Radio Caroline ‘319 Special’ Fun Bus – Hastings 1978


photo Peter Messingfield.                Supplied by Kevin Carlyon

Kevin Carlyon…. See top left window

Andre Palfrey-martin…..I think this also came to Eastbourne – Kings Country Club – somewhere I have the press cutting from the Eastbourne Local paper, as this was arranged by myself and Alan Parris the Assistant manager.

Jim Hobbs….Good to know Caroline is still on the air.


Radio Caroline Badges from Kevin Carlyon

Kevin Carlyon says… The Ross’s Revenge. Back in the 70’s I used to illegally run Caroline Badges where I supplied badges, at their request, to the Caroline Roadshow, where I supplied them free. I had hassle from the authorities but always got around it!! Would you like a FREE Radio Caroline badge? My favourite is the small top right small one with a photo supplied by Julie Lewis, aka Johnny Lewis other half. For your badge or two ( selected at random – not a choice) send a 2nd Class Larrge stamp or two IRC’s to Kevin Carlyon, 22B Dane Road, St Leonard’s on Sea, East Sussex, TN38 0QW, UK. What many people don’t realise that when I supplied badges to The Caroline Roadshow back in the 70’s Alan used to make them at his shop, Mason’s Music on Hastings Pier (When it used to have real shops on and a small tv studio for Meridian TV. I did several interviews for STV among others). Ask Alan about the smoke bomb in his ash tray!!!

Margaret Capps… Omg i went out and delivered bread egg bacon cannot remember the year but we went out on a fishing boat

Louise Burt… I’ve still got the badges you posted to me Kev still

Paul Simmonite… Is this offer still current?

Julie Findlay-jones… I remember the badge machine great fun,

Steve Thorpe… Remember the shop and did have a Caroline badge!

The Spirit Of Radio Caroline – Kevin Carlyon

Radio Caroline was the first and last ‘pirate’ radio ship broadcasting from the International Waters of the North Sea from 1964 to 1990. Their first ship, the Mi Amigo sank in vicious weather in 1980. They returned in 1983 from the ex Icelandic trawler The Ross Revenge and broadcast until 1990 when the ship run aground on the Goodwin Sands. The ship was refloated and impounded by the Dover Port Authority. Fans raised the money to purchase the ship and it now broadcasts legally every now and again on one month Restricted Service Licenses from its anchorage in Rochester.

Caroline also broadcasts legally on satellite as well as on the internet at

DJs aboard the Ross Revenge have all at some stage reported strange phenomena so here comes Kev the Witch!

Johnny Mason comments..My favourite dj of that era was Johnnie Walker, this will bring back a few memories



Bands Wanted For Radio Play

KEVIN CARLYON is looking for more bands to feature on his radio broadcasts. He also has good contacts on other radio stations


'Boom Town' is a new six part comedy show to be shown on BBC 3 this 
summer. Kevin Carlyon, real life Witch, plays himself in the new 
comedy show which runs for six weeks starting August 19th. The show 
is set in a fictional town and features real people in unscripted 

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