were indeed hemstrand! Sad to hear of his passing :{

John Wilde… Glenn. Brilliant. Thank you man.

Pete Prescott… I saw him a few times with Wild Turkey. He stood out if only for his style of dress. Sad.

Chris Sambrook…Wild Turkey didn’t they support Ten Years After on the Pier, Glenn Cornick was a brilliant Bass Player. Especially on the first 3 Jethro Tull albums.

John Wilde… Was Glenn in Tandoori Cassette?  any clue?

Alan Esdaile… Don’t think he was in Tandoori Cassette, unless anyone knows different. This is all I could find….A early 80s short lived rock band formed by Barriemore Barlow. After leaving Tull in 1980, he formed the short-lived “Tandoori Cassette” with Zal Cleminson of Nazareth, Charlie Tumahai, and Ronnie Leahy, the keyboard player with Stone The Crows.

Gary Kinch… I remember Wild Turkey on the pier. I remember thinking at the time he don’t half look like Chris Meachen.

Janine Anne Hemsley… What a loss xx

John Wilde… Barriemore was who I was thinking of. Expandis supported Tandoori Cassette around 83 at the Marquee. They were brilliant.

Clive Richardson… Wild Turkey appeared on the pier twice in 1973, 7th March with Jailbait and 18th August with Daisy. My favourite track is ‘One Sole Survivor’.

Pete Prescott… I saw wild Turkey at the Albert Hall supporting Black Sabbath and at sittingbourne town hall then supporting gentle giant at Central hall chatham. Loved the band especially the singer Gary pickford hopkins. My favorite track was good old days. Bernie marsden was with them when I saw them. Very sad.

Phil Thornton… I thought Zal Cleminson was from the sensational Alex Harvey Band ? …… and wasent the rest of the Tandoori Cassette line up from Bebop delux ?