Thanks Kanye!


supplied by Peter J Brazier via moonalice facebook page

Pete Fairless… Nope, we still have no idea who you are!

Phil Gill… Is it Pete Townshend?

Will Cornell… Can we start calling him “Kan’tHe?” As in “Kan’tHe go away”?

Jane Hartley… Got me!

Colin Fox… Is his name something like Mcartwheel?

Pete Fairless… Ah, is it Mike McGear’s rather less talented brother?

Alan Esdaile… Thank U Very Much.

Chris Sambrook… Aw come on, we all know this is Dirk McQuickly

Mick Mepham… Dork MeQuickly?

Nigel Ford… Keh!

John Storer… Have to say the last three Kanye West albums have been a damn sight better than the last three Macca albums. Give them a listen … he really is something quite special. To most music fans under 35, Mr West will be considerably better known than Paul.