P.P. Arnold, Tim Rose – All Niter – Hastings Pier 28th June 1968

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Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre Martin….This was the night of my 21st Birthday Party, and in the early hours of the Saturday morning, I received a phone call at about 02.30hrs from the Pier, Help John Peel had thrown a fit and stormed off, and could I come down and take over the DJ/Compere role, I was working on the Pier on Saturday Nights at the time for John Schofield -Strand Entertainments – all I would need were some records, so off I went, leaving my party going, returning later to the party at about 06.30hrsto carry on celebrating. What a memory for my 21st.

Ok a little early of the 70s, but its a fantastic track

Andre Martin…..P P Arnold stole the show and was the best on the bill.

Mick O’Dowd…..This was a good line-up and great show. The Skatalites were my fave and they are still touring the world to this day.

Catherine Ireland… I was there. My sister was on the social committee for Hastings College. Lynda Collins .

Dave Arnold… Skip Bifferty featured Colin Gibson:)

Jonathan Martin… Wasn’t around then, but Skip Bifferty… Wow! Great band!! A friend (who some may know? – Colin Gibson) introduced me to them some years ago!! (He played bass with them)

Glynis Phillips… I remember that allnighter went home on bus in morning very rock and roll!!

Jenny Tyler… After the all nighter we went across the road to have a fry-up. X

Alan Esdaile… Was that The Beachcomber then Jenny?

Jenny Tyler… Yes it was. The breakfast as good too. X

Chris Wilson… I was also on the social committee at Hastings College and remember this all nighter.  It was a fantastic event – we used to love the Skatalites and had previosly booked them for a pre-christmas event at the college (the first time I got very drunk in my life and had to be resuscitated in the college sick bay by Vikki Stevens!).  We also organised some great dances in the club that used to be in the big block of flats on St Leonards sea front just down from the college.  I seem to remember Spooky Tooth playing a couple of times there.

Andre Martin… I think that Spooky Tooth were brought to the Pier Ballroom by John Schofield – Strand Entertainments, that rings a bell – over to you Colin, do you recall ??

Colin Gibson… I was on that gig! Matching shirt and tie-sartorial or what?

skip bifferty

Colin Bell… Yes Andre you’re quite right John booked Spooky Tooth for the following weekend. As you said P.P. stole the show, spoke to her just this week she’s written her autobiography, maybe we’ll get a mention!…

Kay Leigh… We were talking about this the other day, but I couldn’t remember who else was on the bill. Remember walking home at 5am singing ‘Just call me Angel of the Morning’. My one and only allnighter on the pier. I had forgotten it was organised by Hastings College. I seem to remember John Bennett organising other social events. Am I right?

Catherine Ireland… As above I was there. My sister Lynda Collins helped on the committee Hastings college. And I think John Bennett took her to see the Stax Road Show? I am still so envious, but I was too young.

Gavin Martin… Do you know where the gigs where on St Leonards seafront? I was told the flat I live in , just by bus stop/ letter box, was once a night club, in them by gone days.

Catherine Ireland… Witch Doctor then Cobweb??

Andre Martin… Then suffered the Hastings problem – venue burnt down ! say no more !

Ant Hill… Don’t remember Tim Rose being stoned but do remember that his drummer was John Bonham who had just heard that he was joining Led Zeppelin.

Simon Morrison… The Skatalites had split up a couple of years earlier. I don’t suppose anyone remembers them playing?


John Peel 13th Anniversary of his death, 25th October 2004 – Top Ten quotes.


photo BBC    www.bbc.co.uk

Top Ten Quotes supplied by Ben Skipper – International Business Times.


“I just want to hear something I haven’t heard before.”
“If Elvis were alive today, I think he’d really understand happy hardcore.”
“I never make stupid mistakes. Only very, very clever ones.”
“Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don’t have any surface noise. I said, ‘Listen, mate, *life* has surface noise.”
[Around his 50th birthday] “I think my chances of making the Liverpool side are gone now. Might still be able to get a game at one of those London clubs though”
“I don’t know what young people want to hear anymore. The first person who comes up and asks me for Bon Jovi risks a ritual disembowelling on stage… and that’s a promise.”
[On Billie Holiday] “I think she could have infused even Spice Girls songs with a touch of melancholy.”
[On his Top of the Pops debut] “In case you’re wondering who this funny old bloke is, I’m the one who comes on Radio 1 late at night and plays records made by sulky Belgian art students in basements dying of TB.”
“Science will almost certainly never come up with anything as wonderful as the electric guitar…”
“I’ll tell you what, y’know, I’ve not done this for ages, but I think we ought to hear that again, hold on….” [Plays Teenage Kicks again]

Jim Breeds… Still missing not hearing him on the radio 🙁

Will Cornelll… My favorite DJ ever, and that’s with listening to him on a Grundig SSB somewhere on the 31 meter band each Friday evening after supper. My own favorite quote was when he was cuing up a single by some new band that had featured guest vocals by Mark E. Smith of the Fall (maybe his second favorite ever band)…. he explained “Now you can buy this single with two edits, either with or without Mark E. Smith’s contributing backing vocals although I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would prefer the ‘without’ version”. He was a Dallas TX broadcast vet too, you know! And usually ended his 30 min show on the BBC Worldwide with some suitably greasy, bluesy track from Fat Possum or other cool label to remind himself and his listeners of time spend over here.

Jim Breeds… Somewhere I still have some cassettes of his Radio 1 shows in the 70s that I recorded with a mic paced in front of my transistor radio.

Mike Curtis… He played a record by Jim Croce. “I should say ‘the late Jim Croce’ or if I was a management consultant I’d say ‘he’s currently experiencing an ongoing non-life situation’”.

Pete Prescott… Loved his miserable yet youthful take on life, very funny. Very much against what was expected of him. Much Loved and much missed.  I saw him at a few festivals. He was wonderful. I miss that voice, I would have loved to have met him.

Martin Richter…  read his book ?

Tim Moose Bruce… I remember listening on a certain night in 1977 when he announced matter of factly in his laid back way, ” apparently there is a newsfeed saying that Elvis Presley has died”…