Johnny Francis studio photos

all photos supplied by Mo Elms

Isabel Lewis… Never have realised miss you all

Oonagh Hague… Do we know where these pictures were taken

Helen James… Remember Johnny and Jackie well

Alan Pepper… Eh up lad ! What a breath of fresh air he was. Great working with you in the Crypt way back John and nearly as good looking as me !

Donna Glover… My dad

Wendy McGee… My brother xx

Mary Saint… Happy days. The best music

Johnny Francis Disc Jockey



supplied by Kevin Burchett Scalliwags Facebook page.

Johnny Francis will be the disc jockey for the Scalliwags reunions

Alan Esdaile… Who remembers Johnny Francis? Great memories of The Crypt.

Mick O’Dowd… Johhny Remember Me.We know a song about that don’t we children

Martin Stringer… I remember Johnny Francis. Good to know he’s doing OK. Stringer.

Mark Edir… Ehh upp