Who remembers Juke Box Jury?

photo © BBC

Geoff Peckham… Does anyone remember this? At the end, after David Jacobs had signed off, the camera would pan across the ‘jurors’ and their names would glide past the screen as each one was shown. Cleverly, regular Pete Murray would ‘notice’ his name in front of him and quizzically follow it as it went across the screen.

Roger Simmonds… Yep!

Nigel Goodman… Hit or miss !

Mike Quinn… I was on it.

Wendy Weaver… Never missed it.

Ernest Ballard… Wow cheers, I’d forgotten about this. Fab show

Steve Scholey… I was on it.

Angela Frances Gardner… Hit or Miss!

Jennie Tocock… Great show!! This one was my favourite, of course!

Mick O’Dowd… Yes I remember this well. They had a Beatles & I think, a Rolling Stones special at some point. TVS tried to copy the format with “Dad, You’re A Square”. One episode was recorded at White Rock Pavilion.

Flanko Fin Barr… yeah when i was a kid we did . me and my brother used to have a tape recorder and make out we are the panel playing it. .

Janet Brophy… WOW that takes me back

Dave Nattress… Absolutely!! We were all so starved of “pop music” back in those days it was an essential show. Was it early Saturday evening – about 5.30 – 6.00? David Jacobs was a really smooth presenter, I say this as an observation not a criticism. I suppose back then, BBC presenters and DJ’s tended to be this.

Lyn Humphrey… Always watched ‘Juke Box Jury’, with my parents, and sometimes even grandparents too.