KB (Kolster Brandes) Ponswood Industrial Estate photo

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Matt Thomas… Was that also ITT? If so my mum worked there

Nigel Sinden… Who do I know that worked there?

Ralph Winser… I think that also used to be the ITT building. My aunt worked there.

Chris Meachen… I worked there in the early 70’s, when it was ITT/ KB. The audio department was in the part of the building to the rear, where my job was testing & adjusting circuit boards. The foreman was an eccentric who would lean down to the serving hatch of the drinks machine & call “thank you” , imagining there was someone inside making the tea.. I didn’t last long there, as it was a 7.30am start & I was frequently late, so managed to get the sack within 6 months, much to my relief as the job was a repetitive bore..

Tim Moose Bruce… cleaner at my old place of work who was at ITT when it closed down told me of loads of test equipment being dumped in the skips. He gave me an AVO 8 multimeter that he rescued. Still got it.

Les Antink… My late uncle John Bates worked here and was also part of the football team. After it closed he joined Redifusion.

Nicholas Sexton… I expect they all did a lot of good work for charity mate !!!

Stuart Bennett… My sister Valerie also worked there.