Anyone remember playing or going to The West Cliff Hall Ballroom in Ramsgate?

John Maskell…  I wondered if anyone had thought of encompassing the Ramsgate West Cliff Hall/Ballroom articles on your site. Football and local band issues aside, it was an amazing place to play and of a similar significance to the Pier at Hastings. I was vocalist for a group called Johnny & The Bobcats and we played there on quite a few occasions coming down from London where we were based. We were booked for venues to raise money for the local football team. We were on a line up with Deke Arlon & The Offbeats and we all know what happened to Deke. Apart from managing he was a class act on stage. We also appeared with Duffy Power on another occasion and by ourselves as well.  The one thing that used to scare me witless was when the weather was bad the waves would hit the wall of the Ballroom which backed on to the sea and the water would seep through the mortar and run down the walls. Needless to say I made a point of not touching the microphone at any time after.

Julie Williams… Yes my mum did. She was a dancer. Her name was Joyce Ward now Joyce Williams

Jan Dixon… I lived opposite in Spencer Square in 1950s. Went to theatre often. Rolling Stones played there as did Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. I used to use baths at back of hall and my dad was an extra in ballroom dance on film made there.

Ricky Adelaide… Know it well over the road the Van Gogh pub played there loads back in the day. My sister saw the Stones at West cliff


Group 004 + 1 & The Beat Syndicate – 1964/65

Any flyers or posters on these bands?

The Beat Syndicate at the Photoshoot 001

The Beat Syndicate.. supplied by John Maskell

John Maskell… I was a vocalist for a support group on Hastings pier on the 19th September 1964. The group was called Group 004 + 1. I appeared with another group called The Beat Syndicate later that year or early in 1965 supporting Verne Rogers and the Rebounds.

Are there any archives that you know of that have flyers/posters or other details of the time. I am trying to trace my time in the bands, but not having much luck. I am attaching a photo of the group which was taken after we won a beat competition at Coronation Gardens Leytonstone London, which was where we were based.The good looking one is yours truly at the back, left to right is Tony the Drummer, Jim the Rhythm Guitarist, John the Bass player and Mick the Lead Guitarist.

Group 004 + 1 or Johnny and the Bobcats as they were previously known, also appeared at the West Cliffe Ballroom Ramsgate on occasions to raise money for the Football Club. We supported acts like Duffy Power and Deke Arlon and the Offbeats to mention a couple. I am sure you are aware that Deke Arlon went on to become a successful manager, Shena Easton being one of his big stars.

Andre Martin… Here is the Newspaper advert from 19 September, that shows the Beat Syndicate as supporting. Will see what else I can find out for you.

1421284_10202434732807657_1353946471_oAndre Palfrey-martin collection

John Maskell… I was very pleased to receive the West Cliff poster from Nick Warburton. This poster shows both groups that I sang with. At the time I didn’t realise that The Beat Syndicate were backing Duffy Power, We had been on a supporting list some time before on Hastings pier The Beat Syndicate. The Headline Group at that time was Verne Rogers & The Rebounds. Around three months after the West Cliff gig I joined The Beat Syndicate as lead singer. Regrettably, I have to announce that Jim Newton Rhythm Guitarist for The Beat Syndicate passed away in September 2018.