Lord Nelson – Hastings Old Town Folk Club – June 1964.

Jim Breeds… Martin Carthy! Wow. Would have loved to see him in 1964. I’ve seen him countless times up and down the country, but back in ’64 would have been an eye opener!!

Fred Marsh… who was landlord then a bit early for Shipley?

Tony Court-holmes… Arthur and Beryl I believe

John Winch… Hastings Folk club at the Nelson when WILF was landlord. His daughter started the club with somebody else and I think Shirley Collins and a lady from the book shop in High Street used to guest there. I played there as paid guest act a couple of times later, Then, when I moved to Hastings from Brighton, I tried to revive it but the Folk Club scene was nearing an end then and it died a quiet death. Early days in the Nelson when Jeff Coates and Bruce Astly did Sunday lunchtimes there and I used to come over from Brighton and play banjo with them (when I was allowed, and, it was made clear, without a share of the pot.) until I did the Sunday lunchtime gig at the Standard for a couple of years or so. How many times did I sit outside on the terrace playing the guitar with Johnny Sanderson singing Summertime? Great days in the Nelly.

Mick Knight… Yes upstairs at the Nellie, went to my first one when I was 15. I keep telling Obie that makes me the longest regular!!

Lynn Graham… Oh the memories of Johnny and Bruce