Positive Routes – Pig In Paradise Palace Bars 1985

positive routes

positive routes 4

positive routes 2

positive routes 3

photos supplied by Tim White  http://www.whitehouse2002.co.uk

Steve Todd guitar, Tim White bass/vocals, Pete Wooley percussion, Mick Mattess drums, Charlie Garrioch sax, John Plummer trumpet, Sally & Shirley backing vocals, Jimmy Osho lead vocals.

Gerry Fortsch… I remember playing at the PIG in the eighties with the Hippo band, we always started off with medium tempo songs and eased into more upbeat numbers later in the evening after people had indulged in a few beers and got a little rocking. On this one evening the PIG was fairly full of French students that wanted to bop from the beginning, we were all knackered by eleven o’clock.

Jon Nurse… Where’s Jimmy now?

Nick Foster… I’ve got 2 original vinyls of Positive Routes single African Connection / Tomorrow. Published on the Pig in Paradise label. I remember their gigs at the Pig – always amazing.

Claire Prime… My parents are in these photos !

Andy Pooley… Tim Charlie and Steve I remember

Richard Poulter… I remember the band

Chloe Loake… Claire, ook at our mums! Xx

Paul Saxby… Went to school with Jimmy Osho at Priory Road


Shyboy – White Rock Pavilion 15th April 1983


shyboy white rock

shy boy ticket

shyboy 2

Photo Dave Plummer. All photos and ticket supplied by Tim White http://www.whitehouse2002.co.uk

Andy Burkes guitar vocals, Tim White bass vocals, Ernie Blocksage percussion vocals, Ernst Friedle percussion vocals, Frank Jennings keyboards, Kevin White drums, Charlie (Chas) Garrioch sax, John Plummer trumpet and Sue guitar.

Neil Steadman… Can’t still be going Alan??

Alan Esdaile… Someone said previously that Andy Burkes lives in America now Neil , I think Tim White is still making music but don’t know about the others. Remember seeing them at The Crypt and they were great.

Roy Penfold… The White brothers are still very much into making music, I bumped into Kevin about a month ago. Jon Plummer is in Canada.  Wasn’t there a ‘spin off’ jam band involving Paul Gambeau? I remember sitting in on one of their gigs at the Crypt….

Alan Esdaile… Looking at the website, could that have been Sleazy at Midnight, Roy?

Sue Graham… Great to come across the photos of Shy Boy, I’m Sue that played guitar with the band 1983/84. Still in Hastings playing music.

Ernie Blocksage… Hi Ernie here, back from Australia nearly 7yrs now, having spent nearly 20yrs there, still writing, songwriting and playing perc, guitars, and recording. I was wondering whatever happened to Kev White?  Before l left for Oz in 98, l was lead vocals for Deja Blue, and Kev was the drummer.