The Sound Casters – around 1963-1965



photo supplied by John Busbridge via Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present

Peter Millington… Two pictures from 1963-65. The SOUND CASTERS practicing in the Fountain Pub St Leonards. John Busbridge, Nigel Davies, Gerry Bolton and Paul Hankinson. Published by Peter Millington and photos supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… Actually that is my old front room in the family home.

Was this you at the SMART meeting in October 2022? asks John Busbridge.

John Busbridge… At the last meeting I was talking to a gentleman about recording and Garage Band and he told me that he had set up his own recording studio and about a superb guy on You Tube who was a great help to him . The person I was talking to told me the name and I remembered it until I got home and promptly forgot it, an age thing! If you reconise yourself can you kindly remind me who you recomended?

Grundy – Civil Service Club Harrow Lane St Leonards On Sea 1993

supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… Came across this today circa 1993? Nigel Davies R.I.P. was one of my best and oldest friends

Louis Wiggett… Whatever happened to Bobby from the Rokes wasn’t he a member

Paul Sleet… Bobby lives in Italy now

Gaynor Duke… They are still playing

Nick Webb… Didn’t Tony Barclough used to play with these?

Barry French… Nigel was a lovely guy and was very supportive during my early years of strumming. I think Grundy were formed around 1973 and to be still performing with two founder members (Clive Davies & Kirk Ronchetti) is a testament to their popularity.

The Nest Club Robertson Street Hastings – membership card 1964/1965

Supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… Now who went here?

Mick Knights.. Was at the one at the end of Robertson street? If so I don’t think I’d have forked out six pence to join!

Pete Millington… The Confederates played there (downstairs) several times in 1964

Lloyd Johnson…  I was there a few of times but it was very small.

John Busbridge… I played there with Jimmy Beadle and Keith Attwood, very small from what I remember!

This is how upstairs looked in the 80’s and still looks pretty much like this today.

Stuart Tanner… I went there many times

Kurt Helge Andersen… I went there a lot of times in 1965-67. Autumn 65 almost evety night. Downstairs it was very small and dark – with black walls and lights only from the juke box and what came from the ground floot down the stairway. The married couple who ran The Nest was very kind to all us youngster – most of us from 15 to 18 years old. We didn’t have to buy anything but we did – a coke or something – and put our money in the Juke Box playing “Get Off Of My Cloud” and “Blue Christmas”. Now and then there was live bands. Young guys from Hastings who took up half of the place with their small gear. I had great times at The Nest and will never forget.

Gordon Busbridge and the special bike – Woodland Vale School St Leonards

supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… This is a photo of my Dad, Gordon Busbridge riding this special bicycle to advertise his friends bike shop, is the building in the back the old Woodland Vale school?

Yvonne Cleland… Yes, definitely Woodlands!

Heather Sidery… Wow!!!!

Judy Atkinson… Wow, how did he get on and off? I always wonder what people riding penny farthings do at traffic lights

John Busbridge… I believe he climbed up and down a lamp post to get on and off!

Stephanie Blackledge… Yes, definately. Miss Taylor was the Head teacher in 1964. Terrifying lady!

Carol Arnold… Stephanie, with white plimsols

Stephanie Blackledge… oh yes! She knew everyone’s name

Leigh Kennedy… Its the original Tower road school.

Eric Harmer… Great shot mate

Nicki Dann… I think I might know someone who advertised it for sale ??

Carol Arnold… Was at school there with Elizabeth!

John Busbridge… My wife, Patricia Wilson was also went there

Jacqueline Marsh… I was at school there and remember being taught French by a Russian Teacher, always amused me.

Andy Qunta… Brilliant!

Ian Johnson… I went to school there

Andy Davies… Terrific, definitely Woodlands School.


The Fiesta Club Trinity Street Hastings 1969

Supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… A very early haunt of mine, Barry Herbert used to be behind the bar, up two flights of stairs. I nearly got barred for flicking a stack of 6 pyrex type plates like beermats and missing them on one occasion!

Dizz Corinne Ryder… My parents used to take us there for food. A lovely family business! Too young for the club!

Nick Webb… What year was this , used to live down stairs in the coffee bar as a teenager with Sue ? behind the counter .

Alan Esdaile… it was 1969. The club was a door at the side of the building and then lots of stairs to the top

Dizz Corinne Ryder… I don’t remember but I think the family were Spanish, the elder daughter was called Cynthia, her mama used to take the orders.

Mike Mitchell…  She was always “Mrs Fiesta” to us

Andy Qunta… Spent many happy hours sitting in that coffee shop when I was a student at Hastings College – often while I was supposed be attending a lecture or class. Great jukebox! Good times!

Richard Brimm… I used to go their withJohnny Upton before I had a car and near the end of the Witch Doctor it was quite small

Rachel Rayburn… I spent many hours in the Fiesta – upstairs more than down. Hey Jude always reminds me of those times. Barry has a sister called Irene who I knew well.

John Busbridge… I knew both Barry and Irene well they used to live just round the corner to me in Charles Road West

Pat Weston… Loved that coffee place, up the back stairs could always find someone  you knew hanging out. Barry Herbert used to serve coffee

Alan Esdaile… I was talking to Terry Corder on the radio today and we both think, that the upstairs club also had another name? Anyone remember? I can recall they have pinball tables and the windows were multi coloured .

The Hi-Fi Club High Street Hastings – Membership cards from John Busbridge

supplied by John Busbridge

John Busbridge… The Hi Fi club membership cards from the late sixties and early seventies. Somewhere I used to frequent in my younger days!

Alan Esdaile… Great days. Members must be over 18! I think I was probably 14 when I first went to the HIFI.

Chris Meachen… Same here, if not a little younger..

Dave Nattress… Used to get in there as I was 18 by then, just, but don’t remember the card membership but that’s it, I don’t remember. Alan you say, “Great Days”, and for sure they were, however, almost always returning to Bexhill from a night out in Hastings – anywhere in Hastings, it was a Great Daze!

Kavemen – The Fountain 1964



photo supplied by John Busbridge via Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present


cutting Andre Palfrey-martin collection, photo supplied by John Busbridge.

Andre Martin….Found this adverts in an old Hastings Observer 1964 – any of the musios out there have any knowledge of this outfit ?

Peter Millington… THE KAVEMEN – John Busbridge, Keith Attwood, Jim Beadle and Duncan on Sax, The rest are unlnown – Taken in a practice room at the back of the Fountain pub Circa 1963 – Published by Peter Millington and photos supplied by John Busbridge.

Mick O’Dowd… The Fountain is advertising The Kavemen for their Halloween do. Same band ?

John Busbridge… No, no connection that I know of!

Harry Randall… I sung for the “Loyd Milligon sound” in 68 we used to practise at the “Fountain pub” that could be Joe or Ron Milligon on sax?