Willow Pattern – Germany 1968

Supplied by Gerry Fortsch

Gerry Fortsch… Just came across this from Germany 1968 and it looks like I had a clean shirt on at the time.

Colin Norton… You had the great MickeyB on guitar too! …. And a nice Black Bison bass


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Chris Baker… Where’s Johnny Kingdon ?

Gerry Fortsch… John was in Maidstone but sadly he died last year, he was a very talented guy that could have made it big with a little effort.

Chris Baker… He was a great personality. We did some gigs around Hastings and some country pubs etc. Loved him on stage, so smooth!

Gerry Fortsch… John could turn his hand to many things like drawing, writing, needle work as well as building work . I know he was heavily involved in a theatre in Maidstone.


The Clot That Almost Killed Me book by John Kingdon

John Kingdon… Dear all, I am pleased to inform you that my book, “The Clot That Almost Killed Me,” can be purchased from Amazon, from today. Please join me on my very difficult journey.  With my one eye, which I lost the sight of during a stroke last year, my one good finger on one hand, I managed to write this account of being a stroke survivor. I thank all who have given me their precious time to help me to achieve this. A simple story, spoken in a very straightforward way, but with an extremely big measage to survivors; dont give up, fight on whatever you succumb too, there is always another way.  25% of all of my royalyies are pledged to The Stroke Association. Bless you all, Thank you for your support, John

Colin Norton… Here’s wishing John every success with his new book!!

Andy Qunta… All the best to you John.


The Humperdinks – 1966 and reunion 2012


supplied by  Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present.

Baz Cooper, Ray Brown,Mike Bradley, Colin Tapp and John Kingdon.

Colin Tapp… Thanks Alan I like this photo must be about 50 years ago , great memories.

Andy Knight….Played with John in Freeway in 1970, great singer but he had put the gun away by then. ps were the clothes from FAB boutique?

Andre Martin…..Could well have been provided by Brian Fisher !!

148650_396757613732647_621494551_n 580971_3518641528308_575963706_n

supplied by Colin Tapp                                          supplied by John Kingdon 

The Humperdinks reunion gig at The Hazlitt Theatre 2012 — with Baz Cooper, Colin Tapp, John Kingdon, Mick Bradley , Mike Nixon & Colin Norton.

Andre Martin….Well known in Hastings and around during the early 1960s – credit please that we did produce some good bands in those days.

Leigh Wieland-Boys….Amazing! Johnny Kingdom’s band played at my brother’s wedding in 1974! I remember him well! Hello John!

Baz Cooper… We got those clothes from a boutique in Hastings, but I don’t remember the name of it.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Johnny Kingdon & his band played at my brother’s wedding in 1974!

Nick Bloomfield… I had a pair of ‘Hipsters’ (I think they were called) and spent a long time trying to persuade myself that I looked cool. Never quite succeeded…


The Humperdinks – transport – red tender fire engine. 1966


supplied by Hastings groups from 1958 to the present

Colin Norton……I remember when this photograph was taken. Colin Tapp was missing. He always seems to be missing 🙂
Front right is Alan Cosham. The others are Colin Norton, Mick Nixon, John Kingdon, Mick Bradley and Baz Cooper. We had roadie by the name of Mick Green who was the driver. It can’t have been easy to drive! It was from 1944 and had a ton of room for gear in the back. This photo was taken on Eastbourne seafront around May or June 1966. Colin Tapp was definitely a member of the group at that time.

John Kingdon….My one and only time I drove this little monster was late at night on the way home to Eastbourne from a gig somewhere up north, I was very tired and perhaps asleep when I changed the shape of a lamppost, there was no damage to the “1943” fire tender and the rest of the little babies carried on sleeping. Crazy night.

Alan Esdaile….Thanks for info Colin & John. Any other groups compete with this and memories of vans/transport to gigs. I always think back to transits, smokey vans, certain roads you avoided due to hills. I remember Paul Casson’s van held together by posters, one of the doors tied to the seat to stop it flying open and to start it a screwdriver in the ignition.

Terry Pack….The Enid bought a Fordson ambulance, like the one in ‘Ice Cold in Alex’ in 1976. All the same observations applied to it re hills, etc.

Freeway – Hastings Pier 1971

freeway 1971  18673006_1533123610040326_3993199109741254104_o

supplied by Andy Knight

Alan Esdaile…  Great photo. Remember when the band used to dress up (or was that Shaft?) and do comedy routines on stage.

Paul Dove… Think that was early Shaft Alan.

Andy Knight… The second photo is Colin Norton at (Hastings Pier 1971) with John Kingdon (and my head)

John Kingdon… Freeway, such a long time ago. thanks Andy.