Do you remember photographer John Sweet?

John Sweet… Hi guys, my name is John Sweet and I used to have my photo studio in Silverhill in the sixties, next door the “Smackers” the bookmaker. I think it was called ARKLE after the famous horse. I also used to belong to the Silverhill Club and play three-card brag there on Sunday and own a Marcos car  Does anyone remember me?

Graham Bradley… Hi John , remember you and your car well, do you remember doing a photo shoot at rock in ore for the band I was in Whiskey Mac

Trevor Spears… Yes John i remember you as well, regards!

Paul Coleman… Yes John. I remember you very well. You also played brag with Pete Bryant in the Arcadian Club on Bexhill seafront. (Which is where I met you). You prob won’t remember me though. I had long hair in those days. I’m not so sure though. It could have been you that did my wedding photos at St georges, Cantalupe Rd when I married Pam. You may remember her. A few years older than me. Black hair & sometimes worked behind the bar if Pete went out.
Hope you are well.

John Sweet… Paul, yes remember you, and Pete’s Arcadian bar in Bexhill. Didn’t you also go the Brian Stalkeys club opposite.

Martin Richter… yes – the Marcos was often seen in Salisbury Road


Whisky Mac – publicity folder & ad


photo by John E.Sweet

Andre Martin…..Graham Bradley has sent me a copy of the Publicity Folder that was produced for the rebranding of the group as Whisky Mac, this photo was taken by John Sweet, and before anybody says anything, several years before a group called “Queen” produced a similar image

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supplied by Graham Bradley

Andre Martin…..The publicity description of the group Whisky Mac from Autumn 1968, thanks to Graham Bradley


supplied by Graham How

Andre Martin….Graham posted to be last night some bits and one was this advert I will share – from Christmas 1968