The Mariners – rear cover photo 1975


supplied by Jim Breeds

Jim Breeds… This is from the rear cover of their 1975 album “The Best of Folk. Sleeve notes by Shirley Collins, another Hastings musician. The Mariners were (With where they are in the photo for the ones I can be sure I have matched names to faces properly): John Towner (2nd from left), George Copeland (3rd from left), Ted Bishop, Michael Verrall, Geoff Marchant, and Garry Blakely (2nd from right). Garry lived next door to a good friend of mine (Brian Chainey, who had something to do with Mad Jack’s Morris at some point) and George and I were in the scouts together.

Plum Duff – 1975


supplied by Tony Davies

Phil Gill….Nice Lionels chaps

Tony Davies….L to R, Colin Baldwin, John Towner, Reg Marchant, and myself. I think it was about 1975, definitely pre “Folk at the Black Horse” album cos I still had me hippy hair. Phil, you take one pair of perfectly good Levi’s,split the seams both sides, take offcuts from worn out Levi,s or mum’s old curtains and sew said bits into the space. After several hours of swearing and cursing and fingers that resemble a pin cushion, Voila, you end up with a la mode 70’s fashion. Waist coat, courtesy of the GPO.”

Reg Duff… God! That brings back memories 🙂 this photo was taken outside my parents house in Hollington (I’m just out of shot) John also made us have a photo taken with us each holding one of my mum’s bowls and a spoon to highlight the plum duff theme! I still have the photos somewhere. reg duff.

Kev Towner… I’ve never seen this photo of Dad. Is it Sinnock Square?

Titus – around 2005


supplied by Mick Mepham

Tony Davies….Great picture Mick, when was this photo taken,,,, and don’t say ten past eight,,,

Mick Mepham….I’m not even sure of where it was. I had more hair then so it must be at least 6 -8 years ago. That’s a Yamaha that I had before the Takamine

Tony Davies….I didn’t know John played in Titus, nice to know he was still out there performing. I must try and get some Plum Duff music uploaded and put his voice out “there”. I like Takamines, my favourite is my PSF 15C, I also have two John Jorgenson signature models, six and twelve string. I do have an “83” Yamaha twelve which I prefer more than the JJ twelve, but they are both gathering dust in the corner. Give me a six string any day