The Cast – Gallery cassette 1986




supplied by Mick O’Dowd    

photo of Dave Kent & Keith Rodway. 

Mick O’Dowd… Here’s some blasts from your past Dave Arnold. You are listed as “Treatments” Should you be called DR Dave? What are “Treatments”?

Dave Arnold… A little bit of magic in the mix mick:)

Alan Esdaile… Good find with the cassette Mick. I know Dave Kent has talked about multi storey car park before.

Mick O’Dowd… I used to work with Dave Kent at Music Master where I obtained these two cassettes. I also frequented Keith Rodways’ Unnormality Record shop in High Street . I couldn’t ever understand why. It sold RECORDS! DOH! Aah the legendary Multi Storey Car Park. I think this is one of the best names for a tune ever!

Keith Rodway… The track list seems to come from another tape. It has Monster Mash on it! Does anyone have this?

Dave Kent… is that Dave Arnold’s typing? A couple of those titles remind me of my beloved Vox Jaguar

Mick O’Dowd… That’s how my copy came/is. All importantly is both lists name the ultra famous MSCP

Keith Rodway… That’s curious Mick, as the typed sheet has tracks not on the tape. Quite a few tracks by Dave Kent and Ges Waite too. Intriguing. Wish my memory was better!

Richard Strange and The Good Missionaries – St Clements Caves 28th June 1980

Richard strange.

richard strange


missionaries nolans

Ticket supplied by Mike Mitchell. Cutting supplied by Keith Rodway.

Keith Rodway… I’d completely forgotten about the gig with Richard Strange in the Caves. Proud to have been in the most awful band in the Universe, and our LP, Pylons, finally gets released on vinyl this autumn, 37 years after we recorded it.

Mike Mitchell… The ticket is documentary evidence…I’ve got an old envelope full of old gig tickets and this is just over of many. Sadly I don’t really remember the gig…

Keith Rodway… No, I don’t – though reading the clipping brings back fragments of memories. I do recall seeing Richard doing his thing with the backing tapes, which in those days was unthinkable and I think largely baffled older members of the audience, but I don’t recall the actual music at all. Apparently the Doctors of Madness are reforming for the heritage circuit etc

Alan Esdaile… Always like the track ‘I Won’t Run Away’

David Francis… I’ve got a copy of Deranged In Hastings.

Tony Ham… Same here, bought from Mason’s Music

Keith Rodway… Apparently they’re worth about 20 quid. I had loads of them at one time, I think I’ve got 2 left. Thanks for the missionary zeal cutting Alan. Yes, I remember the Nolans reference! I find it easier to accept worst band in the world personally! Can you let me know if you find anything else? I’m cobbling stuff together for liner notes for the LP.

Tony Ham… The Nolans quote, not written by a fan, I’m guessing!

A Brighter Day – The Citizens Advice fundraiser – Printworks Hastings Sunday 30th September 2018

Keith Rodway… The Citizens Advice fundraiser is on Sunday, September 30th, from 4.30pm at the Printworks. Please come and support this vital community resource. Appearing on stage will be Kat Lee Ryan, Lucy Pappas with Clive Timperley, Tim Hoyte,  Anita Jardine, Carol Prior, Steve Stone, Nick Monaghan with Phil Little, Otti A-i and the Voices, Hayley Savage, Victoria Howarth, John Hodgson, Chasing Shadows, Keith Foster, Steve Stone, Andrew A C Cooper and Sage Maverick with Claire Hamill. Tickets are £7, £5 concessions, £12 for a family ticket. Kids welcome! Food will be available at the venue.

Our DJs for the evening will be Fritz Catlin and Tim Scullion

We hope to see you there!

TV Smith, Vic Godard & Subway Sect and more – Trash Cannes Festival 3rd Oct 2015


Keith Rodway… calling all classic punk and post-punk fans! Vic Godard & Subway Sect AND TV Smith will be performing at Trash’d New Wave Festival Punky Monkey 2015, at the Brass Monkey on Saturday October 3rd. Also being shown are two films about punk and its influence on British popular culture: Big Gold Dream, the Story of Punk in Scotland by Grant McPhee, and This Is Punk Brighton by Kevin Wright, the story of Brighton punk and the Vault – both directors will answer questions from the audience. Tickets are £7 in advance, £8 on the door. You can buy tickets here: Your ticket automatically enters you into a raffle to win personalised goodies by Vic Godard or TV Smith. Also, of course, you can come and talk to your heroes in person.
We start at 4.30pm and go on till 11pm. We hope to see you there.