Tony Prince Radio Luxembourg Roadshow and Jigsaw – Hastings Pier 1st August 1975



Jigsaw photo in Japan during 1976 tour.

Kev Carlenonis… Won 10 LPs from Tony Prince, a 208 t shirt and two tickets to get in, of which the tickets and poster I printed. Won the tickets, LP’s etc from a competition in the local free paper.

All Niter with Edgar Broughton – Hastings Pier 26th June 1970

edgar broughton all niter


Andy Qunta….I remember going to this one. Was a big Edgar Broughton fan back then. Loved their Wasa Wasa album.

Alan Esdaile …..I’m pretty sure I went to this and think I saw Edgar Broughton Band 3 times on the pier. I don’t remember Sarah Gordan’s House of Bondage but I expect I was tied to the bar when they were on.

Tony Court-holmes…remember it well, nice pun alan

Mick Knights….The question is, should they have allowed the demons in, in the first place!

Alan Esdaile…. out demons out

Henry Mann…..Never saw them but once had a round of golf with Steve Broughton and Tom Newman.

Mark Sims…..Out Demons Out. That was one of Edgar Broughton’s song as I remember.

Mick O’Dowd……Who or what was Sarah Gordon’s House of Bondage? Sounds intriguing!

Paul Sleet... was at this one. Sarah Gordon in sexy dominatrix gear!

Geoff Peckham… I was certainly there. I seem to remember Edgar Broughton turned up late (takes some doing for an all niter, doesn’t it!). He explained that when they were crossing the Thames they saw someone threatening to jump off the bridge, so he stopped and managed to persuade him not to…I’m sure that’s what he said! Thanks, Alan. So I must have seen Blonde on Blonde there then.

Andy Qunta… I kind of remember he was late, but I don’t remember the story of why! Wow! Hard to argue with an excuse like that! Much better than the usual “dog ate my homework” stuff!

Steve Maxted… good to be reminded of those great all nighters that I was DJ at, thanks Alan.

Henry Mann… Played golf with Steve Broughton about seventeen years later.

Terry Hardwick… Another band I supported at Kingston Polytechnic also Van Der Graaf Generator

Kev Potts… Steve Maxted was the best DJ. Hi Steve i am 65 now i remember when i was about 18 at the Aquarius night club Thursday Nights good old days. Beer drinking, eggs with the shell on and those bloody thunder flashes.

Steve Maxted… yes haha

Tony Court-holmes… i was there

Radio Luxembourg 30th July 1976 Hastings Pier Mark Wesley and Jigsaw & Radio One Road Show 1975

Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Peter Pursglove…..,do you remember when the radio one jocks did the Pier ,i was working there for most of them ,peter Powell ,Tony Blackburn ,D.L.T

Alan Esdaile…..Remember it well. They also used to have beach road shows opposite the De Luxe Bingo. Used to book out DLT a lot when Paul was operating from a garden shed in his sisters house. Woodlice and spiders climbing the walls, couldn’t hear anything if it rained due to plastic roof, cockerel sounding off next door but still managed to book some of the top acts of the day.

Perri Anne Haste…..I seem to remember ‘ Diddy ‘ David Hamilton hosting a roadshow down the Crypt in about 1975 if my memory serves me well – The night in question was attended by an extremely intoxicated bloke wandering around completely stark bollock naked! – much to the amusement of all the other revellers! – nobody seemed to mind & just let him get on with it!!


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

John Austin…..Peter Powell asked me up on stage to do a spot once, then invited me up to his breakfast show on Radio one.

Ralph Town…..Me and the missus saw Simon Bates down on the pier once

Alan Esdaile….I remember seeing David Hamilton at The Radio One Club in Regents Street. He introduced Slade and they played ‘Get Down & Get With It’.

Nick Prince… Does anyone else remember when the Radio One Road Show used to come to Hastings? The one I saw was about 1976 and was held on the beach where the Pelham Place car park is. David Hamilton was the DJ, I’m sure. Did Our Kid really manage to sing live? or is this my imagination running away with itself?

Mark Randall… Yep, I was there. I had bought Frampton Comes Alive on cassette and had to wait ’til I returned home Tonbridge after the week’s holiday. Mum packed two suitcases: one for clothes for 4 of us, the other filled with tinned food ….. And teabags

Deirdre Sears… Anyone remember if Radio Luxembourg did a Road Show in Bournemouth August 1975?

Pete Houghton… I saw Jigsaw on the pier and they had the Radio Luxemburg truck parked at the front of the pier and Jigsaw signed my Flyer