Stamp and Coin Shop Norman Road St Leonards-on-Sea

shared from: JJ Waller

JJ Waller… I thought it might be of interest to some in this group. The shop is now closed. his is Peter. He and his family have been running the stamp shop in Norman Road since the early sixties. He has lived in St Leonards all of his life. Peter’s father came down from Manchester during the second world war to operate the guns that were stationed at Marina. His dad met his mum who was a receptionist at a surgery in Warrior Square. The painting of the flowers was done by his mum. The inside of the shop hasn’t changed since the sixties, originally it was a photographers. Peter was a very friendly and an interesting man, sadly health issues mean he has to sell up and retire. He had negotiated a deal with a neighbour but it fell through at the very last minute. It was great going into the shop for the very first time and chatting to him.

Andy Hemsley… I went there to buy stamps in the late 60’s as a seven year old. Was always amazed it stayed open for so long and never changed. The place was a time anchor.

Steve Cooke… Remember seeing a white £5 note in the window at a very reasonable price. It was late on a Sunday evening I had just eaten at the Shiplu next door (It used to be the best curry house in the town). Went back a couple of days later and it had been sold

Dawn Hyland… Loved that shop my childhood was in there.

Julie Glover… Dad sometimes popped into the shop, hope Peter is ok

Alan Esdaile… Used to spend a fortune in here. Not on stamps but coin wallets, which I used to put badges in for the reps presentation folders. Used to be a really lovely lady with glasses in the shop, who usually served me. Stamps I remember buying from the stamp shop at the top of Havelock Road. Anyone remember that one?

Peter Ellingworth… Well remembered the stamp shop in Havelock Rd, just a few doors down and on the same side of the road from the now closed pub on the corner ( can’t remember the name). This was the first port of call for my cousin Richard, a keen stamp collector when he came down on holiday from St. Albans.

Sue Strong… I remember him when I was a kid and used to go in and buy stamps, shame not to be able to continue with the shop

Tracy Birrell… I loved this shop as a child in the 60’s. My Grandad used to take me in there to buy stamps for my collection. It is so nice to see this photo.