Popular Beat Combo and Uome – Music Files Christmas Party The Crypt 22nd December 1997




photos © John Kenward. Supplied by Phil Littlehttp://littledrum.co.uk

Martin Richter… wow – what a line-up! (the crypt).

Alan Esdaile… Popular Beat Combo – Rick Pentecost, Dave Blackman, Roger Carey and Steve Demetri on drums in both bands.

Ernest Ballard… What a lovely man Steve was. Bless him. Huge talent on the drums inspired by Steve Gadd

Pugwash – London Trader March 1998


photo by John Kenward. Supplied by Phil Little Hastings Music Files

Stuart Huggett… Bloody great band.

Louis Wiggett… Chris Jordan on Drums, his brother John (Jordan) on Bass, and Tim Phillips on vocals. I can’t remember the guitarist’s name?

UOME – 1997

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photos by John Kenward. Supplied by Phil Little Hastings Music Files.

Gina Cushty Cassisa-Crook… Thank you Alan for this nostalgic collection of pics of the band Uome with myself, Andy Crook, Jason Smith, Martin Banfield and my late step dad the legend Micky Tiller. Wow almost 20 years ago!